Ultimate Rice System
46 Repay by Tenfold
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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46 Repay by Tenfold

Chilong rushed forwards swinging the axe across the three men. The three men each blocked it with their respective weapon. Chilong laughed as he swung once again breaking through their seemingly feeble defenses. The primal essence really was a broken ability due to the overall edge in battle it gives.

"Who are you!"

The three men all felt sapped and felt pressured by the white mist. Chilong sneered as he threw his axe at them. The axe spun threw the air cutting through the thin layer of protection and the flesh before spinning back through the air returning to the owner's hands.

"Why should this king tell you."

Chilong swung his axe with his whole body arcing through the air before slashing down on another person. This man barely managed to block the attack and fell down to his knees coughing up a mouthful of blood.

"Spare me..."

Chilong gave a strong kick sending this man flying to a wall knocking him unconscious. Chilong spat on the ground staring at the man in disdain.



A man wielding a sword snuck up behind him and stabbed forwards. Chilong quickly repositioned his axe blocking the blow with the side of the axe blade.

"Hmm? Think you can sneak up. Think again!"

Chilong spun in a quick revolution slashing out at the stomach of those surrounding him. As he fought, the number of people joining in the fight increased. People stationed outside the lot were slowly returning to join the battle. He sidestepped towards the closest man and slashed upwards aiming for the chest. The man was taken by surprise and barely managed to pull his dagger to block before being sent flying by the impact of the blow. As he defeated this one person 3 more people gathered around to attack him. A few even managed to break through his defenses and cut a bit of flesh.

"We outnumber you! Give up!"


Chilong spun his axe with the blade facing the sky as if he were holding a staff. He stabbed the ground with the handle creating and wave of energy around him. The energy seemed to cover his wounds and blocked his bleeding. Note that this did not cause any sort of healing effect, only blocked bleeding. Chilong rushed to the 5 or so men that were in front of him and spun his axe in the air. He tackled them with his axe in hand without care for any of the wounds that would be inflicted on him. In a land far away, they would call him a berserker.

"Is this all you've got?"



Huo Ming with a hand behind his back kept stabbing forwards with the knife. His arms were like snakes, striking fast and accurately. Xin Fan blocked these blows with the back of the blade of his scythe and the handle which for some reason did not seem to break.

"Heh...You hid your power well."

Xin Fan swung his scythe without care. In this open area, he had freedom of movement and did not have to worry about space. His scythe was free to move and sliced through the air like a whip. Huo Ming stepped back to narrowly dodge the blow incoming.

"You have to be better than that..."


A red line appeared around his chest. The fibers on the shirt split open revealing a nasty gas right beneath it. His jacket was not much better with cuts in the fabric all around it. Blood seeped out dyeing the clean white shirt in red. Xin Fan smiled smugly as he saw the change in expression. Xin Fan thought back to the time when the old man first introduced the weapon to him, 'Incredibly flexible, but it can't cut a thing.' Xin Fan took those words to heart and trusted in the flexibility of the scythe. Easily deformed, yet incredibly sharp. These are the words that best describe his weapon in conjunction to his new ability.

"Interesting...very interesting."

Huo Ming was unperturbed by his sudden injury. Instead he only seemed more eager to fight. The qi on his blade almost seemed as if it was pulsating with excitement. He dashed forwards and and sent another stab to one of Xin Fan's vitals. Xin Fan slashed down with his scythe to counter attack forcing Huo Ming to block with his knife. However, upon contact of the two blades, Xin Fan's scythe contorted continuing onward around the knife as if it was not even solid and landed a square hit between his bones on his arm. Huo Ming grimaced in pain as he felt a slight disconnect from the muscles in that arm.

"Hehehe....not bad at all."

Suddenly Huo Ming's aura changed. Xin Fan was expecting this for quite a while. During his short moment of contact, he could tell that Huo Ming was not taking this seriously. He could tell that he was only fighting at around the same power when they first met. However, now he has changed. He is no longer the same man he was a week ago. The qi on his blade spun in spirals as it traveled up his arms around his body. Now it seemed like he was taking this seriously. Wind was picking up around him and created what seemed like a wind barrier around him.

"Too bad...I am stronger."

Huo Ming brandished his knife and spun it in a reverse grip. He flipped through the air and with the aid of the wind, glided in strange ways to slash at him. He seemed almost weightless for a moment and was able to hop through the air. Xin Fan once again swung his scythe to block the blow. Like before, the blade kept going though and ignored the knife obstructing it. However, this time, there was a barrier. As soon as the blade even touched the barrier, Xin Fan could feel it slowly chipping away at the coating. The wind was like razor sharp blades grinding away at his weapon. Xin Fan had no choice but to retract and retreat. Huo Ming slashed once again this time returning the favor and cut through Xin Fan's chest.

For one moment, Xin Fan appeared to be winning this fight but in the next, he was being brutally beaten down. Every time he attacked, Xin Fan would try to counter and would be thwarted by the barrier.


Chilong's body was riddled with cuts from legs, torso to arms. None were spared from the unrelenting attacks from the horde of men. Now it was down to him and three more people.

"COME AT ME!"he roared as he charged forwards. In one last spin, the men who also were on their last legs gave in and allowed their bodies to be sent flying from the impact.


"That's what you get....huff."

Chilong released the white mist and it reentered his body. Almost immediately, he could hear a voice in his head.


'What do you mean Chitia...oh crap the girl!"

Chilong turned around to see the girl missing from her original spot. Once the battle started, he had long forgotten his original task.

'What are you doing! Find her!'

He didn't have to look much as she was in a easily visible location...In the yard.


Huo Ming slowly walked towards Xin Fan who was on his knee holding onto his scythe desperately. He flipped the knife in his hands for a few moments before saying his departing words.

"It was fun training you. I hadn't have had the opportunity to vent my ideals for quite a while. But as all good things are, it must end. Let me give you some parting words...'I am stronger'...That sounds about right."


A girl dashed in front of him pushing Xin Fan to the side. Huo Ming paused for a moment before looking at the girl. The girl stood in front of Xin Fan with her arms outstretched.

"You can take me! Don't kill brother Xin Fan!"

"X...Xiao Xing what are you doing? Get away! Why are you doing this? I am practically a stranger to you!"stuttered Xin Fan as he watched the girl trying to shield him.

"Brother Xin Fan. My mother always says to pay back for what others do for you tenfold. You are only here because of me...It is only right for me to do this. I guess this is a goodbye. It's nice meeting you."

"Don't do this!"

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    《Ultimate Rice System》