Ultimate Rice System
24 4 Mysteries
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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24 4 Mysteries

Xin Fan made his way to the school library. Although, the spot was popular with the older students, most of the younger students have not even stepped foot into the building. Xin Fan personally like the smell of old books. The library was arguably the largest building in the school. It was after all, the oldest building and had formations constructed all around it. If there was any place to evacuate in case of emergency, this would be it. As Xin Fan entered the library, he could see many familiar faces tirelessly studying. He could see the farming siblings studying spiritual plants. It seemed like they were deciding which seeds they will start to grow. Xin Fan sat down to take out his notes to study. After a hour of studying, he had started to get bored. From listening to the surroundings, there were many interesting rumors going around the schools. Things like a ghost in the infirmary or the existence of an extra room in one of the buildings. Xin Fan compiled a list of the most interesting once he heard.

1.Ghosts in the gym

2.The moving scarecrow

3.Missing room

4.Crying sounds in the boy's bathroom

Xin Fan asked around about the source of the rumors. Apparently there was someone in the 3rd grade who was spreading it around. There were many apparent witnesses to these mysterious events throughout the school. All these rumors have led up to one child. A boy named Chang Mo. Xin Fan asked around until he could finally meet up with him outside the gym. He looked shady as he was hunched over peeking inside the gym. Xin Fan walked up to confront him.

"So you're Chang Mo?"

The hunched boy quickly jumped back and looked at Xin Fan suspiciously. He seemed extremely paranoid and on his toes.

"W...What do you want? How do you know me?"

"I heard some interesting rumors in the library. Some people in the library say that you are responsible for the rumors."

Chang Mo did not seem convinced and only seemed more suspicious of Xin Fan. His reaction was somewhere between angry and scared.

"How can I trust you. What if you are part of THEM."

"Who's them."

"Don't play dumb! I have seen the mysteries with my own two eyes."

Chang Mo pointed at the gymnasium. In the gym, there were kids playing with a ball. They were bouncing it and throwing it at each other. They were passing it around a circle. A person in the middle was trying to catch the ball however kept falling as he misses it.

"At night, there would be shadows playing in the dark. I heard the bouncing of balls myself. However, when I entered, there was nothing there. This must be the work of THEM. Hahaha...now they are after me. I know too much."

Chang Mo sighed in resignation. He had first heard the rumors from graduated seniors when he first arrived at school. Before there was restriction of going out at night, he would often patrol around the school searching for the mysteries. It was only this year, just as there were signs of demonic beast appearing that the rumors told by the seniors came true. As Chang Mo ranted on, Xin Fan received a system message.

[ A quest has been generated ]


Quest 2: Disprove the 4 school mysteries

Progress: 0%

Reward: Boosting Rice Recipes

Deadline: Before Exam


Now Xin Fan has an incentive to further investigate the school mysteries. After meeting Chang Mo, he completely lost interest in looking further into the mystery. He simply took Chang Mo as someone who wasn't right in his head. Of course, who would blame him. As soon as Xin Fan talked to him, Chang Mo accused him of being part of some secret group out to get him.

"Calm down, I am not part of some group."

Xin Fan try to get him to calm down however Chang Mo still did not trust him.

"Anyone would say that...give me proof."

"Umm...If I was part of some group, would you be still standing where you are?"

At the sudden realization, Chang Mo calmed down. He was still suspicious of course but he was now willing to listen.

"At first nobody listened. They laughed at me for what I said. Then, more and more strange occurrences started. Now they believe. Believe that I caused it. It makes no sense. I was warning them and when it happens, they blame me. There must be something else to this. So what do YOU want with me?"

"I am just here to learn about the school mysteries. Don't get me wrong. I do not believe in some secret group. However I am curious."

"I still don't trust you but I'll tell you what I know. The gym. There are shadows playing at night. The scarecrow at the farming club. It moves when nobody is looking. There is a secret room in the second building. In that building, at midnight, there is the sound of crying in the boy's bathroom."

"Thank you. I'll tell you if I find anything."

Xin Fan left Chang Mo alone, free to believe in whatever he wanted. Judging from the phrasing of the quest, he knew that the whole thing was simply a hoax. There was obviously one logical reasoning behind it. Xin Fan was going to get to the bottom of this his own way.

Xin Fan scouted around the school. He had never been in the second building as all the first to third year students belonged in the first building. The second building with better facilities was a privilege that the seniors had. Unlike the first building which was built mostly out of timber, the second building was constructed out of stone. From a structural standpoint, there was a great disparity between the first building and the second. The second building also had better facilities like more allocated cleaners to clean up after school. There was even statues as decoration. In the hallway was a bust of an old man. It was apparently meant to honor the founder of Dragon Root Academy. A master of formations, Yao Dejian, Principal Yao's ancestor. Xin Fan eventually made his way to the bathroom. It didn't seem that bad to say the least. As he entered, he could see that most of the stalls were clean. All except the one on the far end with the sign 'Out of Order' pasted onto the door. It was quite obvious that this is where the crying should be coming from. However, he did not proceed further as he wanted to hear the supposed crying with his own two ears.

Xin Fan left the second building and entered the farm. Being part of the farming club, he was well aware of the scarecrow that overlooked the fields. It did its job and there were no birds that steal crops. The scare crow was constructed out of steel. It wore a tightly woven conical hat. On the back was a basket filled with rotten crops. It served as a double purpose of creating compost for the field. The scarecrow was neatly dressed in a farmers attire and Xin Fan could not see anything wrong with it. Xin Fan returned to his dorm waiting for the sun to set.


The moons have risen. The dorm was silent. Just when everything seemed calm, a pair of eyes opened in the dark.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》