Ultimate Rice System
44 Start of the Auction
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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44 Start of the Auction

The auction had not even started however the crowd was already almost filling the area. This location was far from patrol and is considered a dead spot within the city. Besides for shady dealings, nobody ever comes here. However today was different. Today, the place was teeming with people some coming with questionable motives and some in desperation. As the leader, Xiong Dazhan had the role of being the host for the auction. Overnight, the gang had spent tireless hours re-cuffing the 'goods' and transported them to the location. Xin Fan could see the weary eyes of the men around him reassuring him of his success.

"You! Guard the goods with Huo Ming!"

The boss pointed at Xin Fan and gave an order. Amongst the people under him, only Xin Fan and Huo Ming have had proper rest. Xiong Dazhan could not bring himself to trust the tired men to keep a lookout over the goods. As much as he didn't trust the new recruit, it was still better than nothing.

"The rest of you! Guard the perimeters! Remember your mask!"

The men all donned a plain white mask on their faces before they shuffled around and ambled away, leaving just the boss, Huo Ming, Xin Fan, and the goods. Of course, a few men were kept behind just in case something happened.

"The show's about to start! Huo Ming, pass me my clothes."

"On to it boss!"

Huo Ming ran over the side to pass over a red and black checked shirt and bow. After the boss wore it, he threw over a bearskin coat to which the boss draped over his shoulders.

"My mask?"


Huo Ming passed over and intricately designed mask that covered the boss's face from head to nose. It was designed to have the look of a bear's head from jaw up.

"Good...Very good...Let the show begin!"

The boss slowly walked up to the stage that was hastily constructed overnight.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Some of you may be here to find a new servant."

The boss spoke in a soft tone, almost servile unlike his usual attitude. It just shows the amount experience he had gained over his years in the business.

"Some of you may be here to find your family."

Despite being on the inside, Xin Fan could here the angry muttering happening outside. He could just tell that a majority of the people there are just there to buy back their lost family.

"And of course, lets not forget that some of you may come here to buy things to toy with, fulfill your sick fantasies, before throwing away after they break."

Amongst the crowd, there were a few people that was chuckling at his remark. It is to no surprise that these were the people who he was talking about.

"Nevertheless, in front of me, you are all on the same playing ground. Let you money be your swords as you bid for the prize. We do not discriminate as long as we get the money. Today, we have 154 goods to be sold, the greatest we have had for the last couple years. And to conclude, let the show begin."

The place was silent. It was as if even a pin's drop could be heard.


A person started to clap. He was dressed in fancy clothes, presumably a noble.


And then another.


Before long, the whole place was in applause. Despite not knowing what was going on, the crowd of people just kept clapping. This was just a show of the reputation of the Black Circus.

"Let the first one come up."

Huo Ming walked over to the child with 1 marked on the handcuffs. He ordered a underling nearby to wear a mask to take it up onstage but not before he uncuffed the child. The man complied, roughly pushing the child forwards urging him to walk. The child had bones already protruding through the skin. He was significantly shorter than the rest and had signs of extreme malnourished. His skin white as paper shivered as he stood on stage looked on by hundreds of people.

"The starting bid goes for 100Mu!"


There was an immediate response from the crowd. The one who spoke was an old man with a grim expression.

"110 from the gentleman over there! Anyone else? 3...2..."


As soon as the countdown started, a man wearing a mask smiled sadistically at the old man. The old man grit his teeth before bidding once again.



Almost as soon as he upped the price, the man once again out bid him. The old man was furious.

"Do you have no heart? That child is my grandson!"

"Did you not hear? All of us are equal here. If you can pay then get lost."

The old man furious at his words once again upped the price.





"550Mu! That's as much as I can go."

The masked man smiled and did not bid any further. He turned to the boss standing on the podium and locked eyes for a brief moment before breaking contact. He did not make a sound and let Xiong Dazhan count down.

"Does anyone want to bid higher? 550 down in 3...2...1..Sold!"

The child was brought down to the old man and the old man hugged him in tears.

"I was so worried! My son is gone and now I almost lost you!"

"Grandpa...Is that you?"

The malnourished child fainted in his arms before being carried off far from the auction. Of course, this scene was only the start of many like this, some happier than others.


In the back, Xin Fan secretly passed a message on to Xiao Xing to read. Of course, her handcuffs, numbered 44, were preventing her from holding it so Xin Fan had to secretly open it up and let her read from a blind spot. Huo Ming had no idea on the transgression occurring right under his nose.


As soon as you get called up, they would take away your handcuffs. I will stall them for a while so you can run away as far as you can. I will catch up if I lose them.


The girl just nodded accepting the plan. Although she didn't say anything, Xin Fan could somewhat predict what the girl was trying to say from her eyes. It probably was something along the lines of 'What about you Brother Xin Fan? What if they catch you again!'

Xin Fan simply shook his head ever so slightly to indicate he was going to be okay. Although, truth be told, this message was more to himself as a bit of reassurance. He wasn't too sure if his plan would work out as he planned.

"Now time for number 44!"

Huo Ming slowly walked over and unlocked the cuffs with a sneer.

"You are going to be paid for so much!"

As he did so, he ordered the same guard to to take her to the stage. Just as they were headed towards the stairs, Xin Fan dashed forwards. He took out a scythe. The Scythe glowed faintly and Xin Fan used the back to knock the man away.

"Run Now!"

Xin Fan sent waves of energy cutting the surrounding breaking everything. He stood guard at the stairs preventing anyone from entering while keeping a lookout for Xiao Xing.

"Hahaha...you brat...You really know how to piss me off!"
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    《Ultimate Rice System》