Ultimate Rice System
34 Missing Girl
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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34 Missing Girl

It was the start of the break and Xin Fan was walking along the town. Tianfei was away as her mother picked her up to return home for the entirety of the break. This was said the same for most of the people in the grade. Including Xin Fan and Chilong, only a fifth of their grade was spending their grade at school. He went over to the 'Dragon and Tiger' to meet up with Han Zhong. As usual, he was wearing a professional outfit.

"Excuse me but you cannot put up that posters on the wall."

"I...I'm sorry. I really need help."

"Can't you ask a city guard?"

"I tried but they won't listen. They just told me to bug off."

There was a boy, around the age of 6 posting papers on the wall. He was wearing worn out clothes and had his face covered in soot. There was bones exposed through the skin through malnutrition. Xin Fan did not recognize him so he assumed that he wasn't from the school. On the poster was a well drawn picture of a little girl. The boy seemed to be searching for her.

"Mister Zhong? Is there something wrong?"

Han Zhong turned around to see the sight of Xin Fan. They didn't have time to have a proper conversation ever since that dinner.

"Oh it's Xin Fan. No nothing, it's just that this kid wants to post some posters."

"Please help me, I'm desperate."

"Umm, why can't he post it."

"It's not that I don't want to help. I'm just in a tight situation. You know what, lets talk in the guest room."

Han Zhong led the children to a well insulated room on the top floor of the resteraunt. It seemed like an exclusive room of VIP guests. Han Zhong sat by a table and gestured for them to sit.

"So what is your name."

The scraggly boy took a napkin and wiped his face to make himself look more presentable.

"M...My name is Xiao Feng."

"So Xiao Feng, why are you posting this."

"I...I was escaping over to my uncle's house with my sister. I looked away for a moment and then she was gone."

"What do you mean gone? And what do you mean escape?"

Xiao Feng shivered as he put his clutched his head. He seemed to be thinking of something horrifying.

"He didn't see us as children...He saw us as property...That man...mother.."

Xiao Feng clutched his mouth as if he was gagging. Han Zhong quickly took out a bucket from the side and slid it right under where Xiao Feng was gagging. All that came out was saliva. It was apparent that there wasn't even anything to come out.

"Huff...Huff...And then he turned around to look at Xiao Xing...All I could do is grab her and run. And then...And then."


Xiao Feng collapsed onto the ground. Xin Fan hurried over to check up on him. Although he was still alive, he was unconscious. Han Zhong went over to check up on him.

"Judging from things, he simply is exhausted and hungry."

"What do we do?"

"Just let him rest."

Han Zhong carried Xiao Feng over to a couch around the corner and dropped him off. He was unafraid to get his clothes dirty. It seemed as if he was used to this sort of situation. He then turned back and sat back down.

"He should be fine...Now about you."

"Is our deal on?"

"I have tried them...I won't talk too much. The rice are both high grade 1 ingredients. I accept the deal. When is the rice ready?"

"Should be in around 2 months."

"For each portion you gave me, 50Mu. How does that sound?"


Xin Fan shook hands with Han Zhong to seal the deal.

"I also have something else I want."

"Hmm? What is it?"frowned Han Zhong.

"I also want you to teach me how to cook."

Han Zhong twirled his mustache around in contemplation. He looked at Xin Fan for a few seconds before shrugging.

"You realize that this place is the best restaurant in the city?"

"Yes I do."

"And you are a child with no experience."


Han Zhong stood up and dusted off his clothes.

"Fine. Show me what you've got."

Han Zhong led Xin Fan to an empty kitchen on the top floor. It seems that every floor had its own kitchen. Han Zhong pointed around the kitchen to give directions.

"The knives are there, the pot's are in that cupboard, the stove is over there."

Han Zhong took out a piece of paper stuck between a folder on a counter. He took out a few eggs. a pot of freshly steamed rice and some spices. He passed the paper over for Xin Fan to read.

"To be honest, this is perfect timing. This is a recipe for simple egg fried rice."

Xin Fan looked at the recipe printed on the paper. It seemed simple enough and with the help of his cooking technique, he should be able to pull it off. Xin Fan turned on the stove and started to cook. He poured oil and cracked the egg in and started to stir. As soon as he started, he seemed to enter a trance. Han Zhong still had a stoic expression as he watched Xin Fan cook. This put some pressure on him but he still managed to leave with a complete product.


We must run. Run! Run Xiao Xing! No! Don't do that to her! Let her go!


"Huff...Just a nightmare."

Why does my head hurt? Where am I?

Xiao Feng slowly got up to his feet and looked around. He could feel no energy left in his body and fell to his knees.

Ouch...So...Hungry...Hmm? What is that smell?


Xin Fan carefully poured the contents of the wok onto a plate and showed it to Han Zhong.

"Please give it a try."

Han Zhong simply shook his head and smiled.

"Sorry but I am not the one eating. I just ate."

Xin Fan was confused. If he wasn't going to eat it who will.

"So I cooked it for nothing?"

Han Zhong shook his head and pointed at the entrance. There stood a tired and hungry Xiao Feng slowly climbing back onto a seat.

"I'm not today's judge. It's him... What are you waiting for? Serve it."

Xin Fan hurriedly took some cutlery and the dish and walked out. He carefully placed them right in front of Xiao Feng and waited upon a verdict.

"Enjoy your meal."

"T...This is for me?"

Xin Fan smiled and nodded. A calm demeanor, essential in customer service. From the confirmation, Xiao Feng quickly took the spoon and dug away at the rice. His hands shook from the lack of energy in his body. He slowly put the spoon in his mouth spilling half the contents. His eyes widened before taking another bite.

Slightly burnt...but it's good.When was the last time I ate so well?

Tears started to emerged from the corners of his eyes. Before long he buried his head eating the meal. Xin Fan turned around to look at Han Zhong who was still smiling.

"So did I pass?"

"What did you think."
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    《Ultimate Rice System》