Ultimate Rice System
60 Mantis Stalks the Cicada
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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60 Mantis Stalks the Cicada

"Yes! Rank 6! A couple more and we can be rank 1"

Tianfei jumped off the tree onto the bear's back. Chilong took out a rope and strung it up against a nearby tree. He took a knife and made a slit around the throat slowly draining away the blood before skinning and butchering the meat. The bear had just enough meat that could last them for a day. This was because of the fact that the bear's meat was incredibly tough and majority is completely inedible. Xin Fan cut off a piece of the paw and slowly roasted it over the fire. Once the fat started to sizzle, he took a bite. Xin Fan gagged for a moment before forcing himself to swallow it. Eating it was like drinking a keg of oil. The grease stuck to his throat as it slowly slid down his oesophagus and into his stomach.

"How is it?"

"Ugg...So oily..."

"Here, water."

Tianfei gave Xin Fan a gourd of water hanging from her waist. Xin Fan accepted it easily and chugged it down to wash his throat. Meanwhile, Chilong was gorging on the most fatty parts of the bear, eating all he could.

"How do you do that?"

Chilong didn't mind the judgmental looks off his teammates and continued to eat.

"You've got to get energy from somewhere right?"

Before long, a majority of the food has been consumed. With Chilong in their team, the consumption required was much greater than they originally thought.

"Hahaha...of course."

As they chatted, a pair of gleaming green eyes stalked them from the shadows of the underbrush.


Chilong's ears perked up. He instantly reacted by drawing his axe.

"Who's there?"

"What's going on?"

After a few seconds of pause, Chilong put back his axe in the sheath while keeping alert for enemies.

"...nothing. Must have been my imagination."


A couple weeks have passed and the team has not found a single clue on where the ruins could have possibly been. Every day, they would search for as many beasts to hunt averaging on about 150 points a week. They have maintained their standing in within the top ten dropping out only once before consolidating their rank at 4. Since then, the number of teams dropping out have decreased to only 24 teams left in the abyss.

Xin Fan picked up a carcass of a dead rat and buried it in the ground. These days, he would find randomly scattered corpses of animals on their trail. Although he did not think so, Chilong was convinced that they were being followed. Xin Fan slowly scouted the nearby area for any beasts to score points.


He smelt the iron-like scent of freshly hunted prey. If there is prey, there must be a predator. A predator that has used up quite a bit of energy to hunt. Xin Fan waved his hands to signal the other two to come over.


In the distance, Xin Fan spied the beast about to feast on it's meal. The animal was catlike with it's black spotted fur shimmering against the moonlight. Xin Fan cringed at the sight of swells around the lip of the beast.

"Careful, a Plaguehunter Civet."

The ravenous beast dripped saliva all over it's prey as it tore at the flesh. Tianfei bit her finger and drew a few symbols on a piece of talisman paper. She stuck it on herself before slowly climbing a tree, jumping from branch to branch before stopping just above the civet. She took out a bottle of some sort of poisonous substance and dipped a makeshift arrow in it. Using some air manipulation, she threw the arrow into the air and made it drop accelerating at high speeds piercing the civet right at the back.


The civet instantly reacted by shaking off the arrow and healing the hole on the back with some sort of yellow mucus. In seconds, the wound has closed up and the civet climbed up the tree where Tianfei was hiding. Seeing immediate danger, she ignited the talisman with her qi and was forced back by a strong wind escaping into the dense forest of trees.

"It's useless, poison only makes it stronger."

Chilong took out his axe and stared at where Tianfei came from.

"Runt...I'll show you how it's done."

Chilong took his time as he slowly walked forwards with caution. This was not because of he civet. No, he could easily deal with the civet. He needed to be careful of that thing he felt he was being watched by. As he approached the civet, he stroked the blade of the axe clearing it of any grit that was still stuck on the edge.


The civet turned around growling ravenously at the approaching figure. It dashed forwards moving sideways attempting to confuse the enemy and disorient him. Chilong lifted up his feet and kicked the ground shooting particles of mud into the eye of the beast. He stepped forwards waiting for the civet to reach him. He lifted up his axe and dropped it down on the head of the civet. Yellow mucus sprayed through the air splashing of nearby trees.


"Xin Fan. This beast is completely inedible."

Xin Fan watched as the mucus dissolved through the wood boring holes into the trees. The swelling on the civet's lips seemed to be external glands that produced a sort of corrosive poison that flowed throughout it's body. In a nutshell, if one part has poison, everything has poison. Tianfei took out a vial from his inventory and collected some of the poison.

"See? It's this easy."

Chilong cleaned off the mucus that was still stuck on the blade of his axe with the grass on the ground. He quickly washed it down with a drizzle of water before wiping it away with a rag.


[ Conviction ]

Score: 815


Teams Remaining:23


"Hmm? A team dropped out. When was the last time that happened?"

Most teams still surviving at this stage have consisted of strong people. It was normal to see a drop in teams remaining a few weeks back but in the recent weeks, not a single have dropped out. Xin Fan instinctively felt a sense of foreboding at the sight of the number drop. Chilong tightened his grip on the axe as he looked at the display in front of Xin Fan.

"I wonder if they've encountered a grade 2 beast yet?"

"Who knows, that may just be what's watching us."

"You're still going on about that? It's been weeks since you've started and look now, nothing is going on."

"Calm down Tianfei. I think Chilong has his reasons."


A gust of wind rushed past scraping the corpse off the ground. The civet was shredded to pieces, spraying it's mucus all over their skin.



"Quick wash it off with water!"

A ball of water exploded from Tianfei's hands spraying over their already burning skin to remove the mucus. Although her reactions were quick, dark red marks have already formed all over their bodies. A soaring creature with green eyes sneered as it flapped it's wings above.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》