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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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32 Exams

The week passed in a flash and Xin Fan spent most of the time studying in his domain. He had memorized most of the relevant textbooks he borrowed from the library off by heart. He was pumped and ready for the test.

"Xin Fan. Are you sure you are ready?"

"Of course Xin Kong. When am I not prepared?"

"Is that so...very well. Best of luck."


Xin Fan exited his domain to be ready for school. He changed into his clean robes and washed his face thoroughly. He wanted to do the test in his best condition. Chilong was relaxing while memorizing the notes he copied off Xin Fan. He was already changed and ready to go. Today he seemed to be the reserved and calm version of himself.

"Good Morning."


They headed over to the dining area together. As expected, there were many nervous faces. Xin Fan saw Tianfei cramming with dark rings under her eyes.

"Good morning Tianfei."

"Abababa...Xin Fan! What do I do? Am I ready? I studied all night? Will I fall asleep during the test?"

Tianfei was on the edge shivering at the thought of the test. Unlike Xin Fan, she did not have the perk to stay conscious when her body is in rest mode. Therefore, she stayed up all night and studied around the same amount Xin Fan did while making a sacrifice. This obviously was not good for her health so Xin Fan calmed her down by rubbing her back.

"Calm down. Although it may not be my place to say this but you need to relax. After the test, just go to sleep. I know you like to follow me around and all but still. I am worried for your health."

This seemed to have calmed her down however the ruckus caused by her triggered everyone else. Mainly those, were people who procrastinated until the last night and like Tianfei, pulled an all-nighter and crammed in as much information as possible. The whole thing seemed like a mess. As Xin Fan headed to class, he saw that there was a large stack of papers on Wang Mei's desk. It was tall and to many, felt like it would cause mental scars for life.

"Chilong...Are you ready?"

Chilong only shrugged his shoulders.

"A 50 is a pass."

"How could you say that. If my mother finds out I got anything lower than a 90...I do not know what she would do..."

The doors opened and Wang Mei walked in. Her footsteps seemed to have caused the whole class to become silent. She took out a clock and placed it on her table for everyone to see.

"The test shall commence in 5 minutes. After that, no talking, no cheating. Otherwise...Punishment."

Xin Fan could hear the collective sound of those around him gulping. Wang Me walked over to the front table and placed a paper in front of everyone face down.

"Until the 5 minute mark, no peeking."

As she passed out the paper, Xin Fan could see the clock slowly moving. The minute hand was slowly moving towards the 12 mark. As Wang Mei handed out the last of the papers, the hand struck 12. The test has started


What do I do? What do I do? I should have studied harder.

Tianfei was shaking in while trying to stay focused. She scribbled on the page in fustration as she attempted to answer questions.

Definition of a beast? What was it again? Anything that acts on pure instinct? That's must be it.

Tianfei scribbled her answer before moving on to the next question.


So bothersome. Beast...Beast...what is it?

Chilong spun the pen between his fingers as he thought of an answer. He didn't seem to care much about the test.

I guess it's anything that moves and isn't human. Sounds about right. Hmm I wonder if Xin Fan is willing to fight me afterwards.


Xin Fan looked had finished looking through the whole paper and figured out the answer for most of them.

What is the textbook definition of a beast ? That is easy. A instinct driven being that is characterized by it's release of baleful aura. The stronger the beast, the more variants there are. Examples of such are demonic beasts which release black auras and ancient beast which release red aura.

Xin Fan wrote a lengthy answer before moving onto the next question. Similarly, he completed it with no problems. After a short hour, the test was finally over.

"Your test is now over. Anything you write from here would be penalized."

Wang Mei collected the papers and put them on the table forming a nice stack. She then turned around to address the class.

"Well...That's it for this semester. You have a one month break before the next one starts. Have a rest go crazy for all I care. See you later."

Wang me picked up the stack of paper and headed over to the door.

"Oh and you won't be needing books next semester."

She exited the room shutting the door hard behind her. The class was silent for a while before erupting into madness.

"It's finally over!"

Xin Fan looked around to see Tianfei collapsed on the desk. She seemed to be catching up on a few hours of lost sleep. Xin Fan tapped her on the shoulder however she would not wake up.

"Chilong. Call Man Qiu over."


Chilong left the classroom along with the stream of exiting students to look for Man Qiu in the other class. Before long, only Xin Fan and Tianfei were left. Xin Fan was still trying to wake Tianfei up however she kept her eyes shut. Eventually Xin Fan simply gave up. He simply sighed before leaning back in his chair. I wonder would happen in the next semester?

Eventually, Chilong returned to the classroom with Man Qiu. Xin Fan carried Tianfei for most of the way back to the dorms before passing he onto Man Qiu to take her to her room. Xin Fan returned to his own room and collapsed onto his bed and entered his domain.


"So how was it."

"I did great!"

Xin Kong gave a nice pat on the head to congratulate Xin Fan.

"So what's next?"

"I guess I should start practicing with Serpent's Conviction."

"Wasn't there that one technique you left to the side because you didn't need it?"

Xin Fan paused for a moment to think back on all their conversations. After a while he remembered one of his first fights.

"Armament Shielding!"

Xin Kong smiled and gave a small nod before sitting under a tree to watch Xin Fan. Xin Fan took a manual out of his inventory and read it through a couple of times. This was one of the few techniques that was readily available to everyone. I feel like something is going to happen.

"The core of this technique is to be one with the weapon...hmm."

After a few tries, he managed to coat the scythe in qi.

[ User has attempted to use 'Armament Shielding' (Technique) ]

[ Technique is of acceptable technique ]

[ Technique is able to be merged into Harvest Slash ]

Huh? Did it just say?


A menu materialized in front of Xin Fan. Xin Fan quickly tapped the selection under 'Harvest Slash II'. As he expected, a new selection appeared. Xin Fan tapped 'Armament Shielding' and waited for the information to transfer into his mind. He picked up Serpent's Conviction and activated 'Harvest Slash II'. This time, no blades appeared on his arms however, a thin layer of qi appeared on the blade of the scythe. He slashed down on a newly spawned target and cut through it like butter.

"It...cut. It cut!"

This new technique is the solution to all of Serpent's Conviction's flaws.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》