Ultimate Rice System
43 Flames of Hatred
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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43 Flames of Hatred

"Ahh...This power..."

Xin Fan watched as Huo Ming coated his knife with released energy. The purity of qi was like nothing Xin Fan nor Xin Kong had ever seen before. This is a high tier Condensation cultivator. For many of the older generation, this was the peak achievement in life. Now with the changing of times, cultivators who reach that sage are becoming younger and younger. Huo Ming stabbed into a brick on the wall shattering it cleanly out of place.

"Fix that up."

"Sorry boss, got a bit drunk off this power."

The boss sighed at his underling's antics as he was counting the people in the cell. It was the day before the auction and he wanted perfection. With an exception of a few, the boss didn't trust anyone in the base.

"154...Average that with 700 Mu each...that would be over 100 thousand Mu."

The boss smiled sadistically at the children as he thought of his hands being weighed down by that money. As he did so, Huo Ming pointed at Xin Fan and commanded him to go over.

"You. Tomorrow, you and I are going to guard the goods. Do you understand?"

Xin Fan blankly nodded as if it was natural to do so. In the empty mind state, he has minimal control over his body. While it is effective in fooling Huo Ming, it also puts himself at great risks from any physical attacks. If anything, Xin Fan would have preferred to avoid entering this state.

"Go back to the cell."

Xin Fan returned to the cell while slowly exiting the mental state. Clarity returned to his eyes as he sat down. Xin Fan quickly passed over a message to Xiao Xing in a blind spot away from reinsurance. The wad of paper was barely the size of marble and it was quite easy to pass on. After Xiao Xing read the message she gave a silent nod. The plan was to escape when there is less people guarding the cells. The most opportune moment is at the auction. Naturally Xiong Dazhan who was the strongest would be forced to be at the front away from the 'goods'. If he timed it correctly, he could avoid confrontation with Huo Ming. There was no need to fight. Just a moment to escape. Little did he know that on the very next day, a riot would occur at the same moment.

"Hey Huo Ming! Since he's already like that, you might as well get 'That' done."


The boss grinned as he watched his underling slowly getting the message. Huo Ming called Xin Fan over to the other room. Xin Fan nervously stood up as he re-entered the empty mind state. He did not like the sound of what they were discussing. What is 'that'?

Xin Fan slowly entered the room. He walked as slowly as possible trying to delay it as much as possible.

'Xin Kong. What do we do?'

'Let's wait and see.'

Huo Ming was standing in the center of the room that Xin Fan was so familiar with. He was ordering some of his underlings to carry something large over. It was a large barrel, around the size of Xin Fan's whole body. It was carried by two well built men and even then, they still had difficulty carrying it. Inside the barrel was a pile of timber perfect for burning.


The noise of metal against concrete reverberated throughout the room as they dropped it onto the floor. Huo Ming smiled as he dismissed the underlings and looked at Xin Fan in the eye. As expected, he only saw blank eyes stare back. From his pocket he took out a match, lit it and threw it inside the barrel igniting the softer, more easily combustible underneath. From a shelf, he took out a steel rod with some engravings on the head and plunged it into the fire.

'Xin Kong....He isn't....'

'I'm afraid so...No matter what. Do not scream.'

Huo Ming took out a cigar from his pockets and lit the tip with the now climbing flames within the barrel. He took a puff before sighing.

"I never liked doing this...Oh well I have to."

As time counted down, Xin Fan was internally panicking on what to do. Clearly escape was not an option. Although the room was heating up all Xin Fan could feel was the chill from the inevitable. Huo Ming slowly took out the rod from the flames. The tip was glowing a dim red as it radiated heat.

"Hah...Turn around. It would only last for a while. Maybe a month or so."

Xin Fan slowly turned his back to Huo Ming. As he did so, he could feel every inch of his fibre trying to deny the action. However as much as he tried to avoid it, he still did. Xin Fan could feel the radiating heat from the branding iron coming closer and closer.



"Hmm did you say something?"


'Hold it in Xin Fan. No matter what don't scream! Stay Strong!'

Xin Kong's urgent calls rang throughout his head as he attempted to fight off the pain. He could feel the searing pain crawling from his back to swallow him whole.In his mind he repeatedly chanted the mantra's to cut of his senses. Although a portion of the pain was cut off by the empty mind state, He could still feel the pain as strong as if it wasn't even there. Xin Fan grit his teeth as strongly as he could to avoid making sounds. The pain never subsided and kept going on for minutes.

"See? It ain't that bad. It's only the eye after all. After a couple of missions, you would get the full clown? Now go back to the cell."

Huo Ming left the room with Xin Fan following closely behind. Xin Fan stared at the back of Huo Ming in hate as he internally vowed to take revenge.

'One day...I swear I will force him to a pain beyond measure.'


"Aye Jun Boy Hic...here's your spear."

Jun Fan stroked his old spear in his hands as he reminisced the old times. For some reason, at that very moment, he could feel the marks on his back tingling slightly. Some may say this is pure coincidence or some may say its a sixth sense.

"Hmm? Why did I feel that? Today...Black Circus would lose a branch again."

The sun was rising and he slowly made his way to lot 41. He brandished his spear before strapping it comfortably on his back. He started to release years of pent up killing intent as he walked.


"My sister would be sold here right?"

Chilong slapped the boy back in annoyance.

"As we said. Xin Fan comes first, anyone else would come later."

"Look at all these strange people around here. Are these the so called noble that uncle Xu was talking about?"

"Shh...we need to hid somewhere safe."

Chilong ran around the lot searching for a hiding spot with a clear view of the auction. Xiao Feng managed to follow albeit, at a slow pace.

'Brother Chitian...is it a good idea to bring him here?'

'I just had a feeling...he may be useful.'
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    《Ultimate Rice System》