Ultimate Rice System
23 The Rice and Affinities
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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23 The Rice and Affinities

The class session ended with mixed reactions. Some were depressed as there was finally going to be an exam. Another portion of the students really didn't care with this being the first exam in their first year. The third group were the studious ones who made their way to the school library to cram in all the missed information. Xin fan was part of the third group however did not really feel like studying today. Since he broke through, he wanted to celebrate in the best way possible. Eating some of his Fire Soul Rice.

Xin Fan entered a vacant area around the back of the school and took out his portable stove with some rice already in it. He already had started to cook it half an hour prior in his domain. By now the rice was done and ready to consume. Xin Fan took out three bowls and put them aside. He looked to a nearby bush and sighed.

"Come out now you two. This isn't some big secret. I am going to sell some in the near future."

Chilong and Tianfei crawled out from behind a bush. Xin Fan indicated for them to sit down with him and enjoy the meal. The two each grabbed a bowl and awaited for the rice to finish cooking.

[ Rice has finished cooking ]

[ Created 'Steamed Fire Soul Rice' (1 Star) ]

Of course only Xin Fan heard the message and the two did not hear a thing. Xin fan lifted the lid and let the steam out. They could all feel a rush of heat burst from the pot. They all could see an illusion of a flickering flame dancing on top of the pot. Xin Fan took out a paddle and separated the clump of rice into three portions to share. He indicated for the bowls to fill up for the two before filling up his own. He took out two pairs of chopsticks and gave it to them before taking out a pair for himself. Now the rice was ready to eat.

The grains of the rice were uniquely red. Although it was plain rice, he could smell an aroma of rich spices. Xin Fan lifted a small portion of rice from his bowl and slowly moved it to his mouth. Almost immediately, there was a burst of flavor. The taste was just as the smell suggested, spicy. The heat was not painful. Instead it was a comforting heat that traveled down his throat. Xin Fan could remember the times when his mother would make him spicy pork buns. This heat was the taste of home.


Drops of tears fell to the floor as it streamed down his face. As the names implies, it not only satisfied his mouth but also his soul. Looking at the exaggerated reaction, Chilong and Tianfei took it as their cue to eat it. Just as Xin Fan did, the two also started to cry.

"*sniff*sniff* I want to go home."

Tianfei was reminiscing the time she just learnt techniques with her mother. Remember that they are all just 5 and they were separated from home for at least 3 months. That sort of separation could break any child's heart.

"I...I am sorry mother."

If Tianfei had tears of longing, Chilong had tears of sorrow. His past was mysterious. Amongst the students, he was the only person to come from Yaomo Forest in the whole school. Xin Fan could only imagine his life before the awakening.

After a while, the three had finally finished their meal. The three wiped away the tears that kept returning after each bite.

[ User has gained fire affinity lvl1 ]

"What is with that rice? I have eaten my share of spirit foods but that is something else. It's almost as if it changed something inside me. Normally it just improves qi circulation. It is like last time when I woke up feeling my bonds to nature increase. That seemed out of nowhere."

"Wait...This is spirit food?A...Ahaha...I'll pay you back next time."

Tianfei felt nervous and slightly guilty for eating the rice. She was well aware that the value of what she ate was way more than what she had. Furthermore, she had no source of income. Xin Fan could see the nervousness in her eyes and calmed her down.

"Don't worry. Just think of this as being a tester. After all, I will be selling this soon and I want to gauge how others think of it."

The class was resuming and Wang Mei had given time for the students to start revising. She had given extensive lectures. It was natural that some of the content was long forgotten and there was a need to go over the topics again. Xin Fan was studying alone while the two around him were listening to the lecture. After his encounter with Demonic Beasts, he had grown an interest in the subject. From things like identification, precautions and of course weakness, he had accumulated quite a bit of knowledge outside what was taught in class. The class had ended and he returned to the dorm. He had just planted cabbage seeds a couple days prior and the soil is in the right condition to grow. There was no need to go to the club for the time being. Xin Fan returned to his room and entered his domain peacefully.


"Welcome back. How was the rice?"

"It was as good as expected."

Xin Kong who was meditating under the tree as always, welcomed him back. As he was simply a soul, he had no need for food. All he needed was qi. After eating the rice, Xin Fan was once again reminded about affinities. He had gained an affinity for ice when he first ate his 'Ice Heart Rice'. Now that he had gained another, he felt curious about the topic.

"Help, Affinity Info."

A display appeared in front of him explaining the concept itself.



Affinities are a indicator of what types of techniques one can learn. Most techniques have elements associated with them as elements act as stabilizers for the technique. Elements help control the technique from going berserk and hurting the user. If a user of a technique has an affinity of the same element, it is easier to learn the technique. Affinities are not innate and are attained through the environment. For Example, one who is born in a icy climate would eventually gain Ice Affinity. Command to see affinities is 'Display Affinity'


Xin Fan now understood the reason why he learnt 'Frost Blade Body' faster than anyone else. He had an affinity due to eating the rice.

"Display Affinity"


Fire: Lvl 1



Wind: N/A



Ice: Lvl 1




Xin Fan executed a technique from memory. After a few attempts, a small jet of fire shot forwards. In the past, he could not even create a small spark. However after a few attempts, he could now shoot a jet of flames through is hands. It was only now that Xin Fan understood how much of a cheat his system truly is. Going by this pattern, by the time he reaches the ninth stage, he would have affinities for all the elements.

[ User has attempted to use 'Fire Jet' [ Technique ] ]

[ Technique is of acceptable standards. ]

Like the time he learnt smokescreen, the system did not gift him with a new technique. However he was still satisfied in gaining an alternate ranged technique. Xin Fan generated a target in the distance and shot towards it. He had switched the world to 'reality mode' to emulate how his body would experience the technique. He missed the target by a long shot and after many attempts, only manage to graze the edge. And thus Xin Fan had developed a new training program for himself.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》