Ultimate Rice System
59 First Day
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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59 First Day

Two people hid in the bushes waiting for ambush. They were stalking a small bear emanating a dark aura. A young void bear. They are known for their ferocious nature and destructive tendencies. However, today, it would be the next meal for the group.

"Tianfei! Now!"

A ring of light suddenly appeared around the bear as a girl leaped out of the bushes. She landed on the head of the bear and ignited the thick fur on the bear's back. She also sent a small blade of energy and cut the eyes of the bear. The bear roared in pain sending streams of black primal essence in every direction. The girl's feet flashed before she shot up and landed on a branch of a tall tree. As she did so, two boys jumped from the bushes behind the bear with their weapons in hand. The boy wielding an axe spun in the air using the momentum to cut the bear. He spun after every hit cutting at the hide like a saw while dodging all the streams of harmful primal essence.

"Go for it Xin Fan."

The scythe wielding boy swung his scythe flicking it around while it distorted stabbing into the thick hide in strange angles. Lines of red appeared all over the body of the black bare.


"Oh? It's mad."

The boy swung the scythe around the head of the bear hooking it from the back and charged it full of energy.

"Haaah! Harvest Slash!"

A burst of energy was emitted from the blade of the scythe taking the head clean off while damaging many of the trees in the vicinity.

"I think that was going overboard Xin Fan."

The boy was puffing and wheezing after the hunt. He turned around wiping the sweat off his forehead.

"You sure? I need to try harder because I still need to break through."

[ Conviction ]



Teams Remaining:40



By the river, a crab the size of a tank was smashing at the ground. A tall boy with hair red as embers had gauntlets punching every smash the crab threw at him. He was calm, had the eyes of a hunter and spun to avoid a hit and rushed forwards braking one of the protruding eyes of the crab. the crab squealed and discharged something from within it's claws.


The red haired boy dodged the attack keeping a lookout for the crab's claws. The pebbles on the ground all melted and combined into one glassy stone. The boy took a deep breath before changing his stance.

"Don't blame me for this."

His eyes turned red and he suddenly appeared behind the crab. His gauntlets were stained with fragments of broken shell and a yellow mucus.


A hole appeared on the main body of the crab bypassing both the front and back plating. Yellow mucus slowly leaked and slowly, the crab lost footing and collapsed onto the floor.

"Nice work Tong Hu, Your punch is 1.293112219% stronger than your last test."

A boy wearing a visor slowly walked out behind a large rock by the river bank.

[ Elite Barbarian ]



Teams Remaining: 40


"Boss, I found us a dune worm!"

A figure flashed behind the worm and sent a heavy kick with his spiked shoes scraping on the hard carapace of the worm.

"Xue Ji! Cut off it's method of escape!"

"On it boss!"

One of the lackeys threw a sharp dagger in the sand. The dagger pierced the gap between the plating of the beast and obstructed the beast from burrowing. The boy bent his feet and pulled on the dagger breaking a few plates. The leader took advantage of this and stepped on the now soft flesh of the beast. The beast cried in pain and swerved spitting spouts of hot sand. However, after a short while, it completely stopped moving.

"Looks like the paralysis poison is doing it's job."

The lackey took back his knife and slit the throat of the beast.

[ Pushovers Eat Less ]



Teams Remaining:40


In the mountains, a monkey wielding a large steel rod swung it on a girl donned in full armor swung her sword straight at it head. It was wearing a makeshift robe out of the hide of many different beasts in the area. The monkey ducked down and used it's tail to flick dirt into the girl's eyes.

"This insolent!"

The monkey giggled before thrusting his pole to her chest.


"Look out!"

The tail of a whip wrapped around her waist and pulled her back to safely. The boy looked at the monkey with a strange grin on his face. The monkey dashed forwards spinning the rod in the air slightly propelling itself higher.


The boy snapped the whip on the ground starting up a dust storm and flicked mud back to toe monkey's eyes.

"Hehehe...is this what they call an eye for an eye?"

The monkey fell down to the floor and ran over to him. It swung it's rod around the body of the boy and attempted to choke the air out of him. However, to the monkey's surprise, the boy's body contorted slipping through the narrow gap. It wasn't even a second before the monkey had it's arms bound by a whip. The boy kicked the monkey to it's knees.

"Leader...Your Choice."

The girl lifted her sword and pointed it at the sky.

"In the name of the state."

She swung the sword down in one clean sweep and ended it all.

[ Team Xiao Yu ]


Rank: 15

Teams Remaining:40


"Gah! Help me!"

A snake viciously ripped apart the boy's armor as if it was made of paper. From it's long fangs, it spat out venom that severely burnt his skin. The snake wrapped it's body around the boy constricting the air out of him.

Suddenly, there was a flash and the snake was vaporized. A man descended from the sky and picked the boy up.


[ Money Circle ]



Teams Remaining:40

Disqualified Members: All


All over the different parts of the abyss, different stories could be told. Stories of glory. Stories of failure. Each and every person had their own personal story to tell. Every team, had the opportunity to live the life of an abyss hunter. Tireless days and nights hunting beasts. Such is the life of an abyss hunter.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》