Ultimate Rice System
45 Everyone jumping into the fray
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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45 Everyone jumping into the fray

As Xiao Xing went up to the stage, the audience seemed quite interested. She was like a small angel who entered the cruel world. She was confused unsure of where to run too. Before the boss could even say anything, someone already shouted.




Without the boss even saying anything, the bidding war had already started. This was nothing new as occasionally he would get people just like her. He just let nature takes it's course and allowed the bid to continue. Suddenly a large blade of energy cut through from the side of the stage dividing the line between the girl and the audience.


"You should be focusing on me!"

From the back a sinister voice could be heard. The walls besides the stage broke and a boy was shot through like a cannonball from the side. That boy was of course Xin Fan. Climbing up from the stairs was a man in a striking black jacket wearing a plain mask.

"Brother Xin Fan!"

Xin Fan slowly climbed up to his feet with the help of his scythe and re positioned himself. There was great panic in the audience. Even they could tell that this should not be happening and scattered outwards hoping that they can come back later after the organizers dealt with it.

"Huo Ming what is this?"

Huo Ming thrusted his dagger straight at Xin Fan attempting to land a blow to his vitals.

"Sorry boss. I failed. He was never brainwashed in the first place."


"He managed to fool us once so he can do so once again. As you say, cut weeds from the roots."

"You are right."

The boss slowly started to release qi from his body. A image of a bear slowly started to manifest around him. He shifted his feet ever so slightly and instantly moved to the center of the stage. He lifted his arms over Xin Fan preparing to smash down. At the same moment, from the crowd, a large hooded figure took off a spear from his back. He prepared a throw charging it full of qi and threw it straight at the stage. The boss's fist was blocked by a force from an unknown object. Suddenly, a hooded figure appeared in front of him. Catching the spear as it lost the built up energy, the figure spun around kicking the boss in the stomach, sending him flying. The boss coughed up a mouthful of blood.

"W...who are you?"

The hooded figure took of the hood to reveal his face. Xin Fan gasped as he turned around to look at his savior. No, this was not because he recognized him. It was because of the killing intent his person was leaking. That is, the killing intent leaked by Jun Fan.

"You've got some nerve to touch my student."

"I'm not even your stud..."

"Shhh....don't mind the small details."

Although during the short interaction Jun Fan acted as he usually would, Xin Fan could feel something sinister hiding right underneath. Jun Fan dashed forwards flashing 10 meters at a time preventing the boss from moving anywhere. A single move from the boss could spell 'game over' for Xin Fan. Jun Fan wielded the spear with finesse. Each strike was aimed at either the throat, heart or stomach. His hands were overlayed with the image of reptilian claws as he occasionally closed in and tried to grab the throat.

"Men! Don't let them escape!"

Although currently preoccupied, he could still call for his underlings to surround them. Horde's of men coming from every corner. They held an assortment of weapons from daggers to swords to clubs. Soon he and Xiao Xing was surrounded with more than 20 men including Huo Ming. Xin Fan, the boy who couldn't even handle Huo Ming when he was still in the mid tier condensation realm is now faced with Huo Ming who broke through with the help of more than a dozen helpers. Jun Fan was busy stalling the boss and he still had to protect the girl. As all hope seemed to be lost, a white mist like substance started to fill up the stage. Most of the men except for Xin Fan and Huo Ming, fell to their knees. The men who didn't started to sweat a lot and felt a lot weaker. Xin Fan did not feel anything but he already felt that this was something familiar.

"Did you forget me Xin Fan?"

A voice sounded uncomfortably close behind him. Xin Fan recognized this battle crazed voice anywhere. He quickly jumped forwards to avoid a swing.

"Looks like you didn't get rusty."

"Chilong...Why are you here?"

"Geez, haven't seen you in a week and this is your reply? You hurt me."

Chilong grinned cheekily as he looked around at the gang members. They seemed to be quite unnerved at the appearances of multiple enemies.

"You just tried to hit me!"

"Come on. I had to, I finally managed to control this essence thing so he let me out just for this battle. I mean, If I wasn't here you would be in quite some trouble."

"I'll be fine!"

Xin Fan haven't had this sort of heated conversation in quite some time. Of course, despite being quite grateful for Chilong's entrance, he would never admit to it. Doing so was just asking for another afternoon spent fighting. Although at this point, Xin Fan felt like he would still be doing that anyway.

"Brat...looks like you have a helper."

"Chilong...let me fight this one...I have some unfinished business with him."

With the appearance of Chilong, the tension really seemed to have dropped. He turned around and swung his scythe at Huo Ming forcing him off the stage and onto the now empty yard. Xin Fan hopped off the stage and once again turned around to Chilong.

"I can trust you to protect Xiao Xing right? If I see a single scratch, don't even think about asking for a fight ever again."

"Don't worry. How hard can it be to protect one girl."

Chilong took out his new axe and slammed it down making a large split on the floorboards. He then turned around to the remaining people who were still managed to stay standing. They were all mid tier however now they could barely muster 70% of their full power.

"Umm...Are you Brother Xin Fan's friend?"

"Hmm...Of course. My family name is Hei, given name Chilong. You can call me Brother Hei. Just put in a good word for Brother Xin Fan for me okay. Maybe a few words like, 'He was very strong' or 'Had a interesting fighting style'."

"Un...Okay Brother Hei."

"That's a good girl."

Chilong gave off a bright smile before turning to to his opponents. He raised up his axe coating it in a thick pure white Qi. He sneered at his enemies as he did so.

"You Mongrels. This king has reached 4th stage at the age of 5. Come at me!"
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    《Ultimate Rice System》