Ultimate Rice System
72 5 Steps to Danger Part 1
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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72 5 Steps to Danger Part 1

At the end of the road was a building, a temple of some sort. It was constructed of purely marble and towered over the plains. Xin Fan looked around and the merchant however was not in sight.

"Strange...the road never diverged."

Xin Fan stared at the temple. The temple was constructed completely of marble. Despite it being obviously ancient, there was not a single crack whatsoever. Leading up to the entrance was a flight of steps releasing a mystical aura. The flawless white marble reflected the starlight in strange patterns as if guiding the stars. The stars converged slightly shining rays onto the entrance. From the ground, rumbling could be heard as a the light slowly solidified into an almost spectral figure. The figure was eerily silent and wore a black cloak that covered it's entire body.

"What is that thing?"

Tianfei lifted up her rifle and aimed the barrel at the figure. The tip glowed slightly before sending out a green pulse of light. From underneath the cloak, the figure bisected the pulse of energy with a single slash. The sword was pitch black matching the attire of the figure wielding it. With that single slash, the 'face'' if that is what you would call it, was revealed under the starlight. Xin Fan could not make out any discernible features from it. That is not to say it was ordinary. The face resembled what seemed like a metallic blend of blue and red. Rather than a solid, it seemed more like a liquid with color constantly shifting around as if mixing in a soup. Other than that, there was no distinguishable features. There were lumps on the face that vaguely resembled eyes, nose and mouth. The face slightly contorted as if it was trying to speak.

"Intruders shall not pass."

Unlike the figure suggested, the voice was crisp, almost pre-recorded. There was a flash of blinding light and as if it was a mirage, it disappeared.

"Huh? Where did it go?"

Tianfei charged up her gun and aimed where the figure was. She gave a precautionary shot however only to hit the wall. She shot many times randomly only to hit nothing. Xin Fan using his scythe sent a blade of energy outwards leaving no empty spaces however like Tianfei, hit nothing.

"It's gone..."

Xin Fan took a step forwards. Nothing happened. Xin Fan took and another step only to be safe again. Xin Fan turned over the the rest and waved his arms signalling them to come over. By the time Chilong and Tianfei took a step, Xin Fan stepped backwards to be met with a flash of silver.

"Watch out!"

Xin Fan used the shaft of the scythe to block the blow being sent flying back 5 meters. Xin Fan leaped forwards on his right foot charging forwards. Tianfei too took a step back, aimed her rifle at the spectral figure, pressing pressing on the trigger. Chilong took three strides forwards, using his left leg as an axis spun around with his axe flashing a bright silver.

"Crap, block it!"

Xin Fan spun qi in his body and flashed backwards 10 meters. Chilong's axe hit only the air as he saw an incoming blast of fire. With only two quick sidesteps he managed to use the axe to deflect the blast to the side. The ball of fire exploded at a nearby tree decimating it completely. Sweat dripped down his face as he saw the destruction.

"Watch it you runt!"

Tianfei stepped backwards in caution pointing her rifle around her. Not a single person dared to move at all.

"Don't move...he could be anywhere."

Tianfei took another step back while aiming her rifle erratically. A flash of silver appeared below her.

"Intruders must die."

Before she could realize what was happening, a red line appeared along her cheek to her eye. The cut was only surface level and did not damage her eye. Through the blood dripping from her eyes, she saw a flash of metallic blue in front of her. Instinctively she pointed her rifle and shot a pulse at point blank range. The figure was blasted 10 meters back landing next to Xin Fan. Xin Fan without hesitation struck down cutting a bit of the cloak as it jumped back to dodge.


"I...I'm okay!"

Chilong leaped to Tianfei's side in a single stride and threw over the bottle of herbal balm.

"Put it on quickly. You don't want scarring on your face."


Xin Fan leaped at the cloaked figure switching to the other form of 'Harvest Slash II' closing in on it in a single go. Two blades materialized on each arm as he extended out his arms. He spun with his other foot as an axis and used his momentum to cut down on his foe. The specter used it's sword to block this blow however Xin Fan was unrelenting and took another step forwards closing in even closer. Xin Fan lifted his arms and using all four blades pushed down on his foe. The specter lifted up his blade blocking it with Xin Fan's blades stopping a few centimeters in front of him.


Xin Fan quickly took a step back and lowered his body for a better point of attack. He swung his arms aiming at the stomach of the spectral figure.


Xin Fan's blades split the air as the specter disappeared back into the moonlight.

"Watch Out! It disappeared again!"

Xin Fan turned around to see Tianfei still applying the paste on her face. Chilong had his axe out ready to defend his teammate recovering. Chilong gave a small nod before taking two step forwards slamming the axe on the floor. A crater formed on the ground upon impact as Chilong released and aura slowly expanding out the whole area. It seemed to slowly be absorbed into the surroundings. Chilong looked around with intent. It was as if he was probing around with his aura.

"I can't find even with primal essence!"

Chilong seemed a bit frustrated taking another step slamming his axe once again retrying it.

"It seems like it isn't around you!"

Although they were close, in this situation, Xin Fan felt like he was separated from them by a thousand miles. Xin Fan grit his teeth as he took a large leap back. He lifted up his arms in a defensive stance. He didn't want to accidentally hit his teammates from his attacks. Tianfei lifted up her rifle aiming around her.


Xin Fan took a deep breath as he felt droplets of sweat flow down his face. Xin Fan's legs twitched at the sound of shifting leaves.


Xin Fan quickly leaped backwards with arms defending his front as if predicting the specter. A chill went down his spine as he heard a monotonous voice behind him.

"Intruders must die."

Xin Fan twisted his body in the air and slashed outwards. With every fiber of his body he swung out trying to hit the specter.

"Harvest Slash!"
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    《Ultimate Rice System》