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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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20 Beas

"It was nice having a chat...But now I need to take over. I don't want this battle to go too far."

Chilong lifted the axe and simply swung it at Xin Fan from a distance away. Immediately after, Xin Fan could feel a suffocating feeling. The aura from the axe simply expanded outwards and covered the entire area suppressing everything within. Sweat poured down Xin Fan's cheeks as he struggled to breathe. It was as if all the air around him had been replaced with water. Although Xin Fan could not remember, it was the same suffocating feeling he got when fighting Peng Gu but to a larger degree.

"What...is this?"

"It just primal essence. I can control it, HE can not. That is why I am fighting."

Xin Fan attempted to slash forwards trying to land a hit on Chilong. However he fell short and fell to his knees. He crawled forwards only to see Chilong take a step back. This Chilong was calmer and more complex than the other. He did not exhibit any of the rash tendencies that the previous had and also was much stronger. He didn't even risk taking anymore hits from Xin Fan. He slowly walked up to Xin Fan and lifted his axe high.

"This match has come to an end. Goodnight."

Xin Fan watched as the blunt side of the axe descended upon his head. Any hope of victory was out of reach and he chose to accept the outcome.

"Oh well. He was stronger."

Suddenly a shrill shriek came out from the bushes.


Almost instantly, the pressure was released and and Xin Fan saw Chilong jump back with a troubled expression. Xin Fan turned around to see Tianfei jumping on him from the bushes. She was in tears. It seemed as if she was running from something. Out from the bushes emerged an extremely large deer. The deer was dripping with black slime from its mouth. It emanated a black aura similar to the one Peng Gu did on that day. Chilong gritted his teeth as he watched the beast looming over them. He tightened the grip on his axe waiting for a chance. Xin Fan slowly retreated while dragging Tianfei to safety.

"What is that?"

Chilong seemed unnaturally nervous and circled around the deer. He kept his axe straight ahead with the blade facing forwards while contracting the primal essence around him.

"Its a demon host. There is a parasitic demon beast inside."

Chilong kept expanding and contracting his aura to a rhythm while moving around the deer. It was as if he was trying to hypnotize the beast. The beast's antlers were unnaturally large. Patches of blood scabs were visible on the base as if something had forced its way out. Stretch marks were visible all around its body making it seem even more menacing.

"Just so you know. We cannot defeat this. We need to call for help."

Chilong had no confidence in their survival chances. Being in the wild had developed Chilong's innate sense for danger. They could only hope an adult will come to save them. Tianfei hurriedly blasted a flash of light to the sky. The deer let out a horrifying screech before turning his attention to Tianfei.

"Fool, don't agitate it!"

Tianfei's legs froze as she saw a pair of enormous antlers charging at her way. Xin Fan quickly tackled her to the side before impact. A large wound tore open along the side of Xin Fan's waist.


Chilong rushed to his side and applied some of the cream to the wound. Xin Fan felt only heat as the cream was applied. After a few sizzles, the wound closed up and Xin Fan was ready to fight once again. He was in no means in his best condition. In fact, half of his qi has already been depleted. Xin Fan turned around to see the deer with majority of its antlers lodged in a tree. The sound of cracking bones could be heard as it struggled to pull its head free with its muscles pulsating as it moved.

"It's stuck for now."

For now, the three could relax. Tianfei seemed to have calmed down since her near death experience. Xin Fan sat in a meditating pose to gather up as much qi as possible just as precaution. Chilong also did the same and pointed at Tianfei.

"You Girly. Can you do that light flash technique again?"

Tianfei was silent and only nodded her head. She lifted up her arms and sent a jet of light to the skies. She could only hope that someone saw her signal.

"Can't we attack it now?"

Chilong slammed his axe down onto the back of the beast. The cut did not even break through skin. Chilong looked at Tianfei as a silent reply. Tianfei's index finger glowed. A blade of energy was emitted from her finger tips and sliced at the deer. However when the energy simply dissipated on impact leaving Tianfei dejected.

"We should just run."

Tianfei grabbed Xin Fan and prepared for a dash only to be stopped by Chilong. He violently shook his head in disapproval of her plan of action.

