Ultimate Rice System
68 I“m Sorry
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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68 I“m Sorry

Balls of flames volleyed through the air as the sounds of gunshots fired. Old Bones leaped through the air with free reign of his movements hopped around in the empty space and was relentless in his pursuit. Ever so often, a bit of blood would drip and would instantly be recovered by the corpses below. He grinned at the sense of temporary freedom of the moment. It was as if he was back to his younger days, able to freely roam the land and do whatever he pleased.

"Harvest Slash."

A blade of energy shot from the corner of his vision. Before he could take in what was going on, his hand was cut off.

"Oh farmer! Was that you."

Tendrils of blood shot out from the wrist and latched on to the hand that was still in the air. Within a moment the hand reattached and healed up as if it was completely brand new. An axe head appeared in front of him aiming to strike him down. Old Bones shifted his rifle and shot a bolt of electricity temporarily paralyzing his foe. Jumping back in the air, he shot a ball of flames in front of him to finish the job. A figure flashed past and before the flames hit, took the axe wielding one away from the blast zone. The flames created a 5 meter scorch mark that was deeply imprinted into the stone pavement. In the background, the corpses who were still intact started to sing a song to boost the morale of their leader.


When enemies come~When enemies come~All we have is our leader!

With his rifle in hand~None shall stand~In the face of our leader!

When we heed his call~None shall fall~Under the rule of our leader!

O Timeless Emperor~O Timeless Emperor~ We shall be lead to victory


With the chanting of the song, a strong wave of unity could be felt within the corpses. Every hit Old Bones took, a corpse would jump up and fulfill his duty of nourishing his king.

"It's useless...no matter what we do, He would just heal up!"

With the amount of corpses sitting there waiting to be absorbed, the truth of the matter was that, Old Bones will outlast the three children. With the amount of qi they had, even if every attack landed clean hits, he would still have room to regenerate.

"I know right! So just get over here and stop wasting everybody's time."

Although they were fighting, Old Bones still made time to give out snarky remarks to get this over and done with. It was clear that he had no hatred to the children. It was simply a matter of compulsion. It was as if a higher being was forcing him to do so.

"You must be wondering... why am I doing this?"

Old Bones fired a few shots at Chilong who out of the three was the least mobile. Chilong split open the bolt of electricity with his axe. He then shot a ball of flame intended to explode on impact.

"It's not like I want to...I just have to."


Tianfei confirmed his words while grabbing Chilong out of the blast radius.

"Deeper inside, there are many more just like me...Trapped....forced to do his...no...IT'S bidding."


Old Bones jumped forwards pointing his rifle right on Tianfei's forehead. Tianfei flipped in the air kicking Old Bones in the jaw and using his chest as a platform to flash away.

"I....I don't want to die...I don't want to disappear here."

Tianfei paused for a moment and stared at old bones. Then her expression turned to pity as she uttered,"Lie".

The handsome man just sighed as he looked at the girl. He dropped all dramatic pretenses and looked disappointed as he aimed his rifle.

"Nothing can get past you can it. Hah...Glutton...you are no fun."

A volley of fire balls shot out of the barrel of the rifle forcing Tianfei to once again dodge. This time she reappeared next to Xin Fan.

"I want you to cover me for a half a minute."

Xin Fan did not even question and manifested a shield of Ice. With unrelenting shots of electricity, fragments of ice was constantly getting chipped. While this was happening, Tianfei took out a small tablet and bit onto her finger. Using her blood, she slowly drew up a formation onto the tablet. Xin Fan did not know where however he had felt like he had seen something like this happen before. Ten seconds have past and the shield finally snapped. Before anything had happened, Xin Fan materialized another one to hold it off.

"It'll take more than that then to take me down."

Another ten seconds have passed and once again the shield had broken. Xin Fan using 'Farmer knows no distance', flashed to the side of Old Bones, with his blades coming out of his wrists, he closed in cutting away.

"Harvest slash!"

A few consecutive blades of energy decimated Old Bone's chest blowing apart torso. Old Bone's head fell down before a line of blood reconnect with a few corpses reforming a new body. Xin Fan looked down and saw a mere ten of them had vanished.

"Nice try, Farmer."

"Oh well, I did my job, The girl is dealing with the rest."

Xin Fan flashed past the man and hid behind a pillar to rest. Old Bones turned around to look for Tianfei only to see the spot being empty. Suddenly, he heard a voice behind him.

"I'm so sorry..."

Before he could react, Old Bones felt a piercing sensation in his back. It was as if something was embed into him. Naturally, his wounds healed up and then...


A deafening explosion resonated throughout the necropolis. There was a blinding light that ripped apart the darkness of what is known as the abyss. And then there was silence.

"Huff...Huff...Runt...if you had that the whole time, why didn't you take it out earlier."

Chilong coughed as he slowly climbed out of the rubble. Tianfei sat on the tallest point of what remained of the pillars. She watched over the entire necropolis as the wind blew against her hair.

"Soon...It will be over..."

"Huh? Isn't it alre-"

A mangled up corpse floated in the air as blood, bones and flesh slowly reassembled itself. First came the head, then the torso and then the legs. All was healed at the cost of a couple dozen bodies.

"Wow...Glutton...is that your ultimate technique or something."

With his face still forming, Old Bones grinned as the girl stared down upon him. Throughout the fight, he felt a sort of kinship. Someone with similar techniques. Someone with a similar taste in aesthetics.

"Well, It's time to show you my ultimate technique..."

Tianfei sighed as she stared at Old Bones. If there was better lighting, you could see her eyes were slightly red.

"Once again...I'm so sorry."


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    《Ultimate Rice System》