Ultimate Rice System
37 Your knife...MY knife
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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37 Your knife...MY knife

"Looks like we have some guests...Oi you over there! Search around!"

As footsteps approached the back room, Xin Fan looked angrily at Xiao Feng mentally cursing him. You idiot. You've doomed us all. If we survive this I am gonna make sure you regret this.

Xin Fan felt his hands slowly releasing pressure over Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng was avoiding eye contact with him. It had only been a moment and he could already hear the sound of doors opening. Xin Fan looked around for a moment and found a knife lying on a shelf. It wasn't that hard as the room was extremely small and can only fit a bed and a few small pieces of furniture. The edge of the knife was dull and rusted but that didn't really matter as it was still better than nothing. The footsteps approached ever so slowly until it finally stopped right outside the door. Xin Fan grabbed Xiao Feng and pulled him over to a blind spot behind a shelf.


A bald head peered in from the doorway and looked around. Seeing that there was nobody there, he slowly walked in to look around. He was wearing a black robe that covered most of his body. His most distinguishable feature was the developing outline of a bear on his neck. He walked to the bed and bent over to look underneath.

"Come out. I know you are there."

Xin Fan jumped out from behind the shelf and silently put the knife to the throat while covering the man's mouth.

"Don't you dare make a sound."

Feeling the cold edge of the knife, the man already knew the message and kept quiet. Rather than using 'Harvest Slash II', a physical knife was far more effective at getting the message across. Of course, Xin Fan was not ready yet to get his hands dirty and was only bluffing. I sure hope this works. Xin Fan's hear raced as the seconds passed. His breathing while not threatening, had an erratic rhythm to it. Adrenaline was flowing through his body as he pressed the knife against the skin of the man.

"You will do what I say, or else..."

Sweat trickled down his face as he slowly nodded. Xin Fan was elated that the man was being cooperative and valued his life. While the man was looking down, Xin Fan signaled Xiao Feng to remain silent and stay put.

"Say that there are no one here."

"Hey guys! I can't find anyone!"

Xin Fan smiled as he watch his impromptu plan fall into place. He already hear the sounds of feet moving. From outside, he could hear the sounds of people departing.

"Hurry up! We still have another 5 more houses to go to. Hey you there, pass me a lighter."

"Old fart remember 150 Mu by next month."

The edges of Xin Fan's lips rose as did the man he was holding. He could feel the pressure drop and his heart rate return to normal. Wait....Why is he smiling.

"Who do we have here."

Xin Fan froze at the sound of a voice behind him. He was about to turn around until he felt a sharp object pointed to his back.

"Don't turn around. Did you honestly think we are that damn stupid."

Xin Fan could feel the heart rate of the man in his arms drop. Although he was relieved, he refrained from moving as his life was still in Xin Fan's hands.

"Thank's boss. You saved my ass!"

"When you get back to base, you are going to get 100 lashes. 50 for getting captured and 50 for not addressing me with respect."

The man's lips drooped as he heard the words.

"I graciously accept...Hey kid, when we get back to base...I am going to make you have a great time..."

"Now move that knife or I will move MY knife."

Xin Fan slowly lowered the blade down until the man in his arms was in no danger. Xin Fan could already feel the knife on his back move away slowly.

I can do this. I just need to time this right.

Xin Fan pushed forwards with his body and quickly spun around to the side dodging a stab. He then use the back end of his knife to knock the knife out of the others hands. Yes it's a success!


As the other was stunned for a moment, Xin Fan threw his strongest punch to the stomach of the other. The blow connected and caused the man to regurgitate contents of his last meal. Xin Fan activate 'Harvest Slash II' to heavily injure the other party and get away. However, the man was not ready to be beaten up by some kid. He picked up the knife and blocked it with 'armament shielding'. Xin Fan was knocked back few steps and was backed up against the wall. The man that Xin Fan pushed had already called over for some reinforcements.

"Not bad kid..."

The man spun the knife around his hand and stabbed forwards aiming right for Xin Fan's heart. Xin Fan parried it with his own blade to the best of his ability. Xin Fan could feel that the blade on his wrists becoming shorter. Unlike when he faced against other students, the other party this time was of higher cultivation stages. This also meant that their quality of qi circulating their body was also higher and hence was more powerful. Xin Fan could hear the sounds of more footsteps coming over.

"Boss I got reinforcements."

"Good...Watch this.

Xin Fan's expression was grim. There was no way he could actually win this fight. Especially since the room was so small, he could not move around as he liked. This doesn't look too good for me. I cannot drag Xiao Feng into this. Xin Fan turned and scanned the room he felt around for anything he could use. The man once again stabbed forwards aiming at a vital. Xin Fan dodged it narrowly allowing the knife to pass through and break some furniture. Xin Fan grabbed the largest piece he could find and threw it at the window next to him.


Xin Fan could feel a gust entering the room from the outside. He jumped back hoping for the best. However as expected, he could feel dozens of small cuts forming along his back ripping his clothes along. Xin Fan scrambled to his feet and ran as fast as he could. Ouch that hurts!

"After him!"

From behind him, Xin Fan could hear the sounds of many people climbing out of that window. He could hear the sounds of ever approaching footsteps as he maneuvered around the alleyway. Xiao Feng, you better get me out of there.


They're gone. Xin Fan too. And it's all my fault.

Xiao Feng slowly climbed out of his hiding spot and looked around the room. The room was in tatters: Windows shattered, knife marks all over the wall and broken furniture.

"What happened in here."

Xiao Feng turned around to see his uncle soaking wet limp over to the room. He's knees shook as he collapsed onto the ground. The glass from the window created numerous cuts to his knees however he didn't seem to notice.

"T...They took him."
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    《Ultimate Rice System》