Ultimate Rice System
58 Tower City
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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58 Tower City


The carriages have now all stopped. Xin Fan opened eyes, exiting his domain. He opened the window to see the gates of a city. The city was bustling with life with crowds of people entering and leaving. The carriages were slowly escorted into the city until it finally stopped outside and inn. On the door were the words 'reserved' hung from a sign. Xin Fan climbed out of the carriage and entered the inn along with everyone else. The class was assembled in the lobby inside the inn. At the front, Wang Mei was chatting with a few staff members.

"Tell the him that we have arrived."

The staff member quickly ran out of the inn to deliver the message. Wang Mei turned over to the children to address them.

"I assume that you have made groups."

"Yes!"they collectively chanted.

She then took out a few pieces of paper and pens and handed it around.

"Okay write down your group name and group members."

Xin Fan looked at the empty paper and wrote names on behalf of is group.



Xin Fan

Hei Chilong

Bai Tianfei


He passed the paper onward to the next person. Once everyone had their names down, it was collected.

"So we've decided on the scoring system."

Wang Mei took out a jade tablet from the table and put it on display.

"This is a simple communication tablet. It would display basic information like your score and ranking. We can also send messages to you when time calls for it."

Xin Fan put his hands up.

"How would we be scored?"

Wang Mei looked at Xin Fan and rebuked.

"I was getting there. For every day you survive, 10 points. For every beast you kill, 5 points. Double that if it's a grade 2 beast. If you 'die' you won't be able to rejoin and therefore score points for the team."

The grading for beasts are numbered from 1 onwards, increasing as it becomes stronger. Beast's grading system is 2 grades per cultivation realm. The 1st grade is between the low and mid condensation realm. 2nd grade is between mid and high condensation realm. 3rd grade is between low and mid refinement realm and so on in this pattern. Beasts are grades as such as humans are group hunters. For example, a group of low condensation realm humans can defeat a grade 1 beast as can a single mid tier cultivator.

"Of course, you can explore the ruins if you want. There are still unexplored areas and all treasure that you obtain is yours by right. If you manage to reach an already explored area with the treasure already taken, there may be points instead."

She then gave a thorough explanation on some tactics they should use and how to set up their equipment. After the lengthy explanation, they were all sent to bed.

[ A quest has been generated ]


Quest 4: Achieve top 5

Progress: 0%

Reward: 100g Coupon in shop

Fail Condition: Not achieve top 5

Penalty: Removal of 1 item on store randomly


Oh! Another quest! Xin Fan was mildly interested at the turn of events. From what Xin Fan could tell, it pretty much gave him an item in store. Xin Fan had long had his eyes on the body refinement technique. However, to buy it, he had to sacrifice his cultivation speed.

'Xin Kong, do you think I can do it?'

'Probably if you actively search out for them. Although, you should break through first.'


The next morning, the class was once again assembled before the teacher. She had bags under her eyes due to a lack of sleep. A man in a delivery outfit handed over a heavy wooden crate.


"There's your delivery. Can you sign here?"

The man took out a piece of paper and she took out a stamp and pressed hard against it. It was the seal that every teacher in the school took around. After, she took out a crowbar and forced the crate open letting jade tablets spill onto the floor.

"Can the leaders of the groups pick up their tablet."

Xin Fan walked over to pick up the tablet. It was intricately designed with it being no thinner than a 100 Mu plate. Xin Fan tapped on it an a display popped up.

[ Insert Group name ]

Xin Fan scrolled down until he saw the words 'conviction' show up and tapped it. As he did so, another prompt showed up to force him to confirm.

[ Welcome Xin Fan, Hei Chilong, Bai Tianfei ]



Teams Remaining:43

Since there was a hole in it, Xin Fan weaved a string through it and tied a knot to hang around his neck. This way, it would never get lost. Xin Fan headed back to his group showing them the tablet.


When it was deactivated, the tablet looked no different to a decorational ornament.


The sounds of collective beeping resonated throughout the room.


A small message showed up on the display hanging from his neck.

"Did everyone get that."


"Got it!"


Wang Mei looked satisfied that everything was going according to plan. Wang Mei she said her final words before sending them off to the abyss.

"See you later."

It was not long before Xin Fan and his group standing in a short distance teleportation formation. The formation seemed basic enough and the runes floated gently as it spun around. In a flash of blue light, they found themselves in a jungle environment. There were trees as tall as mountains towering over the smaller shrubs. The sound of crickets roared around them as they hurriedly seeked shelter. They did not want to be the first ones to leave and fail the program.


"How long do you think they will last for?"

Wang Mei was chatting with another teacher in a separate inn. He was old and had a thick accent when talking.

"I don't know...I guess a month?"

The other teacher was quite skeptical on the ability of the students. A majority of which haven't even reached the 3rd stage yet. The first week was going to be an eye opener to separate the strong from the weak.

"Not even half the time? Wow that's harsh."

"What do you think?"

The other teacher was curious in his colleague's opinion.

"Me? I think the deciding factor will be based on score."

"So you think they can last the 2 months?"

"Well...There are a couple of groups I have my eye on."
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    《Ultimate Rice System》