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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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29 Truth

The next morning, Xin Fan woke up extra early. He left the dorm seeking out the staff room. This seemed like the only time Principal Yao was free. Throughout the day, his office would have the words 'Busy! Come back later' hung on a sign outside the door. It seemed like he was busy all day and the only time he was free was at night, when students can't leave and in the morning. As Xin Fan approached, he could hear chatting inside.

"Is the paperwork for Tower City approved yet?"

"It's almost there. They just need to prepare all the equipment."

Xin Fan knocked on the door. The door was opened and Xin Fan was greeted with the sight of many of the staff members having their breakfast.

"Oh! It's Xin Fan. What's up. Come in."

Jun Fan was the one who opened up the door. He was eating a bowl of noodles. They seemed to be the instant kind where only hot water was required. Xin Fan gave a small bow before he entered the staff room. The room contrasting the outside, had quite the modern look. The floor was made up of marble tiles. On the ceiling, was a a small shining piece of glassware which seemed to illuminate the room. Xin Fan marveled at the sight. He had never seen anything like that.

"Oho...looks interesting doesn't it? This room just got renovated. Soon, the whole school will be just like this. Then again, you would probably have graduated by then. So...what brings you here?"

Xin Fan hesitated for a bit before asking his question.

"Umm...I'm here to ask about those mysteries that were going around recently. More specifically, the secret room and the toilet cries."

Principal Yao was sitting on a couch eating a steamed bun with one hand. He chewed a bit, taking in a gulp of water before responding.

"Ahh. To be honest, It is a bit of a secret isn't it."

"Please tell me."

"Ah...Fine...I tell you cuz you father was my boss. The secret room is just our store room."


"Yeah. Where we keep our precious materials hidden. We have it hidden with a formation. By precious materials I mean as in spirit grasses and beast parts. Occasionally we would need it to make formations. Of course sometimes people wonder in... but we make sure we kick them out before they find out anything"

"So that's how it is."

Principal Yao took another bite before resuming.

"As for the crying in the bathroom."

"Uh huh?"

"It's probably a sprite playing pranks."


"Those little buggers are like fairies. They enjoy pulling pranks. I remember back when I was young, I had one as a familiar. Sadly it returned back to nature."

Xin Fan was surprised. He only heard about these creatures from stories. He had never believed in their existence.

"They exist?"

"Of course they exist. If demonic beasts exist, why can't they. I mean, for one, ghosts exists. Of course, there aren't any at school, but they do exist out there."

"Is that so..."

Xin Fan was still struggling to take all that information in. All those creatures that seem made up turned out to be real. Principal Yao took a steamed bun from the plate on the table and offered it to Xin Fan.

"Want one?"

"I'll be impolite."

Xin Fan took the bun and and chewed it as he waited for Principal Yao to continue.

"Speaking of which. Xin Fan, you are a first year aren't you?"

"Y...Yes. I am."

"Next semester...Hmm nevermind. I don't want to spoil the surprise."


"Don't worry. Just giving an advice. Read 'Book of Survival'."

Principal Yao pointed at Jun Fan and indicated at a shelf. Jun Fan walked up to it and picked out an old book. The cover was made of leather, slightly worn out, with the words 'Book of Survival' hammered onto the cover. Jun Fan passed it to Xin Fan.

"Read it in your own spare time."

As Xin Fan left the staff room, Jun Fan patted him on the shoulder.

"Yo After school, Meet me at the gates. I still owe you a meal."

As Xin Fan returned to the dorm to get changed. As he was walking, he was contemplating on how to complete his quest.

Ahh...Why did I snap at him yesterday? It's going to be so awkward.

Internally, he was cringing at his outburst. Now with a clear mind, he felt as if he had done something he should not have done.


As Xin Fan was contemplating, he accidentally walked into someone. As Xin Fan looked up to apologize, he froze.

Oh no. This is bad. I'll play it off cool.


I should probably apologize. I was kinda being a bit annoying. He definitely knows something about the other two. I just want to know the truth...probably.


Ouch... What was that?

Hmm? Speak of the devil.


"I am sorry."


huh? Why is he apologizing. Whatever I'll just get this over and done with. Throw away negative emotions. Throw away negative emotions.

Xin Fan calmed down and looked at Chang Mo in the eye as he did the same.

"Sorry for yesterday."

"No problem. The fault is with me."

"O...Okay. Umm...I have uncovered the other two mysteries.

Chang Mo's eyes widened. He had known that Xin Fan was a fast worker but he didn't know he was that fast.



Xin Fan awkwardly recounted what the principal had said. Chang Mo listened intently without even blinking. At some points, he was surprised, and on others, he was disappointing. However he still listened through without interrupting. As Xin Fan finished, Chang Mo no longer was looking so paranoid.

"And so here it ends. What have I been doing for the last two years."

Remember that Chang Mo had spent the last few years following the mystery. He had wasted may opportunities to talk to others and was too preoccupied with his mystery. While he was happy that the mystery was finally solved, a part of him wished that he had never learnt the truth. Xin Fan left Chang Mo alone so he could contemplate by himself. As he did so, a series of system messages flooded his mind.

[ Quest Completion at 100% ]

[ Recipe Menu is now available ]

[ Added Boosting Rice Recipes to Recipe Menu ]

Although he was tempted to check out the new features, class was going to start soon. Xin Fan ran back to the dorm to get changed before heading off to class.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》