Ultimate Rice System
48 The Man Who Was Once a Joker
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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48 The Man Who Was Once a Joker

"Brother Xin Fan...What now?"

Xin Fan looked calmly at the girl. Her face was red, soaked with tears. As much as she held it back, the tears kept coming out. Xin Fan calmly stroked her head before turning a away to watch the fight in the distance.

"It's going to be okay..."

Neither Xin Fan nor Xiao Xing knew whether that statement was true.


Jun Fan stabbed forwards cutting away the mask that was on the boss. He sneered as he spun the spear and stabbed straight for the throat. The boss looked quite shaken and swung a nearby club at Jun Fan.

"W...Who are you?!"

Jun Fan gave off an evil grin before shaking his head. His eyes glinted like a wolf as he tormented the man in front of him. There was no doubt about it, Jun Fan was in every way stronger. Xiong Dazhan was in the low Refinement realm. He broke through for quite a while and was on the urge to break through up a tier. However, things were different for Jun Fan. If Jun Fan succeed in his next breakthrough, he would ascend a realm. He gave of a sinister chuckle before stabbing forwards.

"Why should I tell you.?

The boss was forced to keep retreating in fright. He materialized the image of a bear on his arm before punching forwards. To respond, Jun Fan punched forwards materializing some sort of reptile and crushed the blow coming towards him. The boss's hand started to rupture as they made contact. As he retreated, Jun Fan turned around with his hand to his cloak.

"If this would be any indication."

Jun tore off the piece of fabric that seemed to be restricting most of his movement to reveal the markings on his back. Xiong Dazhan's eyes dilated as he saw what was on his back. A full image of a clown with a tattooed knife stabbing through its head.

"You...You're a completed joker...t...that would require at least a thousand assass..."

But before he could finish off his sentence Jun Fan cut him of with a spear to his face.

"Shut it...it's ex Joker now."

Had Xin Fan not have had resistance from brainwashing, he could have just been like Jun Fan. In Black Circus, as a joker completes missions, they slowly accumulate credit to further complete the clown branding. What Xin Fan experienced was just the initiation. All the pain that Xin Fan could have experienced if he was brainwashed, Jun Fan experienced it all. One could just imagine all the events that had occurred in his life. The boss shivered as he saw the man, no, the demon slowly walking towards him dragging the tip of the spear on the ground.

"N..No spare me."

The boss was trying to crawl away. Jun Fan gritted his teeth while looking at him, or to be more precise, his tattoo in fury.

"I made a vow...a vow to not ever lose control over myself... I am me!"

He stabbed the ground a few centimeters away from the scared man.

"I never wanted to see your kind ever again but you keep forcing me...Now...Just disappear!"

Jun Fan lifted up his spear and raised it in the air. The boss knew that it was all or nothing. He used all the qi in his dantian to dash forwards in a straight ahead. He didn't know where he was going but all he knew was that he had to get out as quickly as possible. Jun Fan watched as the man slowly started to dispensary into the distance.

"I will never let you go. We will never let you go."

Jun Fan took a step forwards, then he was gone with a gust of wind.



"It is all that brat's fault. I swear I will one day take vengeance. As long as I don't meet him again."

The boss was running along the outskirts of the city in the open fields. He grinded his teeth in anger as he ran.

"I am afraid that is not possible."

A spear tip suddenly appeared between his eyes and then it became black. It happened too quickly. he didn't even have time to process what had happened. Jun Fan stood on the open fields and swing his spear a few times to flick off the blood staining the tip. He looked over to the the man sprawled over on the floor. On the body of a dead man, the tattoo seemed to lost the impact it once had. Jun Fan frowned for a moment before planting his spear between the eyes of the bear and lifted the body up. A image of a pair of scaly wings appeared beneath his feet as he jumped up and like before, he vanished without a trace.


Xin Fan picked up the dead body of Xiao Feng and slowly carried it over to the side with the sister following close behind. He took out a shovel from his inventory and started to dig a hole a meter deep. Xiao Xing watched as he slowly lowered the body into the hole. She looked at her brother for one last time before the dirt started to pile over. Xin Fan took a wooden plank lying nearby and planted it right at the head of the grave. A small blade of energy emerged from his arm as he started to carve.


Here lies Xiao Feng

"Every debt has a debtor"

May his soul rest in peace.


As Xin Fan said some parting words, Jun Fan returned back to the scene. He solemnly walked over to the grave giving a small bow before turning to Xin Fan. As he saw the branding on Xin Fan's back, a pained look could be seen in his eyes.

"That mark is recent. I think we can get it removed."

Xin Fan did not say a word and simply bowed apologetically. As he did so, a system message rung through his head.

[ Quest completion at 100% ]

[ Unlocked 'Sealing Rice' in the shop menu ]

Although there was a message for completion, Xin Fan did not feel satisfied with the outcome. He watched as Chilong slowly amble towards him. Xin Fan ran over and gave Chilong a punch to the face knocking him to the ground.

"Why didn't you protect her?!"

Although Xin Fan said this, internally he knew it was not Chilong's fault. He was up against hordes of enemies that were just as strong as him. He extended his hand out to help Chilong back up.


As he got up, a couple of footsteps could be heard entering the lot. Xin Fan raised his scythe with the last of his energy but he was stopped by the spear of Jun Fan. Jun Fan shook his head as he watched a squad of armored men enter.

"Don't worry. They're with us."

A man in his early 20s took off his helmet as he stared at Jun Fan. He had a long hair and a delicate face which resembled someone Xin Fan knew.

"Did you really have to dump his body in front of the station?"

"Are you a captain now Xiao Lang?"
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