Ultimate Rice System
57 Leaving the World of Dreams
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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57 Leaving the World of Dreams

The sun slowly rose as the moon fell signalling the passing from night to day. Of the children that were still sane, a group was formed and they stayed close together in case anyone went astray. The children sat in silence waiting for something to happen.


Like the previous day, the forest once again came to life. A pink aura covered the entire forest slowly encroaching on everybody's mind.The children who lost their minds, all danced around as the animals circled around them. Like yesterday, their mental strength was being tested and they all had to resist the urge to join in. Today there were even more animals. There were 5 horses, a rabbit, a cat, a dozen birds all dancing around.


Someone started to laugh gleefully on the outside and detached from the group to go towards the the animals and joined in. Like the animals, he became 'Innocent' and lost his own logical reasoning. His mind reverted back to that of a child and laughed as he chased one of the birds.

"H...Hold on..."

Of the people struggling to stay sane, the person with the most trouble was surprisingly the person who came up with the plan, Tian Long. Sweat dripped down the face of the person in a 3 year old's body. Xin Fan held on in the center, not letting his mind go astray. It's at times like these that Xin Fan was really grateful for Xin Kong's help. Knowing is half the battle. Xin Fan was prepared this time and entered the empty mind state without hesitation and avoided the temptation altogether. However, the same couldn't be said for everyone else. Although they tried their hardest, there would always be some that succumbed due to a lack of concentration.


"Crap! Tianfei!"

He didn't know how it started but Tianfei started to separate herself from the group. Xin Fan snapped out of his state and stared at the girl slowly joining the animals. Almost immediately, he was subject to strong mental suggestions for him to go. In his mind the words ,'Just Go!' and 'Join in the fun.' kept ringing through his mind. However, he forced himself to fight the urges and stayed put.


Oh...That guy's darkness was quite tasty. Come on...join in on the fun. Oh? Those kids are teeming with dark energy. What did he do get that. With that much darkness, how is he still resisting me?

The figure's red eyes flashed as it ran around the group. The process was slow but steady as it rallied on more and more people. With every person rallied, the stronger the illusion.

"Caught you."

Huh? Where did this girl come from? What is this? No...she is untainted.


The rabbit squirmed as Tianfei's vice like grip held it's ears. Suddenly, the illusion was gone and the animals all disappeared along with the pink aura covering the entire forest. Everyone collapsed onto the floor heavily panting. The children that were playing with the animals all fell unconscious onto the ground. As evasive as it was, the moment it was caught, it was done for.


Xin Fan looked up and gave Tianfei a thumbs up.

"Looks like it worked."

The siblings were panting hard coughing up a bit of blood. They seemed to have had the hardest time trying to keep sane. They crawled over to the the rabbit while blood was still leaking out. Tianfei turned to Tian Long and questioned him.

"How do we get out?"

"Number one rule for dream spirits. They cannot hurt directly. That's why it kept trying to control us rather than all-out kill us."

Tian Long dragged the body of a few of the unconscious children and placed them in front of Tianfei.

"Open up it's jaws."

Tianfei slowly pried open the jaws. At the sight of it, she screamed.

"W...What is this."

Unlike what it's body suggested, it's mouth were lined with rows of razor sharp teeth much like that of a sharks. Tian Long pulled the arm of the unconscious kid and plunged it into the jaws of the creature. By instinct, it shut it's mouth shut lining the body with cuts along the arm. Blood spurted everywhere before the body started to disappear.

"He's starting to wake up."

Tian Hei turned to the rest of the group and ordered them to bring the bodies of the unconscious. Even he did not know whether these people would recover after this. However the task at hand was to send them back. One by one, people were bitten and left the dream world. Throughout all of zhiqi village, cries of happiness could be heard from every household. One by one, everyone started to return. Finally, it was just the siblings, Xin Fan and Tianfei. Tianfei and Xin Fan both said their final words to the siblings.

"Thank you very much."

"Hahaha...Save it, I only wanted to leave myself.'

The siblings both simultaneously lunged their hands into the throat of the creature. Blood dripped from their arms as it converged into a single puddle.

"Ah...hurts every time. Was nice to be able to be free for a change," said 'Tian Hei'. Both of them slowly faded from the world slowly faded together.

Xin Fan looked at Tianfei. They were the only two left in this world, with the exception of the rabbit of course.

"Do you think we would ever meet them?"

"Of course."

Xin Fan lunged his hands in the throat of the rabbit. Like before, the rabbit bit down.


Xin Fan felt his arms slowly detach from his body. His arms had a numbing feeling, as if there was nothing there as he slowly faded. Xin Fan could see the disappearance of his body starting from his arms to the rest of the body. Tianfei once again pried open the mouth of the rabbit and finally, stuck her own hands into it to leave the world.

"See you later in reality."



"hah...Hah...hah...am...I back?"

Xin Fan eyes jolted open as he returned back to reality. The first thing he did was look at his right arm. Phew...It's still there. He was in the carriage still heading towards Tower City.


Next to him, Tianfei also was jolted back to reality.

"Felt like I would die."

"Same...at least, it was a dream."

"What are you guys talking about?"

A familiar voice sounded besides Xin Fan.

"Tian Hei!"

The boy besides Xin Fan frowned looking at him as if he was crazy.

"What are you talking about? First you start acting weird, now you've got my name wrong. It's Hei-Chi-Long. Did you lose your memories?"

"Ah...sorry, wrong person."

Xin Fan turned back to Tianfei slightly questioning his own sanity. Chilong turned to look out the window with a large grin. If one was to look carefully, his hand was slightly shaking.


"Dammit...Now they are all gone."

The rabbit materialized back into reality. It's beady red eyes looked towards the road in hate. It turned it's head back to the village contemplating something. Upon hearing the sounds of strong winds, it vanished without a trace. In its place was a crater in the ground.

"I missed..."

The rabbit never returned to the village ever again.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》