Ultimate Rice System
22 First Semester Exams
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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22 First Semester Exams

Two months have passed since Xin Kong had entered the domain. Although uncomfortable at first, Xin Fan had grown accustomed to the priest's existence. They seldom talked to each other and even on the rare occasions they did, they would only talk about mundane matters like "Why emotions exist," or "What it means to be human,". The grass had grown to its fullest height. The ruby like grains at the tip resembled a flickering flame when blown against the wind.

[ Your Plants are ready for harvest ]

"It is about time."

Xin Fan released blades around his body and cut at the base of the plant. After all, the technique was originally designed to resemble a scythe to harvest plants.





[ Your Cultivation Level has increased to Condensation Realm 3rd stage ]

Xin Fan eventually harvested all the plants with 50 Fire Soul Rice in his inventory. This time, there was no waste in his body which was expelled and he did not feel a large change in strength. He simply felt that he could accumulate more qi inside him like increasing the size of a container. As Xin Fan was testing out his new powers, Xin Kong gestured him to come over. Xin Kong was never someone to take initiative and him calling over to Xin Fan was quite out of character.


"Is there anything wrong?"

"No it's just that I feel as if I was brought here for a reason. When I was alive, my previous incarnations did not split from my soul. But here, I have split from you. As much as I dislike to delve into worldly matters, I feel as if it is my duty to share my thoughts. I simply fear that when time comes, you would not be ready. Just remember we are one and the same. Feel free to talk to me if you are troubled. As much as you think you are mature, you are but a child."

The priest laid back against the tree and sighed.

"I must be getting old. I guess creating this karmic thread was unavoidable. Off you go. Do your own thing."

As the priest returned back to self contemplation, Xin Fan opened up the shop menu. As expected, there were new things. It appeared that Fire Soul Rice sold for 3g each. Considering it was slightly more expensive than the Ice Heart Rice, the increase in selling price was expected. Xin Fan once again sold all of the rice but 10 like last time. Furthermore, he also had a buff that made him gain 15% more gold. This gave Xin Fan a total of 138g to spend in the shop. Xin Fan opened the buy menu.


[ Buy ]

Ice Heart Rice x50 [ Seedling ]: 20g

Fire Soul Rice x50 [ Seedling ]: 30g

Earth Spirit Rice x50 [ Seedling ]: 40g

Body Refining [ Technique ]: 100g

Reinforced Hoe [ Equipment ]: 100g

Farmers Clothes [ Grade 1 Armor ]: 200g

Multi Soul Utilization [ System Upgrade ] 300g

Time Dilation [ System Upgrade ]: 1000g

Space Increase [ System Upgrade ]: 1000g


There were two new items in the selection: 'Earth Spirit Rice' and 'Multi Soul Utilization'. Although Xin Fan was tempted to buy 'Body Refining', he held back as he would have only 20g left which would allow him only to buy 'Ice Heart Rice'. He knew that this simply would not do and he would risk progressing slowly in his cultivation. Instead he opted for the opposite route and spent all his money on the rice. He bought a batch each for 'Ice Heart Rice' and 'Fire Soul Rice' and spent the rest on 2 batches of 'Earth Spirit Rice'. He had 18g left over after buying.



Xin Fan

Cultivation State: Condensation Realm 3rd Stage (350/400)

Spirit: Rice Field (Domain Type)


Xin Kong

Auxiliary Soul

[ You have not unlocked these features ]


The ID command was one that Xin Fan had discovered recently. It displayed his basic information. He discovered it only when Xin Kong had pointed it out for him in one of their few conversations. It pretty much displayed how much xp was required to ascend an new level. Unlike the time he had first unlocked the Ultimate Rice System, it also displayed Xin Kong's information. However, most of them seemed to have some prerequisites to unlock. Xin Fan closed the display satisfied with what he saw and started to plant. Xin Fan had plans on starting to sell some of these for some money He had already made a decent amount of money selling ordinary cabbages from the farming club. He had long grown sick of eating the same dorm food and wanted to buy something in the city for a change. Xin Fan worked on the farm, ploughing the fields like he used to and planted all the seedlings by the time he had to wake up. Xin Fan had a feeling that his next harvest will be greater than he imagined.


"Xin Fan wake up."

Chilong tapped Xin Fan awake. Ever since their battle, Chilong had stuck uncomfortably close to Xin Fan. Xin Fan had suspicions that there were two different versions of him. One was an arrogant prick for the most part. He acted as if he were a king and earned the ire of those around him. He was also rash and easy to anger if provoked. Although to Xin Fan, he acted quite differently. For one, he was treated as an equal. However, there were times where he was insistent on having a spar which Xin Fan would reluctantly accept. The other personality was calm and collected. He didn't talk much to anyone except for Xin Fan. He was quite nice but he would follow Xin Fan around as he did not have anything else to do. Due to Chilong's bad reputation, most clubs didn't accept him in. It is quite sad one you think about it.

The two made their way down to the dining area. Man Qiu and Tianfei were already there eating their breakfast. The moment Tianfei saw Chilong, she scowled. Their eyes locked as they had an internal battle. Unknown to Xin Fan, the two had developed a rivalry vying for Xin Fan's attention.

"Well if it isn't the runt."

"Don't want to hear that from a stick man."

The squabbling of the two was now a regular occurrence in the mornings. Both seemed to have an unlimited arsenal of insults to hurl at each other. Xin Fan sat there calmly as he ate his congee chatting with Man Qiu.

"So I heard that there was an announcement today."

"Or so it seems."

Their conversations were never too long as there was a limited time to go to class. After they ate breakfast, they made their way to the class rooms. As usual, Xin Fan would sit at the front. With him being the only person he ever talks to, Chilong had moved spots from the back to the front sitting next to Xin Fan. Tianfei as usual would sit on the other side next to him and kept an eye out for Chilong.

Wang Mei slowly entered the classroom. She had a stack of papers to which she handed out to everyone. It seemed like the rumors were true. There really was an announcement.

"Ok children. As you can see, there is a written assessment. It will be a two hour test in two weeks time. This will go to your report which contributes to your chances in the military. All the information will be on the assessment sheet."


Semester 1 Assessment

Form: Written Theory

Duration: 2 hours

Topics: Demonic Beasts, Cultivating Theory [ Basic ], Language theory

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    《Ultimate Rice System》