Ultimate Rice System
61 Unaware of the Oriole Behind
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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61 Unaware of the Oriole Behind


Of all the people in the team that were affected, Xin Fan was hit the hardest. Tianfei hurried over to Xin Fan and casted a healing technique over him. Chilong stared back at the creature floating silently in the sky. He brandished his axe and stared at the sky. The tip of the axe ignited in flames as he waved it around threateningly. The creature's leathery wings masked the light from 4 of the moons above. It levitated in the sky away from the reach of all of them.

"It's not working!"

Xin Fan groaned as he struggled to get up. The burning sensation struck deep within his skin burning away layers through to even his bones. The most he could do now was to open his eyes. Tianfei slowly placed him in a recovery position before taking out a few arrows and levitating them in her hands.

"Can you hit it?"

"I don't know..."

Chilong waved his flaming axe around igniting the tips of each arrow in her hands. The sky was illuminated as one by one, arrows of flame shot forwards at the creature. The flames on the tip of the arrow burst open creating a flash of light shining over the creature. The creature shrieked as it retreated high into the sky not before showing its true form. Although Chilong could not distinguish the specific beast it was, he could still tell that it was some sort of bat. Its wings were as large as trees as it hovered over them. With every flap of the wings, flames that were shot up fell back to the ground igniting the trees nearby. Hung around its head was an orb with the symbol 'Wu*' encased within. It was surrounded by dozens of runic texts that seemed to glow strengthening this beast. As it glowed the bat howled causing the the whole forest to vibrate. A smoky black aura cloaked the skies and descended upon the forest covering everything within a 100 meter radius.

"Runt, You try to shoot it down. I will defend."

Chilong waved around his axe slicing away falling rods of flame. He injected qi into his weapon causing vibrations as if he was trying to create a counter vibration. A white aura burst out from him creating a small barrier separating them from the beast.

"You don't have to tell me that."

Tianfei took out a iron bolt from her bag and a small formation plate. Taking out a carving knife, she chiseled away at the plate and inscribed runic symbols on it. Taking out a wire, she bound the plate to the iron bolt and levitated it gently over her palm.

"I hope this works...hah!"

A burst of qi was injected straight into the formation plate as she aimed the arrow at the sky. The runes started to glow first a dim red, slowly to a bright white and then to a gold. Cracks formed at the edge of the plate as the light on the runes became even brighter to a mix of black and silver.


The plate snapped as did Tianfei's concentration. A streak of silver shot through the sky with a long tail of black and white energy. The energies seemed to be in conflict seemingly fighting for superiority before slowly being absorbed and merged into the bolt. The bolt spun through the air creating a small cyclone of air around it as it teared through the skies. The beast screamed as it sent a sonic boom with its wings. The sound of the screams coupled with the flapping of the wings generated an opposite force. The bat dived down headfirst into the arrow as if to fight it directly. It opened its maw as it bit down on the arrow. The orb on its neck glowed a sinister red as it slowly sent a pulse of energy throughout it's body.


The bolt slowly crumbled as an explosion of energy shot forwards right into the mouth of the beast. For a moment, it screamed in pain before containing the burst of energy and swallowing it whole. The bat stared down hatefully as it once again swooped down ripping apart trees as it dived.


Chilong sent a flying kick at Tianfei pushing her out of the beast's flight path as she hurriedly flashed out of the way. She reappeared behind the beast and shot a quick but sadly weaker burst of energy from her palms. The beast completely ignored the attack and changed target aiming its jaws at the figure holding the flaming axe.

"No you dodge!"

Qi traced to her heart, then fingers as she slashed downwards sending a blade to the back of the beast's head.

"Harvest Slash!"

A small incision appeared over the beast's left ear as it flinched and flew upwards. From the sheer wind pressure, Chilong was forced backwards and hit a burning tree. Chilong coughed up blood as the flames on his axe dimmed. His back started to bleed with blood dripping everywhere. The blood sizzled as it touched the ground instantly drying up. He stabbed his axe to the ground before unleashing a burst of energy.


The blood stopped flowing, as if blocked by some barrier. Chilong raised his axe high before using a tree as a stepping stone to spin through the air with his axe. He could feel a sense of heightened adrenaline coursing through his body as he moved. The bat screeched and using it's wings deflected the axe back at him.


"Grow! GROW!"

Xin Fan paced back and forth as he stared at the almost grown crops. From one look, the Ice Heart Rice was fully grown however more astute people could see that it didn't release the same aura as one that was fully grown.

"Do you really think this would work?"

Xin Kong looked worriedly as he saw the unnerved Xin Fan pacing back and forth.

"I can only hope. With my current body condition, my only hope is that something happens when I reach the middle tier."


Xin Fan slowly heard the sound of ice cracking as some of the rice started to shift a bit.



The bat's mouth crushed the shield of ice hovering over Tianfei's back slightly breaking skin with its sharp fangs. Chilong raised his axe and struck down spitting flames into the eyes of the bat causing it to release its grip and retreat backwards.

"Runt, you better pay me back later."

The bat screamed as it rampaged forwards sending trees flying as it moved. Tianfei flashed through the skies and dodged the blow by moving to a distant tree. Chilong jumped aside but not before the bat turned whipping him with its needle-like tail. It turned to him with its gaping jaws and charged forwards releasing a smoky substance from its mouth. A blade of energy came from above shutting the mouth tight before it could do anything.

"Consider this repaid!"

Chilong rolled aside allowing the bat to pass aside him.


The orb on the bat's neck now glowed a dark green before enveloping the bat in a green aura. The bat flashed backwards at high speeds and stabbed forwards with its tail. Chilong shifted his axe backwards blocking the blow distributing the force throughout his entire body.


"It's almost done....please hurry up...They can't stall for any longer. I cannot let them down."


The grains of rice shook against the wind withing the domain. It shook left and right before finally it shot up straight a inch or two.

[ Your plants are ready for harvest ]

"It's finally done! Harvest Slash!"
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    《Ultimate Rice System》