Ultimate Rice System
62 Farmer knows no distance
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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62 Farmer knows no distance

A blade of energy sliced through the fields cutting all the Ice Heart Rice in a single go. Each grass was cut neatly right off the stem and fell into the water. This was followed by the ringing of system messages and experience gain.





[ Your Cultivation has increased to Condensation Realm 4th stage ]

[ User has entered a new Minor Realm ]

[ Body reconstruction in process ]

[ Congratulation on your first Minor breakthrough! Minor enlightenment has been granted. ]

After a series of messages appearing in front of him, Xin Fan rushed over to close them without even reading them. He saw all he needed to see: body reconstruction. He was in a hurry and couldn't even put anything in his inventory.

"Collect all the crops for me! Escape domain!"


"hah...hah...smear some of this on...runt..."

Chilong threw over a bottle of paste to Tianfei. She slowly applied it onto her bleeding head and watched as the wound started to sizzle and close up. She popped back on the lid and threw the bottle back while simultaneously dodging the jabs from the bat's tail.

"Aren't you going to put some on?"

"Hahaha....no need. Bleeding only keeps me going. Gives me this rush..."


The bat spat out a red liquid from it's fangs burning away a line in front of it. Chilong used the mud from the ground to block this stream of liquid and using it as cover hid behind a nearby tree.


Two iron bolts bursting with wight and black energy shot from the sides and pierced the bat in the back.The bat screeched before turning its target to the girl standing on a tree branch.


A wave of sound was released, devastating everything within a 5 meter radius as the beast spun through the air jumping towards the girl. Energy burst from her feet before she instantly shot backwards to avoid the radius around the beast. The beast carved a sphere of destruction as it rapidly dashed through the air. Chilong jumped out behind the tree, spun and sliced with his axe, tearing a hole through the wing. However as he did so, he was greeted with the sight of its needle-like tail stabbing straight through his stomach.


A mouthful of blood was spat out still sizzling as it tainted the leathery skin of the beast. Chilong grinned as he grabbed the tail still impaling him and lifted up his axe.

"Finally can get rid of this thing."


Chilong ripped out the detached tail from his stomach while still blocking his blood from leaking. The bat shrieked as it returned to the sky, still bleeding from its now missing tail. The orb on its neck glowed once more. The bat raised up his head and sprayed a blood like fluid into the air raining down upon the forest.

"Crap! Tianfei block it."

Tianfei rushed over to him slowly constructing a shield of ice above her head. However she was still around 30 meters away. Chilong closed his eyes as he used the axe to block the rain of red to the best of his ability. It all seemed hopeless and Chilong began to give up. It all seemed like a blur when Chilong heard a familiar voice.

"Frost Blade Shell!"


I feel it...My body...It's recovering.

Xin Fan could feel the coursing of energy resonating throughout his body. The qi flowed smoother than water and he could cycle it much faster.



Bits of old skin slowly broke away revealing a tight, untainted skin underneath as he struggled to move. It was as if he was undergoing a metamorphosis, breaking off from his old shell. A better analogy was he was shedding his old skin like a snake.


Xin Fan's eyes were twitching as his body excreted a smelly,black fluid through his skin. Move! Move! Xin Fan's arms slowly started to move scraping away at the skin over his body. Bit by bit, his body was beginning to free up.


Xin Fan looked around him. All he could see was devastation in the landscape. In the distance, he could hear the howls of the beast. I must hurry!

Through the forest, Xin Fan could hear the sounds of small beasts stalking him. However he ignored it all as he rushed forwards to join his comrades.


Xin Fan watched as a bat-like figure shot up into the sky. This was briefly followed by a rain of red liquid which did not mean anything good. In the distance, Xin Fan could see Chilong struggling to get up trying to shield himself from the rain.

Hurry! I must be faster!

Xin Fan ran forwards as fast as he could. As he did so, he could feel his feet heating up and moving faster.

[ User has used up Minor Enlightenment ]

[ User has attempted to use 'Flash Step' [ Technique] ]

[ Technique is rejected by Ultimate Rice System ]

[ Technique has been formatted for appropriate use ]

[ New technique created 'Farmer knows no distance' [ Evolving Technique ] ]

[ Old technique has been removed ]

Xin Fan was now 200 meters away from Chilong. He could see Tianfei rushing to him with a shield of ice covering her. Even with flash step, she still couldn't reach Chilong in time. However, Xin Fan did not worry. He could do it. He just knew he could. In an instant, Xin Fan consumed 40% of his qi to use a technique. In a single flash, he appeared in front of Chilong with his hands outstretched.

"Frost Blade Shell!"


Wang Mei dropped the tangerine in her hand.

"I...Impossible...Breakthrough by Battle..."

The old teacher pushed up his glasses as he looked up at his young colleague.

"I thought you said that you believed in them. What's so surprising?"

Wang Mei stuttered for a moment before regaining composure.

"His spirit is rice grass."

The old man scratched his white hair as he once again adjusted his glasses.

"In this world, new things are constantly being discovered. What we see today is simply a precedent. Surprising, yes, but we should appreciate it. If you get too worked up about it, you will never have any rest."



"X...Xin Fan...How?"

Chilong stuttered as he looked at the domineering figure in front of him. Xin Fan had never seen this expression in Chilong before. It was not everyday you see Chilong look so unnerved.

"Get up! I broke through. So what! Where is the Chilong who thirsts for every chance in battle. Did you hit your head?"

"You hit your head! This is great! You broke through! Now you have no excuse to avoid fighting me when we get back!"

Chilong looked at the beast floating in the sky with determination. Although it was just friendly banter, Chilong felt a burst of energy flood through his body. Some say it's placebo, other say it's the will to fight however it doesn't matter. All that matters is that he could still fight on.

"Huh Xin Fan? What are you doing here? Where are all your injuries?"

Tianfei finally arrived surprised to see their leader looking alive and well.

"Oh god! You stink!"

Tianfei pinched her nose as she smelt the impurities within Xin Fan's body still stuck onto him. To this, Xin Fan just shrugged.

"Not my fault I broke through. But first let's bring that thing down."

Xin Fan consumed 10% of qi to flash right above the demonic beast. Unlike 'Flash step', 'Farmer knows no distance' had only one limit: Qi consumption. As long as he had enough qi, he could go anywhere. Xin Fan gently landed on top of the bat's head. He gently lifted up his fingers and slashed down.

"Get back down."
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    《Ultimate Rice System》