Ultimate Rice System
75 Diary of the Explorer
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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75 Diary of the Explorer

Xin Fan

Cultivation State: Condensation Realm 5th Stage (800/1200)

Spirit: Rice Field (Domain Type)


Xin Kong

Auxiliary Soul

[ You have not unlocked these features ]


Xin Fan felt the container for his qi dramatically increase inside him. Although he did not get any stronger, he can now use 'Farmer knows no distance' a lot more frequently. A lot of restraints seemed to have lifted and Xin Fan thought of may ways he could utilize his newfound abilities. Xin Fan looked at the numbers 548g. Each Earth Spirit Rice sold in the system shop for 5g. Xin Fan rubbed his chin thinking of what to buy.


[ Buy ]

Ice Heart Rice x50 [ Seedling ]: 20g

Fire Soul Rice x50 [ Seedling ]: 30g

Earth Spirit Rice x50 [ Seedling ]: 40g

Water Vision Rice x50 [ Seedling ]: 60g

Metal Mind Rice x50 [ Seedling] 80g

Sealing Rice x1 [ Ingredient ]: 50g

Reinforced Hoe [ Equipment ]: 100g

Farmers Clothes [ Grade 1 Armor ]: 200g

Multi Soul Utilization [ System Upgrade ] 300g

Time Dilation [ System Upgrade ]: 1000g

Space Increase [ System Upgrade ]: 1000g


A new item appeared in the shop: 'Metal Mind Rice'. As he had enough of the other three rice, he bought 50 of each Water and Metal Rice leaving him on 408g. Xin Fan stared at the system upgrade section of the shop. These upgrades constantly taunted him throughout the year. What seemed impossible to get now is at the grasp of his hands. Xin Fan's finger nervously hovered over the Multi Soul Utilization upgrade in the shop. It was after all, the most expensive thing he could afford.

"Are you sure about that?"

Xin Kong stared at Xin Fan who was still nervously deciding what to buy. He was right. Xin Fan had more than enough to plant more rice and get more money. However the temptation was still there. Xin Fan closed his eyes and hovered his finger over the menu.

"I will buy whatever my finger points to."

[ User has purchased system upgrade 'Multi Soul Utilization ]

[ More Information has been unlocked ]

[ Updating 0% ETA 12h ]

"Any regrets?"

Xin Kong patted Xin Fan on the shoulder. Although he was against Xin Fan's decision, he didn't hold it against him. After all, this upgrade was going to come sooner or later. Xin Kong stretched his arms and looked up at the sky.

"It appears that I may be moving a lot soon."

Xin Fan took out his hoe from the inventory and started to plough the fields.

"I'm starting to get rusty."

Although he was much stronger than before, he took a lot longer to plough the fields than before. This was partially due to his shift to training his techniques rather than his body. Even so, he typically used a generated target to train. By the time he finished planting all the seeds, Xin Fan had lost precious time to train and it was his shift to keep a look out.


"You're not sleeping?"

Tianfei was wearing a pair of reading glasses and sat along the side of a bookshelf reading. The statues have all lead them to one location, the library. The library was much larger than any Xin Fan had seen before. In typical Tianfei fashion, Tianfei was slowly absorbing knowledge with a small floating flame as light.

"Nng...not tired."

'I should leave her alone,' thought Xin Fan picking up a book right off the shelves. The books seemed to be in no particular order. There was no particular category either with different textbooks right next to diaries. The one Xin Fan picked up was one of such diaries.

"Hmm....an old explorer."


Day 2092

I don't know where I am. What are those things? That thing...it has no face...every three steps I take, it disappears. The other one disappeared every step I took. I think I am the first one to encounter these things. Does this mean I get to name them? I guess I can. Haha...Look at me now. I am bleeding to death and I am thinking of this. I guess it doesn't hurt. I name the one that disappears in a step Abyss Walker I. The other, Abyss Walker III.


Scribbled in underneath was a small sketch of a figure. Xin Fan recognized these figures. They were extremely similar to the one that they had fought on the way in. Xin Fan continued to read the diary of the explorer.


Day 2103

I found another orb. It had another number in it. I caught a black jade rabbit and that seemed to lead the way. There seems to be some connection between these orbs. Last time I put the orb in the altar, it lit up and a bar started to fill. What could this all mean?


Day 2105

My wound opened up again. A maggot crawled out. It was green, around the size of a pen. It seemed to be feeding on my flesh for a long time. Recently, I feel like I am being followed. It may just be my imagination but you can never be too sure.


"Is this the last page."

Xin Fan flipped the page to see only a few words. After that page, the whole book seemed to be blank.



That thing. I'm so dead. That thing has so many strange abilities. It seemed to be after something. What is it? Let's call that thing and Abyss Knight. It can vani-


The words were cut off to a black streak that extended out to the side of the page. To what was under, Xin Fan could not tell. There was a brown stain that seemed to be soaked into the paper on that page covering up half of it.

"This is bad."

Xin Fan felt a chill down his spine as he dropped the book. It didn't take a genius to figure what happened to the explorer. What frightened him more was how the book ended up in this library. Xin Fan stared at the array of books lined up along the shelves. Each one seemed to take the place of a gravestone for the people who died.

"Whats wrong?"

Tianfei looked at Xin Fan in confusion. Xin Fan picked up the book and passed it over at the last page. Tianfei read it for a moment before a black and white flame appeared in front of her eye. Through it, she looked at the different books in the library. For a moment she seemed calm however beads of sweat seemed to drip down her face as her skin became pale.

"E...each one of these books have and aura of death."

Tianfei pointed at the explorer's diary.

"This looks around a couple centuries old."

Xin Fan looked at Tianfei in worry. Although he didn't know the specifics, he could understand that this serious.

"And that means?"

"This considered recent. Around 90% of the books here are older. We need to get out. The aura of death is dangerous. If we accumulate enough. I think you can guess what happens."

Xin Fan turned around to Chilong who is still sleeping. Xin Fan's eyes shook. There was a white outline around Chilong's body. It was his primal essence.

"Chilong wake up!"

Xin Fan shook Chilong however his hands seemed to lose energy upon contact. The aura seemed to reject everything around him. Chilong showed no signs of waking up.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》