Ultimate Rice System
31 Flood Dragon
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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31 Flood Dragon

Xin Fan finished his purchase for Serpent's Conviction. He strapped the handle to his back with some rope lying in the corner. Chilong and Tianfei were waiting outside looking a bit hungry. Chilong bought an axe made of pure steel. It had the words 'Undefeated' etched onto the blade. The sun was setting and it was around time to go. Jun Fan clapped his hands for attention.

"Ok lets eat dinner."

They made their way back to the main road. The restaurant was 7 stories high. They were stopped by a waitress wearing a red cheongsam.

"To enter, one must have a reservation."

"I made a reservation for 6. My name is Jun Fan."

"It seems like you are on the list. Please enter."

The waitress led them to a table on the 5th floor. There was a small table just beside the window. From there, the whole city could be seen. From the school to the hall of finance, everything seemed insignificant from this height.

"May I please take your order."

"Yes...Yes. Umm... I want the dragon's feast."

"Very well. Please wait a moment."

The waitress left leaving Jun Fan and the children on their own to relax. The windows were ajar letting a soft breeze through.

"This place is quite nice. How did you know about this place?"

"Girly...This is the best place to eat in the city. Back in the day, this place was only a simple family diner. I would eat there everyday. Now with prices going up I can only come occasionally."

Xin Fan laid his scythe against the wall and returned to his seat.

"So what makes this place so special."

"Two words. Spirit food. Back in the day, they say to eat here before fighting in the war will lead to victory. The effects from the food are fact, not superstition."

After 10 minutes, a man in a chef's outfit came over to the table. He had a thick handlebar mustache and was carrying a large platter of food.

"It's good to see you again,"said the man as he set the food over the table. There was all sorts of dishes like stir fried vegetables, seafood and roasted meat. However the most interesting was the dish in the center. It was unlike anything Xin Fan had ever seen. While it looked like a snake, it's head resembled more like that of a crocodile. It had no limbs and released a frosty aura.

"What do you have for us today Han Zhong?"

"For the vegetables, we have starlight carrot, moonlight cabbage and sunlight peas stir fried together. For the seafood we have Shark eater Crab. We steamed it spiced it up with a secret mix. The meat is ember boar, freshly caught. And finally we have baby flood dragon. It's a family recipe so I cannot disclose anything about it."

"Thanks. Do you mind splitting up the portions?"

"No problems."

Han Zhong took out a knife from his pocket. As he lifted up the knife, a fine silver layer of qi coated the blade. There was a quick flash and the food was cut. Xin Fan could not even see any movement. He then took out a couple of plates and separated the portions equally.

"Enjoy your meal."

Tianfei was the first to take a bite of the crab and was shaking around while swinging her legs dangling over the chair.

"Wow! This is so good."

Chilong also took a small cut of the meat ate it slowly. Although he was silent, his satisfied grin said everything. Xin Fan took a bite out of the stir fry. Each bite was coated with just enough sauce to bring out the true potential of all the ingredients. He then took a cut of meat. The meat was easy to cut and simply melted in his mouth. The rich flavor of the meat juices spread evenly across his tongue. The crab was also very enjoyable. There was a certain freshness to it that simply cannot be emulated by other foods. While all of those were enjoyable, it simply could not compare to the flood dragon. With one bite, Xin Fan's whole body shook. He could feel energy coursing through his body like a river rushing downstream. During this period, a stream of system messages rung throughout his mind.

[ User has eaten Cosmic Stir Fry (2 star) ]

[ User has gained 20% increase in speed (1 hour) ]

[ User has eaten Steamed Shark Eater Crab (2 star) ]

[ User has gained 20% increase in strength (1 hour) ]

[ User has eaten Roast Eember Boar (2 star) ]

[ User has gained 20% increase in Qi recovery (1 hour) ]

[ User has eaten Baby Flood Dragon (3 star) ]

[ User has gained 20% increase in all fields (1 hour) ]

They ate for an hour or so before the inevitable happened and they finished eating.

"I hope you enjoyed your meal."

"Again. Thank you Han Zhong."

"The cost would be 900Mu in total."

"There goes my paycheck."

Jun Fan took out 9 silver plates from his wallet and put them on the counter. He sighed as he shook his wallet hearing nothing but two coins colliding. While he was moping, Xin Fan was talking to Han Zhong in an inconspicuous corner. With the noise going around them, there was almost nobody listening in onto them.

"So lad...What do you want?"

"Umm... Sir...If you don't mind, would you like to be my client?"

Han Zhong's expression instantly changed from a jovial friend friend to a serious businessman.

"So...what do you have."

"It's spirit rice."

Xin Fan took out a portion of both rice's that he had left over. He passed them over to Han Zhong to examine.

"This is all I have left. The next harvest is in a few months."

Han Zhong gave a swirl with is finger and sniffed it. He seemed to be contemplating deeply.

"I'll go and try these out. If I like them, I'll contact you in a few days."

Xin Fan's eyes lit up. Yes! First client to my system!

"Thank you very much. You can find me in dragon root academy."

By the stairs, Jun Fan was calling over to Xin Fan.

"Xin Fan! We're going."


Xin Fan waved Han Zhong goodbye and ran over to Jun Fan. As soon as Xin Fan returned back to the dorm, he entered his domain.



A menu showed up in front of Xin Fan. There was only 1 selection under the title 'Boosting Rice Recipes'. Xin Fan tapped it and brought to another selection. A whole list of different rice dishes popped up in front of him. Most of them were blacked out however there was some that were not. Xin Fan tapped on one to test it out.


[ Fire and Ice Steam mix (2 star) ]

Requirements: 1x 'Ice Heart Rice', 1x 'Fire Soul Rice'

Effect: Attack Power +100% (1 minute)

Do you wish to learn?


Xin Fan tapped Ok. A stream of information flooded his mind. It was almost as if he could make the dish despite never encountering such a dish. Although he was tempted to make it, he remembered that he only had one portion of 'Ice Heart Rice' left. He wanted to save it in case of emergency.

This dish can save my life! I wonder what else I can make.

"You looked satisfied."

"Of course!"

For all the trouble he had, the end result was worth it. Xin Fan decided to learn all the remaining dishes that were available on the list.


LongMu City, An alleyway.

"Big brother? Are you sure that this is the way?"

"Don't worry. It's just a few houses from here. Stay close."

A boy was walking in an alleyway with a younger girl under the cover of night. The only sounds was from the rats scuttling around in the trash.


The boy jumped back only to see that it was a black cat. The yellow eyes glowed brightly in the darkness. He slowly moved towards scaring it away.

"Phew...It's only a cat. Soon we will get there. Soon we will be safe. Huh Xiao Xing?"

The boy looked back only to see his sister missing.

"This isn't funny. Where are you!"

This can't be happening. We were so close. Somebody....Somebody help me.

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    《Ultimate Rice System》