Ultimate Rice System
42 Building Trus
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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42 Building Trus

Xin Fan stared back at Black Jacket with blank eyes. His clothes were now reduced with just the lower half left. Black Jacket stared at Xin Fan inspecting him up and down observing any changes in facial expression.

"What is the most important thing."

"Power,"responded Xin Fan monotonously.

Black Jacket smiled at Xin Fan's response. He seemed to be quite happy on his progress of breaking him.

"Good....Very Good. Follow me"

He left the room and returned back to the boss's side. Xin Fan followed closely behind not too fast, not too slow. The boss as usual was sitting in the chair as usual toying with a knife in his hands.

"Kakaka...I'm quite sure he is wiped!"

The boss raised his eyebrow looking quite skeptical. From his memory, the brainwashing tend to range from a week to a month to fully erase the sense of self. Xin Fan had only been captured for five days and Black Jacket claimed that he was all clear.

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I am sure! I have experience! Sure it may be quick but he already reached stage 6. Just look at his eyes and you will see I am right. All he needs is some training and we have a Joker."

Xiong Dazhan peered into Xin Fan's seemingly empty eyes. It was as if he had lost his soul. He then turned back to Black Jacket and threw over a thin plate.

"Good Job...Here's 1000Mu for your effort."

Black Jacket caught the plate and quickly pocketed it inside his shirt.

"Although, he seems alright for now, let's not risk it. Throw him back inside the cage."

Black Jacket shrugged at this suggestion. He was very confident in his brainwashing abilities and he saw no reason why the boss would doubt him. However orders were orders so he commanded Xin Fan to enter the cell. Xin Fan complied an walked into the cell without any signs of resistance. He went over to his usual corner and sat legs crossed in a meditation position. Black Jacket locked the cell cutting off the path for him to escape.

"Hah...Why am I still not trusted?"

Black Jacket left the hideout to get some fresh air. Xin Fan closed his eyes.

'Xin Kong, I think they are starting to trust me.'

'Of course! Do you honestly think mere brainwashing can defeat a scripture passed down for millennia?'


'Just trust me. The empty mind state is enough to fool them. Before long, we would be leaving this place.'

Xiao Xing ran over and tapped Xin Fan on the shoulder. Xin Fan opened his eyes and mechanically turned his head. Even now, he had to keep up the act if he wanted to leave. As the saying goes, to fool the enemy, one must fool the allies.

"Brother Xin Fan! What did they do to you? Wake up!"

Xin Fan kept silent and kept staring at the girl shaking him. The girl kept shaking him trying to break the supposed trance. Xiong Dazhan looked over from his seat and grinned evilly as he watched the girl in torment. Looks like Huo Ming did a good job. I should get him promoted or something. If only he was in the Refinement realm...


Mealtime arrived and as usual, it was the gruel and bread. Xin Fan slowly pushed his way through the crowd and took a large portion of the bread. There were many angry looks around him but not many dared to provoke him. After all, doing so would just waste energy. Black Jacket, now Huo Ming sneered as he watched him. Looks like he is taking the teachings to heart. Unknown to him, Xin Fan had a different agenda.


Why Is brother Xin Fan Like this? What did they do to him? What is he doing now?

Xiao Xing watched as Xin Fan brought over a large pile of bread in amazement. She could only snatch one however Xin Fan just took majority from the basket. She also knew for a fact that Xin Fan did not even like it. It's like he is a different person!

She watched as Xin Fan carefully place each of them side by side laid out in neat rows. As he did so, Xiao Xing spotted something white hidden underneath the piece of bread closest to hear. She scanned the room seeing if anyone was watching her and secretly pocketed it. From the texture, she felt that it was paper. A Message!


Don't make a noise. Don't act as if anything is out of the ordinary. Just pretend I am still controlled. I WILL get you out.


Although she couldn't read half of the contents, she got the basic message and nodded ever so gently to not draw attention.

I understand brother Xin Fan. I trust you.


Phew Looks like she got the message

'Xin Kong, you are a genius.'

'No problem.'

How did Xin Fan write the message you may ask. Well it's quite simple. Xin Kong as part of Xin Fan can access the system. Naturally, he can also access the inventory. Now as a student, of course Xin Fan would keep most of his stationary and notes in his inventory. Xin Kong now able to see through and communicate Xin Fan, could write down the message. All he needs to do is to put the note back into the inventory and Xin Fan could take it out without anyone noticing. Him taking multiple pieces of bread killed two birds with one stone. One he could gain Huo Ming's trust by acting through his ideals as well as to get Xiao Xing to cooperate and communicate with him.

Xin Fan carefully took regular bites as he communicated with Xin Kong as to not arouse suspicion.


"You see that boss? That is my work. I drilled that message into him. As I always say. Power equals trust."

The boss gave Huo Ming a pat on the back. He was quite pleased with the outcome. He gained a joker, an assassin for the Black Circus as well as have a close to full selection of goods to sell. In just two days, he would be getting the biggest paycheck in a long time.

"Huo Ming. You are a capable man. What cultivation are you at?"

Huo Ming slowly getting what the boss was hinting at and smiled as he replied.

"I am almost done with Condensation stage 6th stage."

"Ah...Of course."

The boss took out a pill from his shirt pocket. As soon as he did, the room had the aroma of medicine. The pill also released a faint medicinal aura that could only represent the quality. The boss passed it over to Huo Ming.

"T...This is?"

"This is a Qi Condensing Pill. Use it to break through to the 7th stage. I know how hard it is so this would really help. Soon you would be a high tier Condensation Cultivator."

Huo Ming was ecstatic.

"Thank you boss. I would cut my bowels and arm for you."

"Go off now. Break through!"

Huo Ming bowed before leaving to another room.

This exchange was watched by many people in the hideout. Some looked at him in awe and some in envy. Xin Fan's eyes glistened in the dark as he watched the pill being passed over.

'Xin Fan. No matter what. At least for now, don't touch him'

'Even I can see that.'
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    《Ultimate Rice System》