Ultimate Rice System
70 Body Refining
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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70 Body Refining

[ Your Plants are ready for harvest ]

"Umm guys, I'm going to take a small break."

The woods on the outskirts of the necropolis were strangely barren. Not a single monster or beast was in sight. Xin Fan found a dry tree and sat under it to meditate.


Xin Fan could feel the heat rush to his face as he stood in front of the rows of plants in front of him. Despite experiencing it before, he could never get used to that excitement when it is time to harvest. After all, every harvest was a sign he was getting stronger. Xin Fan lifted his scythe to cut through the fields. This time, he wanted to see how his new technique would fare in an actual harvest. Standing along the edges of the field, he gently placed the edge of the scythe around one plant and flashed forwards to the end of the field. Just like that, a single row of plants were harvested.





Xin Fan wiped the sweat off his head as he finished harvesting the last grass of Fire Soul Rice. He looked at the now almost completely grown field of his new crop. This time, he didn't break through to a new stage. However, he was not disheartened as it simply meant that his next one would be guaranteed to be a breakthrough. Not to mention he planted 100 Earth Spirit Rice, each which according to the almanac would yield 10xp each. That meant a whole 1000xp would be gained in the next harvest. Xin Fan opened up his Id to look at his progress.


Xin Fan

Cultivation State: Condensation Realm 4th Stage (600/800)

Spirit: Rice Field (Domain Type)


Xin Kong

Auxiliary Soul

[ You have not unlocked these features ]


As usual, all information about Xin Kong have been sealed away. It seemed he had to buy the Multi Soul Utilization until he could unlock this feature. Xin Fan opened up the shop menu, he sold 80% of his crops. From the Fire Soul Rice, he gained 138g including the 15% bonus. Now he had a total of 188g to spend. Xin Fan rubbed his chin as he looked at the selection.


[ Buy ]

Ice Heart Rice x50 [ Seedling ]: 20g

Fire Soul Rice x50 [ Seedling ]: 30g

Earth Spirit Rice x50 [ Seedling ]: 40g

Water Vision Rice x 50 [ Seedling ]: 60g

Sealing Rice x1 [ Ingredient ]: 50g

Body Refining [ Technique ]: 100g

Reinforced Hoe [ Equipment ]: 100g

Farmers Clothes [ Grade 1 Armor ]: 200g

Multi Soul Utilization [ System Upgrade ] 300g

Time Dilation [ System Upgrade ]: 1000g

Space Increase [ System Upgrade ]: 1000g


"Of course I will buy the Body Refining Technique."

Xin Fan tapped on the buy menu next to the technique and felt the money drain. Immediately after, he felt the burst of knowledge enter his brain as it became hardwired to learn it. Bit by bit, as he learnt about the technique, his expression became ugly.

"It's a scam!"

Xin Fan yelled at the top of his lungs in anger. This was one of the few moments when Xin Fan would feel genuine anger. Xin Kong entered the fields looking at Xin Fan in worry.

"Is there anything wrong?"

Xin Fan red-faced turned to Xin Kong with a look of exasperation. He was shaking, as if he had made the worst decision in his life.

"T...this technique is a passive."

"Passive? As in, there is no chant or actions you can do?"

Xin Fan nodded his head while shaking. He slowly recited the introduction to the technique from his mind.

"Being a farmer has no shortcuts. To train the body, it must take hard work. Whenever your muscles become sore from field work, You will return much stronger."

Xin Kong tilted his head. There didn't seem to be anything off with this statement. If anything, it sounded quite normal.

"Isn't it simple? Train till your body reaches it's limit."

"You didn't let me finish. -However, there is a much better way of training: Fighting. When you get beaten down, you will return stronger than ever. Anything works, just get beaten black and blue and the rewards would be generous when you recover. 5% increase in ability per full recovery."

Xin Kong's mouth was open however he could not say a word. From his memory, he could only think of one word that he heard in his previous life: Masochist. Of course, he would never admit where he had heard of such a word. After all, he had to keep up the pure image he had painstakingly maintained. He didn't break character in his past life, he wasn't going to do it now.

"ahem...It can't be that bad. I mean, you get injured all the time."

"But not on purpose!"

The only form of self consolation that Xin Fan could take out of it was that the technique was still one that added to his strength. He had to get it sooner or later. And who knows, maybe one day, it would be known as a Forbidden Technique, for more reasons than one.

"They must be waiting for me. I guess I can't dawdle for long."

Xin Fan willed himself to exit the domain only to see his two teammates stare at him intently. They seemed extremely worried about him.

"Are you okay?"

"You seemed to be muttering something during your meditation...something about a scam?"

Xin Fan shook his head while sighing. There was no way he was going to talk about this techniques. Maybe one day he might, to Tianfei, but that one day would only be when he realizes just how broken it is.

"Oh it's nothing."

"You sure? You were twitching a lot."

"It's really fine..."

Xin Fan overall was in a slightly sullen mood and didn't want to talk. They continued on through the woods aimlessly in search of their next destination.


"You tricked Me!"

A pale fanged person screamed at the boy in front of him. He was blond and wore a pink outfit. Fire surrounded him as he stared menacingly down at his foe. The red haired boy didn't seem to mind the glare he was getting and simply punched his gauntlets together. He crouched down low and ignited his fists on fire.


With quick successive hits, flames entered the body of this fanged monster burning him to crisp on the inside. Even the blood that stained his gauntlet corroded in the presence of fire.


Tong Hu picked up the object on the ground. It was a mask of stone however at it's cracked state, it didn't seem to be usable. Tong Hu threw it aside into the flames letting it crumble into pieces, never to see the light of day.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》