Ultimate Rice System
40 Black Jacket“s Indoctrination
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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40 Black Jacket“s Indoctrination

"Your name is Xiao Xing?! Is your brother Xiao Feng"

"Un... Do you know him?"

"Yeah...He's the reason I am here..."

Xin Fan sighed as he took a bite out of the bread. It was extremely gritty almost inedible. While the school's food wasn't that great, it was miles better than what he was eating now.

"I'm so sorry for what he did! Here...take my bread!"

Xiao Xing stared at the bread in her hands and slowly tossed it to Xin Fan. She watched as it arced through the air into Xin Fan's hands as if she had lost a part of herself. Although it tasted bad, Xin Fan still ate it as a sign of acceptance. Xiao Xing watched intently as he swallowed the last piece of bread.

"Do you seriously like the bread?"

"Un. The food here is a lot better than what I had at home. What about you...ummm?"

"Call me Xin Fan."

"Okay, what about you brother Xin Fan?"

"Well...In the mountains, we were self sufficient and the dorm gives a better food than this at school."

Xiao Xin looked quite shocked. She couldn't even imagine what normal people ate. Truth be told, despite the horrible conditions, the conditions right now are better than at home, at least for now.

As they were eating, the boss was looking over to check up on Xin Fan.

"I wouldn't eat that if I were you. It won't stay for long."


The boss sneered before looking away to mind his own business. Naive kid...Oh well soon he would be a clown. I wonder how long until he breaks.

The sun had set. The countdown has begun. 6 Days left.


"Xin Fan did you test it?"

"Yes... Harvest slash II can cut through the steel bars."

"Good...Just escape with the girl at the best moment."


Xin Fan had a rude awakening by the man in the black jacket. He didn't know what was happening before he was dragged out of the cell.

"Whats happening!"

Xin Fan was dragged into a dark room and forced to be strapped to a chair. From just being there, Xin Fan felt sick in the stomach from the nauseating stench that filled the room. The man sat opposite to him with a knife in hand. There was only one small lamp dangling from the ceiling with a dying flame swaying against drafts of wind.

"Hehehe Kid...nice to meet you."

"Why did you bring me here?"

"Why else...to play."

Xin Fan did not believe a single word that he said however simply nodded to let the conversation flow. He did not know the name of the other person so he decided to just call him Black Jacket.

"Do you why I am here?"

"You live off money exploiting others. What else needs to be said."

The man sighed and flicked his wrist cutting a gash at Xin Fan's thighs. Xin Fan's eyes widened at the unexpected attack.


"First strike. No talking back."


Black Jacket swung the knife cutting Xin Fan's other thigh. Xin Fan screamed in pain as he felt the burning sensation. However this time, he kept his remarks to himself and held it in.

"Second strike."


"Oh looks like you are learning. Let me tell you about me. I was born as the son of a prostitute. Every day I would see men coming in and out of that place. I really didn't care much back then. That is until I met boss. He dragged me into this world...And it feels great!"

"That's onl...GAH!"

Before Xin Fan could finish off his sentence, Black Jacket swung his knife down and cut at Xin Fan. As blood leaked out, Xin Fan could feel his body slowly becoming numb. This person is insane!

"You may not want to believe it. But power rules all! It is because they are weak that they are captured."

"The government would not allow this."

Although black jacket was about to stab Xin Fan once more, he thought about it and broke into laughter.

"Hehehe...You are not wrong. The government is powerful..Very powerful. That's why we operate in the shadows. Away from where they can reach. Just as they can they can destroy us, we can destroy others. To be honest...You should feel glad that you are strong. Otherwise...you would be just like the rest."

The man spun the knife between his fingers and juggled it around.

"Oh! Looks like time's up...Wow this place really needs some lighting up. It's so dim."

The man lit up a few candles and placed them all around the room. As he did so, Xin Fan began to realize what sort of room it was. There was all sorts of sick bloodstained contraptions laying around the room. From spiked cages to torture devices, this room had it all. Furthermore, it was clear from the blood stains these things weren't lying around for decoration. They were used recently. Black Jacket held his nose as he put the last candle on a pile of something.

"God! This thing smells!"

The 'thing' was red. Despite not knowing what it was, Xin Fan already felt sick. he could feel that undigested piece of bread coming back up. As Black jacket moved away from the pile, Xin Fan could finally make out what it was. The first thing Xin Fan could make out was a fragment of bone sticking out of the pile. Slowly bit by bit, he started to figure out what it was. I...Is that a human body?


Bit by bit, from intestines to different organs, Xin Fan figured out what it was.

"Oh this is where that other kid went! Have fun with that! I'll be back in a couple more hours. Also I wouldn't leave if I were you. Boss seemed quite pissed today and he's just across the hallway behind the door."

Black Jacket cackled as he left the room. Now Xin Fan was all alone forced to stare at what appears to be a scene from a work of horror.


"Boss why do you look pissed?"

Black Jacket just walked into the room and it seemed that as he said, the boss is still angry.

"Brother Xiang just told me that one of his bases just got annihilated. Apparently someone is looking for me."

"Hmm. Do you think it's the kid's backing?"

"Highly likely... It looks like there may be trouble in 6 days."

"Do you wan't to back out."

The boss slapped Black Jacket across his face with the back of his hand. Black Jacket landed against the wall coughing up blood.

"If they think I am going to a pushover, then my name is not Xiong Dazhan. We WILL proceed with the auction whether you like it or not."


After a few hours, Xin Fan was let back into the cell. His face was white as a sheet and he seemed to be mentally unstable. He slowly waddled over and collapsed against the corner.

"Brother Xin Fan! Are you alright? What did they do to you? You look so pale!"

"I...I am fine."

Xin Fan tried to repress his memories as he sat there meditating to calm down. At least for now...
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    《Ultimate Rice System》