Ultimate Rice System
50 Side Story:Peerless Luo Bao
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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50 Side Story:Peerless Luo Bao

Luo Bao sat in a meditation stance seemingly waiting for something. He seemed to be waiting for something. The weather was clear however there were signs of stormy clouds slowly forming. Before long, the whole sky was masked in darkness as the sounds of thunder started to roar. As much clouds there were, not a single drop of rain fell. Luo Bao slowly opened his eyes as he looked at the sky. He took out a flaming piece of wood and threw it 5 steps infront of him. He then took out a iron bucket filled with water and placed it behind him. Taking out a stick, he drew a circle with the two objects acting as opposing points. After drawing runes after runes in the dirt inside, he sat back down in a meditative position in the center.

"This should do the trick."

From the distance, lightning started to spark from the clouds. The sound of thunder reverberated throughout the entire state capital. As seconds passed, the sound kept getting louder and louder until finally it peaked.

"It's time."

From the sky emerged a serpent of lightning. It spiraled around the whole city before charging straight down where Luo Bao was meditating.

"Xuanwu's Protection."

A barrier of black energy appeared above Luo Bao's head blocking the lightning. However, the serpent was unrelenting and started to slowly bore it's way through the barrier while constantly becoming smaller. At last it broke through and struck Luo Bao's body. A strong current surged throughout his body causing damage both on the inside and outside as well as burning all of his clothes. Luo Bao coughed up a mouthful of black blood before circulating his qi to use a technique. As soon as the lightning hit, the clouds started to separate and the sky once again became clear.

"Qinglong's Revival."

Almost immediately, Luo Bao began to heal. All the wounds started to close up as if they were never there to begin with. As soon as Luo Bao finished healing, he let out a sigh of relief.

"Hah...that was a close one. Finally broke through."

He quickly put on a new set of clothing and packed away the formation. With a swift kick, all traces of runes on the ground were covered up and removed. As he did so, a bunch of footsteps started to come close to the scene.

"W...What happened?"

Luo Bao changed his expression to a false look of fear. He turned around to what he now realized were the teachers and pointed at the scorch mark on the ground.

"I...I saw a bird! As I approached it, it became agitated and lit itself on fire! I tried to douse it in water but before I knew what was happening, lightning struck it."

The teachers turned to each other muttering beneath their breaths. Luo Bao could barely make out the words 'heavenly tribulation' from their conversations. As he heard it, he internally laughed as he slowly removed himself from the scene.

As he slowly entered the courtyard, everyone turned their eyes to him. Some had looks of disappointment while some in admiration.

"He actually dares to come out."

"He offended the prince, now this is happening!"

Luo Bao watched as a familiar student wearing gaudy clothes followed closely by a boy around three years older than him confront him.

"So we meet again Luo Bao..."

"Oh if it isn't the brainless fifth prince. How may I help you."

The prince's eyes flashed for a moment before becoming composed again as he looked at the boy next to him. He sneered as he stepped forwards staring at Luo Bao in the eye.

"Your time has come...Publicly apologize to me right now by kowtowing 10 times and admit your wrongs right now."

"And if I don't"

"You will have to face me!"

The boy besides the prince stepped forwards while releasing his qi. From what Luo Bao could assess, he was a stage 8 cultivator.

"So If I apologize and become your retinue, I will have a quiet life and you won't bother me?"

The prince's eyes lit up at his words as he replied in excitement,"Of course."

"Oh, okay then. The offer sounds great...but I refuse."

At Luo Bao rejection, the prince coughed and choked on his own saliva. Things were going so well for him but he was rejected at the last moment. His face became red in fury as he stared at Luo Bao in spite.

"Y...You! You dare humiliate me not once, but twice!"

"Of course!"

"Cripple him Liang Lumao."

Just as the boy besides him was about to strike, Luo Bao stepped back with his hands held back.

"Hey Hey...As this is a challenge and all, what do I get out of this. I mean...If I lose, I would have to bow before you. How about this, you have to slap yourself 10 times before me and apologize for the trouble."

If you thought that the prince's face could not get any redder, it just did, and became a shade of dark crimson.

"You...are you really in a position to negotiate?"

"So you don't dare to accept? Fine with me, lets just fight!"

The prince's retinue punched forwards creating a sonic boom. He dashed forwards breaking apart the crowd that was just watching, to hit Luo Bao. He slammed his fist down creating a crater in the ground however Luo Bao dodged it.


Luo Bao slapped the boy's face without exerting any pressure. This only incited both the prince and Liang Lumao and made him attack faster. He rushed forwards picking up a club that was lying around and hit Luo Bao with all his might.

"All you can do is dodge!"

The boy swung the club like a wild beast breaking everything around him. Luo Bao nimbly dodged them all with ease.

"Are you sure you want me to end this already?"

"Hah! With your power, you can't amount to much compared to me. Your arrogance would be the end to you!"

Luo Bao gave a small chuckle before smiling back at his opponent. He was very calm and did not even flinch as a blow narrowly missed him.

"Arrogance...you are not wrong that I am arrogant. In fact..."

Luo Bao began to circulate qi around his body. Although subtle, the heat in the surroundings started to magnify and everything became blurry.

"Zhuque's arrogance."

Luo Bao blocked the bat heading towards his face with his bare hands. Upon contact, it completely incinerated. Liang Lumao's eyes widened at the sudden change.

"I..Imposible...You're...in the seventh..."

Luo Bao smiled as he put his palm on his chest. As soon as he did so, Liang Lumao felt his entire body heat up. It was a strange sensation. From what he could tell, the heat wasn't even coming from Luo Bao's hands. In fact, it even felt cold. Instead, he realized that he was the one heating up and before long he fainted. Luo Bao turned around to see the prince who was shaking in anger.

"So is the bet still on?"

"I...I promised nothing."

The prince stormed off muttering curses under his breath once again. The loss of his retinue once again allowed Luo Bao to slap his face.

"Useless fool."

As he stormed off, the audience all were internally cursing the prince. Of course, had they said that aloud, they would have invited trouble.

"How shameless..."

"He doesn't know when to give up."

Luo Bao smiled before heading back to his room. Little did he know that soon in the school, he would gain a new title.

'Peerless Luo Bao, Undefeatable under the Condensation Realm.'
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