Ultimate Rice System
73 5 Steps to Danger Part 2
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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73 5 Steps to Danger Part 2

The specter blocked the blow easily with his blade and slashed down attempting to cut off Xin Fan's arm. Xin Fan ducked and using his arm to hold himself up gave a low seeping kick at the shin of the specter. It was quite a strange sensation. Rather than something solid, Xin Fan felt the kick land on something more liquid, almost like a gel. A white mist appeared around the specter and started to solidify.

"Got you."

Chilong with his hands outstretched, clasped his hands and pulled back. The mist had some sort of attractive force and pulled the specter through the air. Chilong grabbed hold of his axe and took two strides before jumping into the air, lifting his axe and slammed down. Tianfei took a step back and knelt down onto her knee and rested her rifle on the other. She took aim and as the iron sight aligned with the specter's trajectory, she pulled the trigger.


A bolt of lightning erupted from the barrel spiraling through the air at the specter. As Chilong's axe approached the specter, it with two arms, held the sword horizontally blocking the axe. From the sheer force, it was forced onto it's knees.


The bolt of lightning struck it's right arm blasting it clean off along with the sleeve of the robe. A black fluid started to drip onto the floor as it quickly changed it's sword hand.

"I hit it!"

Tianfei shot a volley of flames in the same direction. Chilong took a large leap backwards narrowly escaping the blast zone.


Flames scorched the earth with nothing remaining but a crater. Tianfei wiped her sweat as she stood back up. Chilong in two strides, went to the edge of the crater and peered over seeing nothing but dust and scorched earth.


Chilong still did not withdraw his axe. Neither Tianfei nor Xin Fan withdrew their weapon. They still kept a safe distance from each other and did not want to implicate each other in attacks. Tianfei was especially wary. She knew for a fact that the blast would not kill it as the flame volley was only used to control movement. Xin Fan took a step back. He felt his feet touch something hard, almost like marble. It was the steps at the entrance of the temple. Xin Fan looked to the two and spoke in a low voice.

"I think the key to defeating him is beyond these doors."

Xin Fan tightened his fists. He knew he would be attacked the moment he turned his back. Xin Fan looked resolutely up the stairs, turned and ran. A flash of silver entered his vision and by instinct ducked. From the corner of his eye, he saw the specter, with two arms intact swing it's sword. The arm that had been blasted off. He ran up the steps one by one. Xin Fan could hear the sounds of explosions behind him.


By the time he reached the top, with all his strength, he pushed the door. There was not a single bit of movement. In the background, he heard Tianfei's voice.

"It's gone!"

Xin Fan twisted his palm and slammed at the door. However, even now, the door would not budge. All there was was a key hole but without the key, there was no way of getting in.

"There has to be a way to defeat it!"

'Look around, there might be a clue."

Xin Fan took one step down the steps. In his mind, he was strategising and thinking of methods. He observed his surroundings. Something was definitely up.

'See anything?'

'I see what you see.'

He took another step observing even the minute details on the marble. The patterns, the markings, he memorized it all. While on the exterior he seemed calm, internally, he was frantic. Xin Fan took another step staring at Chilong and his posture. There seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary.

'Why is it not attacking.'

"Don't move at all."

As he took another step, he sternly warned his team to stay put. Without knowing why, he charged up the blades on his arms. It seemed quite out of place however, Xin Fan felt like this was the right thing to do. As Xin Fan took the final step down, he muttered under his breath.

"I get it..."

Xin Fan twisted along his ankle and spun sending a blade of energy around him. He didn't know why he did so however he felt the blades cut cleanly through something. A sheet of fabric landed on the ground as he ducked to avoid the flash of silver. Xin Fan dashed forwards twisting his body in the air and locked his legs around the specters head. With the remaining momentum, he swung over the specter and landed a clean stab at it's back. Of course, it would not so easy to kill as it immediately swung it's blade at Xin Fan's legs with no care of it's own body. Xin Fan let go and landed a meter behind it quickly kicking off into the distance.


The specter cut it's own shoulder with the blade stuck in a couple of centimeters deep. With another leap, he landed next to Chilong and muttered under his breath.

"3... attack with me"

The specter chased after Xin Fan as he and Chilong simultaneously attacked back. Chilong took a large step back and leaped up in the air slamming his axe down. Xin Fan crouched and changed his weapon back to a scythe and flicked it forwards sending a sharp jab at the specter. The specter could only block one attack and once again went for the axe. Xin Fan pulled back his scythe as he watched Chilong's feet touch the ground. He flicked out with his spear wrapping it around the specter and solidified it.

'I hope this confirms it...'

Xin Fan pulled back his spear cutting only half of the specter before it once again disappeared into the shadows.

"Damn it! It's gone."

Chilong punched the ground in frustration as his axe slipped through the air cutting through the soft earth. Xin Fan on the other hand had the same calm look he always had. He had a small smirk on his face as he slowly stood up.



Xin Fan sternly shouted across the clearing. He had a confident look on his face. He took took three steps towards Tianfei and stared at her.

"How much shots can you shoot?!"

"U...umm. I think I can shoot one more of my strongest attack."

Xin Fan internally chuckled.

'That's plenty.'

'Don't be rash!'

'I won't...I have faith.'

Xin Fan with a serious look spoke a few words. Tianfei's eyes widened as she heard what he had said.

"Are you crazy! There's no way!"

Xin Fan chuckled slightly and before grinning.

"Don't worry. I trust you, therefore you will trust me."


Xin Fan internally prepared himself. Without realizing, droplets of sweat slowly dripped out of his clenched fists. The barrel of her rifle started to glow ever so brightly before condensing into a single point.

'There it comes'

Tianfei pulled the trigger shooting out a bright beam of silver and black. Xin Fan turned around and faced Chilong looking at him in fright. Xin Fan took a single step forwards.

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    《Ultimate Rice System》