Ultimate Rice System
76 Pages of Death
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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76 Pages of Death

Xin Fan shook Chilong more violently. Although Chilong showed visible discomfort, he did not wake up. It was as if he was in a state of self preservation. The white aura around him acted like a blanket shielding him from the encroaching death aura.

"We should worry more about ourselves rather than him."

Tianfei started to frantically draw some formations on a formation plate. As soon as she completed one formation, she moved on to the next in rapid succession drawing up more formations.

"Put that one over there."

Tianfei pointed at a spot near Chilong without even looking up. There were visible signs of decay already emerging from her as her skin appeared to dry up. As Xin Fan looked at himself, he found out that he too was slowly shriveling. A small drop of blood slowly flowed from her nostrils as she did so. Xin Fan quickly placed down the formation on the ground just as Tianfei completed the next formation. Tianfei clasped her hands and created a hand sign, with the formation plates flashing on either side. A small barrier formed in the small space between the formations just enough to cover the three.

"Hah...this should keep us safe for now."

The barrier released a light blue particle that showered over the three. Of course, the moment it touched Chilong, it was rejected, deflected off to the side. Ont he other hand, for Xin Fan and Tianfei, the particles were slowly absorbed into the skin and what was once shriveled became smooth again. Tianfei took a small handkerchief and wiped the blood from her nose. While there was still some blood, majority of the bleeding had stopped. With a small flame in front of her eyes, she once again looked at Xin Fan this time sighing in relief.

"The particles are there to displace the absorbed death aura."

Xin Fan stared out of the barrier to see something slowly forming. It seemed like a black powder and started to stain the sides of the barrier. As the black powder started to collect, a black tar-like substance also started to form.

"You think you can teach me that eye thing?"

"I could, It is a bit tricky after all. Not many people have affinity to both light and dark."

Tianfei smiled nervously looking outside the barrier. What Xin Fan saw was just the tip of the iceberg. Through Tianfei's vision, she could see the monster for what it was. It seemed almost like both and angel and a devil. It was just standing there, with it's bony body, wings with feathers of paper and a scythe. It didn't really move and just stood there slowly forming from the aura of death around it. It was this abyss's vision of death.

"This is not looking good."

Everything had counter. For fire it was water. For wood, it was fire. For the darkness, it was of course the light. It is for this very reason people who had affinities for light were highly valued. That is of course, if they didn't do anything morally questionable. Tianfei was one of such people.

She pulled out her rifle and held it close the her face.

'Xin Fan should I do it?'

'It's a bit risky...do it.'

While Xin Fan conversed with Xin Kong, Tianfei watched in anxiety as the darkness slowly formed pages. The pages stuck on to the barrier like newspapers blown onto a window. With every passing second, the barrier seemed to get thinner and thinner. Tianfei aimed her rifle at where the barrier was thinnest and shot a white light. While the barrier did not recover, a large portion of the pages were disintegrated. Through the hole, she could see that the aura of death changed from the smoke into pages.


The barrier cracked as one of the pages forced it's way through the barrier. Tianfei spun with her hair whipping the air shot the page. With a quick succession of shots, the pages on the barrier were all disintegrated along with the barrier.

"What is that?"

Xin Fan took a step back as he pointed at the figure at the end of the aisle. Although faint, he could make out some sort of figure.

"You can see that?"

Tianfei pointed her rifle at Death and pulled the trigger. A pulse of white spun through the air. However like a spider catching its prey, the wings quickly shot forwards catching the beam of light. Light and darkness existed as a dichotomy. While they may be polar opposites, they can be seen as one and the same. Just as light counters darkness, darkness can counter light. The pulse was neutralized and Death stared at her. With his bony finger he pointed forwards. There was a gust of wind as a couple of books fell off the shelves, ripping themselves apart and shot forwards. Each page was like an arrow chasing it's target.

Xin Fan took a step forwards and pulled out his scythe. A large wave of energy erupted as a blade cut through the pages along with the wooden floorboards back towards the now clearer figure. Xin Fan could slowly make out the figure. What Tianfei saw on the other hand was pages slowly wrapping itself around the body of death. After a short while, it resembled a mummy donned in a purple robe. Even the scythe was wrapped in old parchments. The only distinguishable feature was an open hole, pitch black as if even light cannot enter.

