Ultimate Rice System
27 Hall of Finance
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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27 Hall of Finance

The next mystery that Xin Fan wanted to solve is the scarecrow in the farming club. Considering that he was part of the farming club himself, he could easily ask around and get his answers. As soon as class finished, he went to the farming club. Surprisingly, there was no one to be found. He saw a note on the table that was written hastily.


Meet up at the school gates.


Xin Fan walked back to the gates and saw the whole club there. For some reason Jun Fan was also there. Xin Fan was apparently the only person in the club who didn't know what is happening.

"What's going on?"

"What do you mean? Did you forget? We are collecting money today?"

From the depths of Xin Fan's mind, he barely remembered a conversation like that. They had an appointment with their client in the commercial district. Since the club sells their produce in irregular intervals, money was difficult to manage. Therefore, they decided that the best way was to collect everything once per month on a set day. Today was that day. Jun Fan was simply there as a supervisor and to represent the school in taking their share of the money.

"Ah sorry. I forgot."

The club made their way down the main road of the city. The streets were bustling at this time of day. There were many vendors shouting out trying to promote their goods.


"Madam, Do you want to buy this ring. It's very cheap."

The commercial district was in the center of the city. It was where competition was at it's highest. Today's client will be the owner of a famous restaurant within the city. The group entered a tall building decorated with intricate stone designs. Although subtle, there were many formations lying around waiting to be activated. This building was owned by the hall of finance. The hall of finance is an establishment that has spread all across the continent. It is the core foundation of the economy. Just the main lobby was around the size of 100 square meters. Behind the lobby was an uncountable array of doors, each leading to a different room. The doors each were assigned a number. These rooms were intended for private meetings between two parties. The group slowly walked up to the reception. At the reception was a beautiful lady dressed in a professional outfit. She had long brown hair to her shoulder. In front of her was a long queue that snaked around all the way to the entrance. The students lined up at the back waiting for their turn.

"We have an appointment for Dragon Root Academy."

"Please wait a moment."

The lady nodded and searched through a stack of papers at an incredible speed. When she found what she was looking for, she took out a square tile of engraved stone and handed it to Jun Fan.

"Okay. Your room is 302. The other guest is already there. "

They made their way to the third floor and found the room they were looking for. Jun Fan tapped the tile onto the door handle and the door automatically opened. The group entered closing the door behind them. Sitting in a chair was a neatly dressed businessman patiently waiting. They sat down and started the discussion.

"We have bought 300 cabbages 500 carrots and 100 onions. Lets get this over and done with. 1000 Mu.

Mu was the name of the currency since the founding of the dynasty named after the ruler. It is the most common currency used within the continent.

Tumin being the leader, took initiative and responded.

"How about 1800"

"1100 Mu"





Just like that the deal was over. The client took out a piece of paper and wrote something on it. He took out a stamp from his pocket and stamped it and gave it to Jun Fan. They all left the room and headed back to the reception. Jun Fan returned the the tile back to the receptionist. He took the paper and placed it on the counter.

"Transfer 1050 Mu to the account 'Dragon Root Academy' and the rest into hard cash."

"Very well. Please wait a moment."

The receptionist took out a piece of paper and wrote on it. After stamping it, she put it on a formation plate. This formation is connected to a large network of formation which stores data and is shared between all the halls of finance. From a drawer, she took out a small amount of coins and steel cards. For values of above 100 Mu, steel cards are used instead of coins to denote money. Each coin had numbers and seals on them to indicate value. Likewise, the cards each have numbers and seals. The seals are an intricate formation which prevents forgery. This is the reason why the currency is so popular. The club members took the money and sat over at a nearby table to count.

"We have 450 Mu between us."

"We should split it up according to value of crops we sold."

"Of course. Xin Fan you will get 100Mu. The siblings will get 200 Mu and I will get 150."


Of all the farms, Xin Fan's one was the smallest. As expected, he received the least amount of money. Xin Fan took a plate and walked up to the reception.

"Please put 70 Mu in my account. My name is Xin Fan."

"Please give me proof of identity."

Xin Fan took out a card from his shirt pocket. Engraved on it was his face and name. He had received this card when he had received his first payment. The receptionist took the card and scanned it on the formation. She returned the card along with 30 Mu. Xin Fan pocketed the money and returned to the group. It hand seemed like everyone else had also deposited the money so they headed back to the school. Since the the club leader lived in the city, they split off midway. As they reached the school gates, Jun Fan threw over a round object to Xin Fan. It was an intricate object with formation engravings all over it.

"Oh, Xin Fan. Do you mind doing me a favor?"


"Can you replace the core of the guardian golem for me?"


"Yes the golem. The core blew out last week so we had to get it repaired. We put a temporary core inside. Don't worry if it attacks you. The temporary core limits most it's abilities. Just hit it until the power runs out and replace the core. Just take off it's hat and you will know what to do."

"Umm...Where do I find the golem?"

Jun Fan frowned at the Xin Fan's remark.

"You don't know? It's the scarecrow. I swear that everyone is talking about it these days."

Xin Fan wrinkled his brow. So this is how it is. Well...That's another mystery solved.

"Sure leave it too me."

Xin fan walked alone to the farms outside the club room. As usual the scarecrow was there overlooking everything. As he approached it from behind, it turned it's head. It's two red eyes flashed with the same color as the setting sun.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》