Ultimate Rice System
51 Start of new Semester
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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51 Start of new Semester

"There there...This should be the last time."

Yang Bing applied a final layer of ointment on the burn. From now one, Xin Fan did not need to return for treatment. Xin Fan ran over to the mirror and looked behind him. It was as if the mark was never there to begin with. He grinned at the sight of his now once again untainted skin.

"Thank you very much."

"It's my job."

Xin Fan left the infirmary to return back to his room. He had to get ready as school was going to start the next day. He had finished most of the book that the principal had recommended him and had a clear idea of what was going to happen. He had to get ready for survival. As he was pondering on what to buy, a pair of cold hands covered his eyes.

"Guess who?"

The childish voice was familiar. Something he hadn't heard for a month.

"I wonder...I don't know, Man Qiu?"

"T...That's mean! I know you are lying!"

The voice was agitated causing Xin Fan to chuckle for the first time in a long time.

"Haha...Just teasing you. How are you doing Tianfei?"

Xin Fan turned around to see the familiar girl pouting behind him. Over the course of the break, she grew a centimeter or two taller. Of course just as she grew, Xin Fan also grew. In fact, their difference in height only seemed more apparent.



"Hah...nothing. Guess what, I reached the fourth stage! My mother bought me new things and everything to celebrate. Check this out!"

Tianfei spun around showing off her new robe. Like before, it was black but now, there was gold embroidery at the sides as well. Although subtle, they appeared to be runes.

"Well, so did Chilong, a couple of weeks ago too."

At Xin Fan's remark, Tianfei froze with the same expression. After a moment, she grit her teeth and punched the wall with all her might. She still seemed to dislike Chilong to a great degree.

"So that guy also broke through. I guess I have to break through again."

She quickly got over it and turned the disappointment into motivation to break through. She wouldn't allow Chilong to overshadow her. The two chatted for a while while going to the city to buy things. Xin Fan needed to take out some money to buy supplies.

"So how was your break?"

Xin Fan chuckled wryly while talking about his adventure. Of course, he excluded the part of about his system but he was open about the black circus. As Tianfei listened on, at sometimes, her face would become red in anger and some she would become sad.

"Unforgivable...what you did was right. If you let him go, there would only be more victims."

Tianfei was quick to be on Xin Fan's side and consoled Xin Fan about his moral choices.

"It's okay...well now at least the mark is gone,"said Xin Fan while pointing to his back. Tianfei pulled back his robe to look down at his back letting a small gust of wind flow in.

"Oh it's really gone."

"K...know some shame,"said Xin Fan as he turned slightly red.

"Hahaha, You think too much!"

As Xin Fan arrived at the general store, he thought back to the time he was captured. He looked around to see an ordinary city road and grinned. This is how it should be...


Xin Fan nodded his head slightly while walking in. From the shop, he picked up a couple of thick ropes, tents, dried rations and many more. Tianfei on the other hand decided to buy some blank formation slips. Overall the things were cheap and totaled up to be worth less than his scythe.

"What did you buy that for,"said Tianfei pointing at his tent.

"Ah...I believe that this would be useful."

Tianfei looked at Xin Fan skeptically as he said it with full confidence. This semester was definitely going to be a more practical based semester.

"Oh if it isn't Xin Fan."

A familiar voice sounded out behind him. Xin Fan turned around to see the smiling face of Jun Fan. He seemed pretty normal however he could never see him in the same light as he did after the incident. Jun Fan was wearing a more formal outfit as if he was going to do something important.

"Oh Teacher Jun! Look at my new outfit."

Tianfei was quick to show off her new clothes in front of the familiar teacher. Jun Fan in turned also flashed his clothes with pride.

"Too bad my one is also new."


Tianfei did not really believe that Jun Fan was as scary as Xin Fan made him out to be. In a sense, she was right as Jun Fan would only ever display his cheery, playful side of him. Jun Fan's eye spied the equipment in Xin Fan's hands while grinning.

"Looks like you are quite prepared."

"Of course."

They all returned back to school together but not before having a snack. Of course, Jun Fan was paying so he chose the cheapest option.

"Eat up. You may not be eating this for a while."


"Oh...It's nothing."

Xin Fan returned back to his room and entered his domain.


"Welcome back! Ready for school?"

"Aha...of course."

As usual Xin Kong was there to greet him whenever he entered. Xin Fan's eyes looked over the crops in anticipation. Now with a point of comparison, he realized that each crop was growing at a different rate. The Ice Heart Rice was growing the fastest and was nearing harvest, the Fire Soul was growing slower and the Earth Spirit the slowest. Breakthrough was just around the corner and soon he would catch up again to his two friends.

"Xin Kong, Did you manage to find out what the Sealing Rice does?"

Xin Kong shook his head in disappointment.

"It seems we would only know once we buy it."

Xin Fan opened up the shop.


[ Buy ]

Ice Heart Rice x50 [ Seedling ]: 20g

Fire Soul Rice x50 [ Seedling ]: 30g

Earth Spirit Rice x50 [ Seedling ]: 40g

Sealing Rice x1 [ Ingredient ]: 50g

Body Refining [ Technique ]: 100g

Reinforced Hoe [ Equipment ]: 100g

Farmers Clothes [ Grade 1 Armor ]: 200g

Multi Soul Utilization [ System Upgrade ] 300g

Time Dilation [ System Upgrade ]: 1000g

Space Increase [ System Upgrade ]: 1000g


The sealing rice was different from the others in that it didn't come as a seedling to plant. It came as it's raw ingredient fully harvested. He could only wonder on what sort of effects that it could have. He looked at his balance: 18g.

He sighed once again as with this small amount, he couldn't buy anything. Time slowly passed as he trained in the domain. Before long, the sun has risen again and it was time to wake up.

Now the new semester has begun.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》