Ultimate Rice System
35 Black Circus
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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35 Black Circus

Xin Fan took away the dishes as soon as Xiao Feng finished the meal. Xiao Feng seemed a lot calmer now and was able to have a proper conversation. Xin Fan quickly washed the dishes before hurrying back to the table.

"Now can you tell me what has happened?"

Xiao Feng took a deep breath before narrating the story.

"I am the older brother in the family. I have a younger sister. My father would always be away and come home drunk. Often, he would beat me up if he was in a bad mood."

"Abusive father...I see," said Han Zhong as he stroke his mustache.

"However on that day, he was worse than usual. He was throwing things around and breaking everything in the living room. My mother tried to stop her but he hit her with a wine bottle. There was blood everywhere. He then turned towards us. His eyes were red in fury. I was so scared. So scared that I ran away. I took Xiao Xing with me to uncle's house. However on the way, Xiao Xing disappeared."

'What do you mean 'disappear'?"asked Han Zhong.

"There was a cat. I tried to scare it away. As soon as I turned back, she was gone."

Han Zhong seemed to be contemplating on something. He kept twirling his mustache ever so often a he thought.

"And your sister is not awakened?"

"Yes neither me nor my sister is awakened."

"What location was it."

"In the back alleys."

Han Zhong frowned as he tapped on the table.

"This may be a bit problematic."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean exactly what I meant. I have just a hunch that your sister was kidnapped. The back alleys are a prime spot for criminals. All sorts of shady dealings go through there. If I remember correctly, it's the territory of the Black Circus."


"Huh what is this about the black circus?"

Xin Fan was confused however Xiao Feng now had a clear idea of the situation. As someone who lived in the city, he would be informed about this organisation.

"The black circus is one of the big three organisations in the underworld. They have bases all around the continent and have their grasp in everything from the shadows. They are easily distinguishable by their insignia with circus imagery."

"So in other words, they are bad news."

"Of course they are! I heard that their leader is at the peak of the manifestation realm. However, no one outside the organisation has lived to find out his identity. The only ones who know are his closest aides."

"So what are you going to do now?"

"I don't know...I don't know."

A system message appeared in Xin Fan's mind.

[ A quest has been generated ]


Quest 3: Save Xiao Xing


Reward: Unlock 'Sealing Rice' in shop


Fail Condition: 50% harm to Xiao Xing

Penalty: Sealed Cultivation for a four months.


No....Why of all things does this have to be a quest. Four months...that is almost the entire semester.

Xin Fan was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He always knew that the day would come when a quest would start to have penalties. However he did not expect the first one to be so harsh. Without cultivation, he can only rely on his physical abilities. Although his body was strong, it cannot handle the destructive force of many skills. Especially with the supposed upcoming event, this is the worse time for this to happen.

I just hope I can live through this.

"Let's first look at where she disappeared."

Xiao Feng looked at Xin Fan in surprise.

"You are going to help me?"

"I'll do my best."

"T...Thank you so much. Follow me!"

Xiao Feng leaped out of his seat to lead Xin Fan to the location his sister disappeared. Han Zhong stepped in front of the both of them. He did not seemed too pleased with Xin Fan's actions. In his eyes, all he sees is children asking to be killed.

"Are you two crazy? You are looking for death. I understand why Xiao Feng wants to investigate but why are YOU going. You have no relation to this situation."

"Why are you stopping me?"

"Why AM I stopping you!? Why shouldn't I? You are only 5 or 6. The underworld is not where you belong. Trust me on this....Do not go. Let the adults deal with this."

"Don't worry...I won't get into anything dangerous."

"I'm warning you. Don't make me cancel our agreement,"said Han Zhong as he slammed his fist against the wall breaking a few bits off. Xin Fan flinched for a moment however was able to regain his composure.

"He's problem is now my problem.... I guess we should cut off on our deal."

Han Zhong froze for a moment before moving out of the way of the exit. Under his breath he was muttering something inaudible.

"Very well then. Don't say I didn't warn you."

He let them through before shutting the door as they exit. He walked over to the table and sat down while sighing.

I warned them. I told them that it was a bad idea. It's now out of my hands now. I better tell Jun Fan later. I hope that they stay safe...

Xin Fan exited the restaurant with Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng was looking quite worried at Xin Fan.

"I am so sorry...because of me, your deal is now off."

Xin Fan sighed in dejection as he replied,"Don't worry...It's nothing...Just show me the way."

"Follow me."

Xin Fan followed Xiao Feng while thinking back. Did I really make the right choice? Is this really worth it?


"What is the current count?"

A man sitting on a large rocking chair was pointing at a cell. He had scars all around his neck. He was wearing a thin white singlet. Under the dim lighting, one could barely discern some markings that snake up his arm and to his back. He was talking to a man in purple robes and round glasses. If one didn't know his occupation, one would assume he was a simple librarian.

"Judging from the look of things, we have around twenty per cell with five cells. I guess we have around 100."

*Clang Clang**mmph*


The man reporting kicked the bars of the cells. The figures inside leaped back in fright.

"How many more can we fill?"

"Around 50."

The man in white gave off an evil sneer as he looked at the man in purple.

"I want it filled by the end of the week. The auction is coming soon."


A burly man walked in carrying a sack.

"Boss we've got another one!"

He opened it up to reveal a small girl aged around 5, unconscious on the ground. The boss gave a small sneer as he looked at the newcomer.

"Hehe...this should fetch for quite the price. Put her in the cell."


"This is where she disappeared from."

Xin Fan looked around. During the day, this area was quite bright despite being in an alleyway. So this is the place.

"Oi you brats! What are you doing there?"
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    《Ultimate Rice System》