Ultimate Rice System
47 Every Debt has a Debtor
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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47 Every Debt has a Debtor

It was as if time had stopped. For a moment, Xin Fan saw red and he forced himself to close his eyes. Force himself to deny the reality happening before his eyes. Huh? Why is there no message of failure?

"Kak...well said...Xiao Xing...gkk...mother would be proud."

Xin Fan looked as boy no younger than him, weaker in every way take the blow for his younger sister. Xin Fan could see the tip of the knife emerging right through the stomach. There was no doubt about it. This blow was fatal. Huo Ming took out his knife and allowed the kid in front of him to bleed to death. Xiao Xing ran forwards to catch her almost corpse of a brother. Tears welled up from her eyes as she hugged his slowly dying body.

"Nice...another one."

"Xiao Feng!? What are you doing here?"

"Good too se..e...you...Sorry...I can't pay you back now...It's my fault you had...to experience...that."

Xiao Feng coughed up a mouthful of blood as he save a small disappointed grin at Xin Fan.He really expected he could do more. But alas, he was unawakened and therefore couldn't do much. He gripped his blood soaked stomach trying to block the flow however it just kept seeping through his fingers. Seeing how it was hopeless, he turned to his sister and back to Xin Fan. He didn't have long left.


"hahaha....Do you mind doing me one more favor?...Take care of her can you?...make sure she stays safe..."


Huo Ming walked forwards looking honestly quite disgusted.

"What's with this sappy sh*t. It's your fault you are weak."

He lifted up his legs and kicked Xiao Feng to the side and walked over to do so once again like a ragdoll.

"See this...this is because you are weak...It is your fault that you are weak...Later I will enjoy cutting them up...There is nothing you can do about it."

Xiao Feng's body felt cold. He felt the last bit of blood seep out of his body. With the last bit of energy in his body, he gave a mocking sneer at his murderer.

"W...with eve..ry debt...there is a ....debtor...."


Uncle Xu...there was another way. Xiao Xing...be safe. Xiao Feng's body completely stopped moving. Xiao Xing screamed with a combination of distress and anger as she heard her last words. Xin Fan blocked her eyes from looking at the honesty quite brutal scene.

"And now you are dead."

Huo Ming gave one last kick before turning around to finish what he started.

Xin Fan watched as the man turned to walk towards him. The last words of the boy was still resonating throughout his head. Xin Fan had mixed feelings about this. He didn't really know much about the other, or even like him for the matter. However he admired him. He admired him for his ideals. Every action he took was in the best interest of his sister. Even with no cultivation base, he still did something so she could live a second longer. Xin Fan was quiet for a moment as a inquiring voice sounded through his head.

'Do you wan't to do it?'

'Un...we have no choice.'

Xin Fan slowly climbed back to his feet. His whole body felt like burning. Not from just the cuts from earlier, but also from the branding he had the previous day. He could still feel the searing pain traveling from his back to almost consume him.

"You still want to fight?"

"Xiao Feng was right. Every debt has a debtor. In the name of my scythe, I will cut you down."

In this moment, Xin Fan felt something that he has never truly felt before; Conviction. Conviction to protect those close to him. Conviction to get out. And of course, conviction to cut down the enemy before him.

[ User has eaten Fire and Ice Steam Mix (2 star) ]

[ User has gained +100% Attack power (1 minute) ]

Xin Fan had always wondered what it meant by attack power. When he ate the shark eater crab, he gained strength but the rice made him gained attack power. Now he knew. Attack power meant everything. Speed, strength, agility, dexterity and even brain power, all of his body functions were doubled for this period of time. From Xin Fan's vision, he could see a counter counting down from the corner of his eye.


Xin Fan dashed forwards raising his scythe in the air. All his previous wounds seemed to be healing at an accelerated rate. It hasn't even been a minute and he already stopped the bleeding in his body. At this current stage, he was in a pseudo High Condensation realm. The energy on the edge of the scythe became denser and also sharper as he cut through the air. Huo Ming blocked the attack once again. The attack still connected ignoring the knife completely. The blade touched the edges of Huo Ming's barrier.

"You never learn do you..."

"Are you sure?"

The blade slowly cut through the barrier of wind as if it were paper. Instinctively, Huo Ming jumped backwards but not before his chest was cut open by the scythe. A large wound could be seen through the torn fabric of his shirt.


Xin Fan shook the blood off the scythe before charging forwards for another blow.


Xin Fan spun the scythe in the air then spun in quick succession, using the momentum to cut the sides of his enemy. Huo Ming jumped up in the air to avoid the slash. However in that exact moment, Xin Fan changed the course and aimed it upwards. A vertical cut from the stomach to the chest formed on his body creating a cross shaped mark. Huo Ming using the air as a platform kicked off and appeared behind Xin Fan with his knife out stretched.


Xin Fan spun around using the handle as a staff knocked Huo Ming backwards. A red line from his shoulder through to his burn mark appeared on his back before immediately closing up.

"Hahaha...What sort of monster are you."

"None...I am just a farmer!"

Huo Ming's knife glowed a bright red as he pulled it back to his waist. It seemed as if he was putting all his qi in one move. Wind gathered around his knife extending it outwards as if it were a javelin. He was at least 10 meters away so Xin Fan too raised his scythe and charged it up with his qi. Huo Ming took a step forwards and stabbed the air in front of him. Xin Fan mirrored it by swinging the blade of his scythe down.

"Tempest rush!"

"Harvest Slash!"

A burst of wind rushed forwards like a javelin in motion splitting the air as it moved. However in the middle of the flight it was stopped by a blade of energy. The two waves of energy were clashing in the opposite direction suspended in the air for moment.

"This ends now."

Before long the javelin gave in and the wind split letting the blade of energy through. The blade cut through the air and reached Huo Ming. The blade stopped breifly for a moment as it touched flesh before moving through cutting everything behind and dissipating. Huo Ming was breathing profusely coughing up blood in every moment. The cut was at least half a foot deep into his body ripping through the hardest of bones. Xin Fan slowly walked up to Huo Ming and looked down upon him. He was disappointed to see that Huo Ming was in no way unhappy, angry or any negative mood for the matter. He sneered as he saw Xin Fan looking down upon him.

"kekeke...Looks like you were stronger...As I always say...Power is everything...kak...Now your hands are stained with blood...kekeke...khh."

Huo Ming let out the last cough of blood before closing his eyes in a satisfied manner.

"It's over."

Xin Fan had the small urge to throw up. Althought he mentally prepared himself, he still was after all a human and felt sick in the stomach. He kept hearing the last words of the man, 'Your hands are stained with blood'. If he wasn't starved in the first place, he would have long threw up all over the place. Xin Fan turned around to see the young girl crying over her dead brother. He slowly ambled over and kneeled over to the corpse. The eyes were still open with the self satisfied expression as he delivered the final words. Xin Fan looked at those brown eyes for the last time before closing them never to be opened again.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》