Ultimate Rice System
30 Serpent“s Conviction
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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30 Serpent“s Conviction

Class had ended and Xin Fan headed towards the school gates for Jun Fan. As one would expect, Chilong and Tianfei followed behind.

"Where are we going today?"

"I don't know. We'll see."

They waited for quite a while until Jun Fan finally showed up. When he arrived, he was confused at the presence of two additional people.

"Umm. Xin Fan, why are these two here?"

"Oh. They are tagging along. You said it was your treat right? I might as well take them too."

Jun Fan chuckled nervously. He was going to take Xin Fan to somewhere quite expensive. Now he was starting to regret it. He could already imagine his wallet becoming much lighter.

"Oh its Teacher Jun! Hey where are you going to take us?"

Tianfei cycled around Jun Fan,smiling like hyena. If she was going to get a free meal, she might as well make the most worth out of it.

"Hahaha...I...It's going to be somewhere nice."

Jun Fan nervously chuckled as he unconsciously moved his hand to his wallet. He slapped his face to regain composure.

It's your own fault for not thinking this through. Deal with It.

"Okay. I did make reservations at 'Dragon and Tiger' this morning. We will eat there for dinner. But first, Xin Fan. The principal asked me to take you somewhere. You two can follow."

Jun Fan lead the three through the city. He went along a side path far from the main road. through a series of alleyways, Jun Fan stopped at an inconspicuous shop. Overhead read the sign 'Jin Weapon Crafts'. Jun Fan knocked three times on the door before waiting. After around a minute has passed, he knocked twice. The doors automatically opened and they were able to enter.

An old man was reclining on a rocking chair while chugging a gourd of alcohol. He was dressed in just a white vest and blue shorts. His face was flushed and he seemed quite unstable.

"Oh! It's Jun boy. It's good to ..hic... see you again."

The old man stood up and slowly wobbled over to Jun Fan. Even from 5 meters away, Xin Fan could smell the stench from the alcohol. The old man patted Jun Fan on the chest before laughing.

"Jun boy. You should stand straight...hic...With a posture like that, it's not wonder you are still single. kakaka."

"Uncle Jin...there are children."

"Whoops my bahhhd."

The old man wobbled around before he stumbled back into the chair. Jun Fan sighed as he watched the old man attempting to make himself more presentable. Why of all times is he drunk now? I thought he quit alcohol.

"Sir I am here to show these kids around."

"Ahaha feeel free!"

Jun Fan turned around slightly embarrassed by the situation.

"As you can see, this is a workshop. I know that metal weapons are forbidden and all but you should buy some. It may come in handy outside of school grounds."

Jun Fan allowed the kids to browse through all the weapons on display. Everything was there. Axes, staves, swords.

'Elven Wood Hammer 7000Mu'

'Flood Dragon Sabre 9000Mu'

'Tyrant Roach Armor 5000Mu'

Most of the weapons on display were sold at exorbitant prices. Xin Fan could not even imagine how someone would be able to buy anything from here. How is this old man still in business? As Xin Fan was browsing around, he saw an open crate in the corner of the room. Xin Fan peered inside to see ordinary looking weapons.

"Oh! Those are the failures. 30Mu each...hic..."

Xin Fan picked up a knife from the pile. He swung it around in the air. Although it was small, it was very heavy. As expected, his movements were extremely awkward. Hmm..I don't think this is the right one for me. Xin Fan tested out most of the weapons however he did not feel comfortable wielding them. It was either too heavy or the weight is unbalanced. It is no wonder that the old man called them failures. Xin Fan was about to give up until he saw something at the bottom of the crate. It wasn't shiny so under the dim lighting, it was easy to overlook.

Hmm? There is something else in here.

Xin Fan took out the unusually large item out of the crate. It was a scythe. Standing up, the handle extended up to his shoulder. The blade was brown, coated with a thick layer of rust. As soon as Xin Fan swung it, he already made his decision. Although it was in bad condition, Xin Fan could feel that it could be so much more. Although it was quite heavy, Xin Fan felt strangely comfortable wielding it.

"Um...I want to buy this one."

The old man opened up one eye. Hmm....interesting choice.

"Are you sure? hic...That thing is in the box for a reason. I made it out of Slime Snake Bones as a core. That thing is incredibly flexible but it cannot cut a thing...hic... Even if we remove the rust, it is quite pointless as a weapon. So once more are you sure?"

Xin Fan took out 30 Mu out of his shirt pocket. He dropped it on the counter.

"I will take it."

The old man let out a loud burp and grinned. Xin Fan could see the fire in his eyes. Eyes of a man who never gave up.

"Kid...What is your name."

"Xin Fan."

"I like you kid...no.... Xin Fan...Give me that...I'll clean it up free of charge."

The old man took the scythe and held it high with one hand. From this feat alone, Xin Fan could tell that this grandpa was not to be trifled with. The old man walked into a room at the back. Xin Fan could hear the sounds of metal grinding. Occasionally he would hear the sounds of metal hitting each other creating a harmonic tune. The old man came back half an hour later with sweat streaming down his face. He seemed to have sobered up. The old man passed the scythe to Xin Fan to hold. Xin Fan could immediately sense the change. The blade was now clean from all rust and shined green against the candle light. The handle seemed to have been changed to a stronger and more solid wood.

"This scythe...it's name...Serpent's Conviction."

[ Serpent's Conviction has been registered as your weapon ]

Xin Fan swung his scythe around the open air.

"Lad...I have done all I can. Remember...always be true to yourself. Follow everything to the end. Can you promise to take this scythe with you to the pinnacle?"

The old man looked at Xin Fan firm in the eyes awaiting a reply. He seemed to be judging Xin Fan based on his reply. Xin Fan returned the look and replied.

"Yes. This weapon would follow me to the very end."
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    《Ultimate Rice System》