Ultimate Rice System
69 Farewell
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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69 Farewell

The strong shockwaves of the explosion caused Tianfei's hair to flutter in the air. However her eyes were unwavering as she looked straight into the light. A ball of flesh fell to the ground slowly reforming once again.

"Did you....just!"

Tianfei stared at the pitiful corpse slowly reforming it's body. Blood spiraled around closing up any wounds. Xin Fan could see a stone tablet lodged inside one of the wounds before blood filled it back up. The corpse stared up at the girl looking down upon him.

"This tablet...is it a formation?"

Tianfei kept a silent yet sad expression as she watched all the wounds close up. As the skin started to rejoin...


Fragments of flesh blasted everywhere and the cycle continued. A couple dozen corpses on the ground would be consumed every time Old Bones recovered. He tried everything. He tried to reach for his gun but his body would detonate.

"There is no point...I made it so it would absorb all the air it could around it. When it couldn't any more, it would explode. You recover, there is no air, it explodes."

Slowly bit by bit, the horde of corpses slowly disappeared, leaving Old Bones back to his old skeleton self.


A tablet dropped out from his rib cage shattering upon contact with the ground. The wind picked up and it became particles of dust to be blown away in the wind. The skeleton collapsed onto the ground as if he had given up.

"Well...you win...I guess..."

The rifle in his hand returned back to it's plain steel form and simply laid on the ground. At this point he looked lifeless, almost as if he was a real skeleton.

"I have only one question...Why...?"

The skeleton looked up at the girl's eyes with his empty eye sockets. He slightly tilted it as he response in a straight forwards manner.

"As I said before, The abyss tells me to and so I do."

Old Bones pointed at the blue and red stars that are now once again scattered in the sky.

"As you can probably tell, those are not real stars. That is what the ab....kggg...looks like I cannot say anymore. Hey, whats with the long face...At least I still have self awareness."

Old Bones lifted up an arm only for it's joints to disassemble. There was no going back. Those bones are not going to reconnect.

"Well, It would heal up..."

Old Bones stared at his missing arm and tried to grab it with his other arm only for that to disconnect as well. As he said so, Tianfei twitched for a moment. Old Bones stared at the violently shifting stars in the sky. He seemed to be in a state of glee and laughed as flashes of blue and red illuminated the sky.

"Looks like this is the end of me..."

The ribs on Old Bones started to loosen. One by one, they started to fall apart landing on the ground with a thud. The disks in his spines also are starting to slip by this point.

"Why the long face Glutton? You did this to me."

"Yeah...I know...I'm sorry."

The skull shifted slightly almost as if making a frown.

"Sorry...Sorry...Sorry...Stop saying 'sorry'. Stand up would you. You are like how old? 5? There is a world out there that you don't even know about. When you get to my age...I mean when you get to my age before I died, You would have things you wish 'sorry' solved."

"I'm so..."

Tianfei bit her lips before anymore words would come out. The Skeleton on the ground was no more than simply a skull, one that is laughing gleefully back at her.

"Do you want to know what the best feeling is?"

"The best feeling?"

"It's freedom. Freedom to go wherever you like, whenever you like. Freedom to go and be undeterred, unchained by reality. It is at moments like those, time seems to just stop and it becomes irrelevant. That is truly the best feeling. Glutton, you too must be free."

A crack started to form along the topside of the skull slowly tearing it's way through passing right through an eye socket.

"Well, it's not like you won't see me again. I mean, I respawn and all after I die, I've met so many people who killed me in like the last month...hahaha....HAHAHAHA!"

The sounds of laughter echoed throughout the whole necropolis before it ultimately became a silent cemetery.


A wind blew slowly breaking the bone fragments on the ground to particles of dust, blown into the air and forgotten. All that was left on the ground was a rifle, the only legacy he had left. Tianfei picked up the rifle and stroked it.

"You don't mind if I take it?"

The team slowly made their way back to the center of the shrine. The whole place was eerily quiet as if there was not a soul around. Then again, that may be the actual reason. Chilong stared at the lid of the coffin scrubbing away the moss covering it.

"Bai Fumeng...Timeless emperor....seems like he was quite the powerful figure back in the ancient era."

"I...I see."

Tianfei slowly lifted up the lid covering the coffin. Inside was a layer of thick velvet with a thin book sitting lightly on top. As she took out the book, a thin sheet of parchment fell out. On it it read 'To my successor.'


If this paper is here, it probably means I have chosen my successor. I probably have been removed more permanently from this place. I don't know if this note will ever reach anyone. In fact, will I stay here forever? Hah...it's too stuffy in here. This book contains my life's research. It's called 'myriad shots'. I don't know if it's possible but I think it can be improved. Feel free to do whatever you want with it.

Bai Fumeng 512Years 13Months 12Days Dead


Tianfei stared at the book in her hands. She flipped through it and felt amazed as insights from years of research entered her mind. Xin Fan and Chilong stood still at the back as the girl became more and more absorbed into the book. They knew it was not their place to intervene.



A handsome man slowly walked along as the queue as it slowly became shorter. Over at the front was a red skinned man stamping away at papers.

"Hey mister...how did you die?"

The man chuckled as he looked at the boy in front of him.

"Me? You could say I went off with a bang. How about you."

"Oh it's nothing. I was just repaying debts."

"How admirable...kid you're next up."

The boy waved goodbye as he left to be judged by the king of the underworld. It seemed he was sent off to the first hell.

"Oho! Bai Fumeng! I thought I would have seen you sooner."

"My bad,My bad. I was caught up in something."

"Well, how shall I sentence you?"
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    《Ultimate Rice System》