"The beast already has our scent. It can track us. If it gets free when we are far away, it can still catch up to us and we would not even see it coming. If we shoot flares as we move along, the beast can easily target us. If we don't, there would be no hope for any help to arrive. The risk is simply too great."


Huh? What is that flash of light?

A man aged around 30 tore up a scroll hanging around his waist.

"I spotted some strange lights in the woods. Requesting backup. I will approach it."


It has been 10 minutes and help still hasn't arrived. The three were growing increasingly worried as they saw the deer almost breaking free from the tree.

"What do we do? Can't you use your primal essence thing?"

"Primal essence is what a beast's aura is made up of. That thing probably has enough to protect itself from mine. It is easy to suppress others if you have more but the same goes for the opposite. Trying to suppress that thing is a death wish."


The deer broke out and and turned around to look at the three. It's eyes were dyed red with hatred and anger. The three were light on their feet and shifted around constantly to avoid being charged at.


The deer charged forwards releasing a loud shock wave as it moved. Over the 10 minutes, it had at least doubled in size and its antlers had only since then grown bigger. This was the main reason it got stuck in the first place. The deer charged towards Xin Fan attempting to maul him to death. Xin Fan quickly leaped to the side and released a 'harvest slash' attempting to blind an eye. Tianfei followed suit and also released a 'harvest slash' onto the other eye. As the blades approached, the deer closed its eyes and blocked it with just the skin on its eyelids.

"Keep it up. Don't let it hit you."

Chilong had slid under the deer attempting to cut it through the belly. However, even at the belly, the blade of his axe could not penetrate. The deer lifted up its legs and attempted to stomp down hard. Chilong quickly dashed out from underneath narrowly avoiding the crushing hooves. As the battle with the deer continued, ever so often, Xin Fan would feel as is his legs would freeze up. Despite knowing full well it was a bad idea, his legs locked up in fear. Xin Fan felt the crushing pain of antlers ripping away at his flesh. Xin Fan began to have a sense of deja vu. He has definitely been in this situation before. But where? Where had he felt this?

"I don't want to die! I don't want to die!"

Fear had a slow buildup. At first, it was a mild annoyance however as it continued onward, it became debilitating. As the battle progressed, it seemed as a puzzle was slowly being pieced together, until finally he snapped.

"I cannot die..."

[ Primal Mind has been reactivated ]

[ Primal Essence has been unlocked ]

[ Soul Fragmentation at 70% ]

A faint visible aura could be seen emanating from Xin Fan. It looked a lot different from Chilong. If one were to make a comparison, Chilong would be a raging river whereas Xin Fan would be candle light.

Who is this? Why do I see myself fighting? That is not me!

Xin Fan could not control his body. Unlike last time, he is conscious. Xin Fan's body acted on pure instinct. As the deer charged, his body would dodge with perfection and cut away at the skin moving better than Xin Fan normally would. Every time on the same spot at the throat using the same technique;'Harvest Slash II'.

"What are you doing!? That isn't going to work!"

Chilong seemed desperate as he saw Xin Fan cutting at the deer.

That isn't me! I can't control this!

Despite saying this, from the moment Xin Fan released aura, Chilong could tell that he was no longer in control. Chilong could hopelessly watch as Xin Fan continued to make scratches upon scratches on the same spot. At this point, the deer was solely focused on Xin Fan. It would always just miss before getting cut.


Xin Fan's nose started to bleed as he fought. There was no doubt that he had gone past his body's limit. Despite the protests from his mind, his body would not stop. As he started to cough up blood, the blades broke through and cut into the flesh. Both Xin Fan and the beast were in a state of frenzy. The beast became increasingly agitated and kicked around more and more often. As Xin Fan picked up the pace, blood was spraying through the air from both until it was indistinguishable which one was the true beast.

The blade cut through the throat of the beast stopping it completely in its tracks. It was anticlimactic and both simply collapsed onto the ground. One dead, one heavily injured. Neither Chilong nor Tianfei knew which one was still alive.

A step of footsteps could be heard approaching the clearing.

"What happened here!"
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    《Ultimate Rice System》