The blade approached Death. Death slowly lifted up his scythe and slashed down. A blade of pages clashed with the blade of energy before the energy blade dissipated. The black aura of the pages corroded away at the blade of energy caused the pages to scatter in the air. After a moment of pause, they shot forward. Another blade of energy shot outwards clashing once again with the pages.

"Watch out!"

Tianfei shot a few pulses of light breaking apart the pages. Death extended his wings out and once again pointed in front of him. Suddenly, it was met with a blade right around it's neck.


Xin Fan with all his might pulled back the scythe that was around Death's neck. His second blade of energy was simply a cover. A cover that allowed him to slip behind and land a clean hit. At first, the blade cut cleanly however, he noticed that the resistance became a lot larger. Xin Fan stared up as Death slowly turned it's head as if creaking. The pages around Death's neck glowed black as Xin Fan saw the light of his scythe slowly fade. Without hesitation, he pulled back the scythe deactivating his technique. A glowing black page floated gently in front of his face. Drops of blood streamed out of his orifices as his skin shriveled. His hands already started to resemble that of an elderly person. RUN!

Xin Fan circulated his qi as he flashed through the air. Chasing him close behind was a black page. Xin Fan stepped on the side of a bookshelf, with a flash, he reappeared on the other side. A flash of white shot past his shoulder as he slowly escaped the page.


"That was reckless."

"S...Sorry. I really thought that would work."

Xin Fan wheezed as he chugged down water from a gourd by his side. Xin Fan looked at Chilong, still unconscious on the side. The white aura was still covering him. Xin Fan clenched his fist as his resolve strengthened. Perspiration dripped down his face as he looked at the enemy ahead. Tianfei placed another formation plate on the ground releasing particles that seemed to reverse the damage. She ran forwards shooting pulses of light. Flashes of white and black was all that could be seen as Tianfei fought with death. Neither would let the other land a clear hit as a single shot was all that it took. Xin Fan bit his lips as the last bit of skin was restored. A bit of white hair fell onto his hands as he dropped his scythe.

'You done?'

'In your inventory.'

Xin Fan took a long breath. He extended out his arm and took out something from the air. A bowl of rice emerged from his hands. He took a pair of chopsticks and munched down. Xin Fan's face cringed at the taste. The rice was bland with a sour after taste.

'Ghh...tastes bad. It could have been a lot better. How badly did he cook it"

As Xin Fan finished the last of the bowl he collapsed onto the ground.

[ User has consumed Rice of the Prime (No Rating) ]


Xin Fan gripped his head tightly as he shrieked in pain. His head felt heavy as his eyes started to shine. Pain exploded throughout his body like searing flames slowly destroying his mind. His breathing became heavy.

[ Primal Mind has activated ]


What is he doing! Is he eating? C...Could have saved me some.

Tianfei watched as Xin Fan ate something in the distance. A black page appeared in front of her as she pulled her rifle over. She pulled the trigger sending herself backwards in the process. 5 pages flew in the sky after her. Tianfei stepped on one foot and flashed a couple of meters up and shot down. The pulse destroyed the 5 pages in one go as she landed on the other book case flashing ahead. Tianfei closed in behind Death as the wings started to strike out like tentacles. It appeared that Death and his wings acted separately. As a matter of fact, Death didn't even move. Tianfei shot at the wings only for the pulse to be blocked. In a moment of notice she did a double back flip and retreated 10 meters. Tianfei felt a sting on her feet.

I stepped on a page!

Tianfei flashed upwards however two more pages shot from the wings to follow her. She kept flashing back until she had hit a dead end. Tianfei felt the cold sensation of the wooden wall press up against her back. From behind the 2 pages, there were 8. Xin Fan felt her right leg seem unresponsive lagging behind the other. She tried to move however her movement was halved. Tianfei shot a couple more pulses blasting away 5. The remaining pages came right her way before she could load another shot. She slowly closed her eyes in resignation.

"An empty heart, sees, hears nor feels hate."
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    《Ultimate Rice System》