Ultimate Rice System
38 Captured
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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38 Captured

"Move faster," the bald kicked Xin Fan forwards to force him to move.

Xin Fan slowly walked into the room with his hands cuffed around his back. Xin Fan was brought into a dimly lit room with only one lantern hung on the ceiling. Xin Fan felt a strong force to the back of his knees. The person behind him kicked him and made him fall. He then grabbed him by his hair and forced his head to the ground.

"Who is it this time?"

Xin Fan's eyes had not fully adapted to the darkness and could barely make out the figure in front of him. He didn't know why but by the simple words, he had an urge to shrink back. Fear of the strong is a basic instinct that is ingrained into humanity. Who is he? Why does he feel so dangerous?

"This is a kid that was in one of our 'client' 's homes. He managed to give the baldy a run for his money."

"Is he strong?"

"Oh you would be surprised."

"Oh? And what do you suppose we do with him?"

The man's eyes glistened in interest. He slowly walked up to Xin Fan and stroked his cheeks causing Xin Fan to feel a chill down his spine. Gulp! What does he want with me?

"I saw some makings of an assassin. Want to bring back 'that'?"

"Hehehe...so this is your plan? Very well. However, don't you have more pressing matters at hand?"

The man bowed and turned to his subordinates.

"Throw him in the cell. Boys...Tonight...we hunt!"

The bald man roughly grabbed Xin Fan by the waist and hurled him inside a random cell. He sneered at Xin Fan's rough state and spat at him.

"I will remember you kid."

Xin Fan did not say a word and glared back in defiance. The man frowned and gave Xin Fan a strong kick before walking off.

"Next time you look at me like that...I will break something."

Most of the people left the hideout leaving only one man. Xin Fan could now see a lot more clearly. The man was turned away and Xin Fan could only discern one thing. A large tattoo of a bear fully colored in roaring menacingly at him. Of course, the roaring was only an illusion caused by the pressure emitted from this man. Unknown to Xin Fan, this pressure was what is known as killing intent, something that he would have to face in the future. As Xin Fan looked around, he could see multiple children just like him. Some seemed to be somewhat aware of their surroundings however most had the eyes of a dead person. They had long given up on living and pass time by staring. Xin Fan found an empty corner and entered his domain.


"What's wrong...You look grim?"

Xin Fan turned around to face Xin Kong smiling amicably as always.

"You can tell? I was kidnapped..."

Xin Kong rushed over to pat Xin Fan up and down checking for injuries.

"Are you hurt?"

Xin Fan turned slightly red as he moved back a few steps.

"I'm in perfection mode right now. You won't find anything."

Xin Kong scratched the back of his head in realization.

"Oops my bad."

Although it was small, Xin Fan's heart felt slightly warm from Xin Kong's gesture.

"Do you have any idea of what to do?"

Xin Kong looked up to the sky as he thought.

"Can't you use this to cut your way out?"

Xin Kong took out Serpent's Conviction and passed it over to Xin Fan.

"Can't. There is someone strong on watch."

Xin Fan threw the scythe back into the inventory.

"I would normally advise you to try to avoid all conflicts. However...If they cross the line...I think it's better to retaliate."

"What line?"

Xin Kong patted him on the head and laughed.

"Honestly speaking...I don't know...Only you know that."

Xin Kong returned back to his meditating spot and started to meditate again. Xin Fan racked his brains to think of any ideas. At this moment, the most he could do is prepare. Xin Fan took out his cooking set and started to cook. He poured the last portion of 'Ice Heart Rice' and a portion of 'Fire Soul Rice'. After an hour of cooking, it was ready.

[ User has created 'Fire and Ice Steam Mix' (2 Star) ]

Xin Fan immediately stored it in his inventory. It appeared that anything stored in the inventory would be frozen in time and won't spoil. Xin Fan only cooked this as a last resort. Xin Fan left the domain to enter the real world.


By now, the mob had returned with a few full sacks.

"Boss! We're back."

The men dumped the contents of the sack into the cells. Xin Fan could already hear the sounds of horrified children screaming for their parents.

"Shut up!"

One of the underlings kicked the metal cell causing a loud ringing to reverberate the room. While most of the children held back, there was one in particular that didn't stop crying.

"Hey you there...Bring me that kid."

The boss pointed at a one of his aides to drag out the child. The child looked only slightly older than Xin Fan. His face was red with tears and snot streaming down his face.

"What do you want him for?"

"To make an example."

The next few moments was something that was going to be engraved into Xin Fan's mind for many years. No! He won't...That's..no..nonono...

The boss lifted up his arm. A spectral image of a beast's claw overlayed his arms as he raised it. As he brought it down, it was over.


Xin Fan felt the rising of his stomach as he watched the scene. As it entered, the contents of his last meal exited his mouth right onto the floor. The man grinned as he saw the reactions. It seemed as if his goal was achieved.

"You go clean it up," he said as he pointed at a lackey.

The one he pointed at quickly ran over to the side and put on a pair of blood soaked gloves. He was unfazed by the scene, as if this sort of event was a normal occurrence in the base. As he was cleaning up, he boss turned around to the underlings.

"Well...This month, we had a great harvest. All of you go to the streets. Spread the word that our harvest is once again ready. Auction will be in a weeks time at Lot 41."

Each one of them nodded their heads in unison and exited the base scattering all around the city.


Dragon Root Academy

The sun was almost setting and Chilong entered the staff room in search of a teacher. Jun Fan was stationed outside the doorway obstructing any intruders from entering. This was because there was an important meeting preceding right at that moment.

"Hmm? What brings you here...umm....Chilong?"

"The sun has almost set however Xin Fan still has not returned. I just want someone to go out to look for him?"

Jun Fan's eyebrows twitched. He looked at Chilong in the eye as if he was judging him. He dropped the seemingly carefree facade and responded in a serious manner.

"Is this true?"
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    《Ultimate Rice System》