Ultimate Rice System
64 Primal Theorum
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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64 Primal Theorum

"Wake up!"

"Mgumm~ a bit longer..."


Xin Fan sighed as he poked the soft cheek of the girl.


Xin Fan frowned and poked harder. Although it was early in the morning, they had a big day ahead of them.

"You won't get breakfast otherwise."

The girl shot up unsure of what was happening. Her hair was straggled, and she was still in a daze.

"What?! I'm awake now. What about breakfast?"

"You awake now?"

Tianfei looked up to see a familiar face staring back at her. The boy had black rings around his eyes clearly from a lack of sleep. Remember, Xin Fan outside the domain is like anyone else. It is not possible to stay awake for hours like he does in the domain. Keeping a lookout clearly took his toll on him.

"Drink this."

Chilong passed his gourd filled with something hot. It seemed to be a beverage of herbs mixed with water. Xin Fan took a slow sip. Bitterness slowly entered his body as he swallowed it. Although he didn't really like the taste, he held his ground and finished it all. For a moment, Xin Fan felt like his mind was clear and could think properly.

"It's only a temporary solution. You really need rest."

Xin Fan opened up his bag and threw over the orb to Chilong. Chilong charged it up and once again, it shot a beam of light pointing at a direction.

"You take care of it."

The team trekked onward slowly moving over to their destination. It didn't seem like they would get there anytime soon.


A boy looked at the orb in his hands. It was similar to the one that team [ Conviction ] had. This is of course with the exception of the symbol embedded in it. This orb had the character 'Er*' on it. His red hair fluttered in the air as the salty winds from the river blew over the shore.

"What is it?"

"Hmm...I don't really know. This was just around the neck of the tiger?"

"Pass it over."

Tong Hu passed the orb over to the visor wearing boy. The boy tapped on it for a moment before attempting to inject his qi into it. However as expected, nothing really happened. He turned around to Tong Hu and pointed at a nearby pack of wolves.

"Catch one and bring it over."

Tong Hu kicked off the ground and glided over the wolves. He lifted up his fists and punched at the pack in rapid succession. The fist moved like a blur and only afterimages could be seen.


Carnage filled the scene as all but one wolf exploded into a pile of red mush. He grabbed the one survivor which is now shivering at the sight of him and releasing a black aura in quick pulses. He went back to the boy and threw the wolf on the ground. The ground placed the orb over the wolf and as expected, a faint beam of light shot into somewhere downstream.

"Looks like we have our guide."

"Come on! Pack your bags."

The visor wearing boy passed the sack over to Tong Hu and put on his own placing the orb in a secure location inside. He injected some qi into the pendant hanging around his chest.


[ Elite Barbarian ]

Score: 925


Teams Remaining:23


"Ho~ there is a boy who can use a beast's aura...interesting...very interesting..."

"Is that really surprising? Sure it's rare but it isn't ground breaking."

Wang Mei took a sip of cold tea while watching the events unfold inside the abyss.

"Do you not see how he is still sane?"

"Sane?...you're right...how...?"

"Well, I do have a theory...You see I used to take research on human beasts. From what I can see, as long as the reversion is split, one can technically stay sane while able to control a beast's aura."

"Wait...What do you mean split?"

The old man poured tea into a cup.

"Well to put it simply. You have a cup of water. The cup is the soul. The water is your ability to control your body as well as its limits. Let the whole system be the body. When you pour out the water, it becomes lighter right?"

"Well yes...but now there is no water."

"Exactly...Now what happens if we have two cups. I now have the same amount of water now with two containers."

The old man poured the cup from one to the other.

"Now I have an empty cup. But the other still has water. With the empty cup, the body would undergo beatification. However now look, the other cup still has water and therefore has rationale."

"Wait...hold on...So does this mean that Chilong has a split soul?

"Not necessarily. look...two cups...They don't have to be the same cup. All that is required is two containers."

The old man gulped down all the tea that has now cooled down in a single gulp and continued to watch the students.


"Huh? The light changed direction."

They had walked for at least several days in a single direction. They sacrificed the ability to hunt down beasts in search of the benefits of the cave. Due to this, their rank had dropped back into 4th place. For several days, the light had always pointed at a single direction however now, the light is flashing as it pointed towards a tree.

"This looks pretty normal to me."

Xin Fan lifted up his feet and gave a strong stomp on the tree. From immediate contact, Xin Fan felt something is wrong. It didn't give the same resistance he was expecting. Instead it simply slid down like a lever with enough force and by default, sprang back up when he wasn't applying any. Tianfei lit a flame on her fingertips and shot a ball of flame at it. Instead of burning like it should, the flame just phased through and disappeared into thin air.

"It's not any wood I know of."

Xin Fan turned around to Chilong and pointed at the tree. Chilong walked up and slammed at the tree releasing primal essence simultaneously. Unlike when Xin Fan did it, the tree did not spring back up and stayed stuck in the same position. After a few hits, they all heard a click.


Although subtle, Xin Fan could see a raise in a ground with a hole no larger than a drain on the side of a footpath.

"I...is that the entrance?"

Xin Fan turned to his team however they all shrugged unsure of what to do. Tianfei was the first to move and slowly slid in feet first. She was the smallest of the bunch and had no trouble getting inside.

"It seems like it is!"

From the outside, Xin Fan could hear the sounds of echoing of her voice from the hole. After taking a few moments of hesitation, he slid in himself. He had a dislike for dark, claustrophobic areas for obvious reasons however since Tianfei was already inside, he really didn't have a choice.

Looking around, Xin Fan could see pillars of stone, almost as if it was part of some ancient civilization. The decoration was made of a jewel similar to that of the orb in Chilong's hands.

"Is the orb pointing anywhere?"

Chilong charged up the orb which was shooting a light in an obscure direction.

"Looks like we still have a long way to go."
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    《Ultimate Rice System》