Ultimate Rice System
82 A small episode of peace
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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82 A small episode of peace

Chitian let out a sigh before turning to the pot that was still cooking rice.

"And that's pretty much it."

Xin Fan stared at Chitian with a sense of understanding. His soul was fused with his brother at the cost of his parent's sacrifice. It was no wonder that he considered people with multiple souls enemies. Xin Fan turned around to Tianfei who was intently watching the flames on the stove. He had a sly grin on his face.

"So...how about you?"

Tianfei snapped out of her daze. She looked at Xin Fan in a state of unease.

"W...what about me?"

"Any secrets? After all, both Chilong, no... Chitian and I already told you ours."

Tianfei's eyes darted to the side.

"T...There is nothing special about me. My mother is the chief of the Bai Clan. I had a great childhood. To be honest, besides from this rifle, I don't have any sort of treasures or anything."

Tianfei looked back into the flames of the stove in a moment of contemplation.

"Speaking of which...I do somewhat remember my mother telling me about a condition I have. It was something about nature's body or something, whatever that is. In a nutshell, I have all affinities."

Tianfei laid on her back and stared at the ceiling. Xin Fan spat out the water in his mouth nearly extinguishing the flames. His eyes widened as he stared at the girl.

"Hey! Careful."

"Y...You mean to say that you can master everything a lot quicker?"

Tianfei shrugged in acknowledgement.

"Yeah? Is there anything wrong with that? You see how many techniques I can use. How else do you think I am doing that? Besides it's not like it's my most shameful secr-...no nevermind."

Xin Fan sat there staring in quite a state of shock. However judging from the pattern, he too would attain a similar physique to her if he trains hard enough. A voice in a teasing tone sounded out from the circle.

"So...what do you mean secret..."

Chitian's countenance changed. He had a more roguish expression similar to that of a imp. He had quite the mocking tone behind his voice almost as if it was a change in personality.


"In the flesh...hahaha...To be honest, brother never really told me the story. I am just as shocked as you guys."

Chilong scratched his head in a playful manner. He didn't seem to have a care in the world and spread out his legs taking up as much room as possible.

"So the runt has some secret..."

A drop of sweat slid down Tianfei's forehead as she stared fiercely at Chilong's mocking eyes. She seemed to want to shift the conversation to something else.

"What could you possibly be talking about."

"Oh? Weren't you about to say something? Oh it must be because you didn't want Xin Fan bro to think negatively of you."

His remarks seemed to reignite some pent up aggression that was suppressed for the survival.

"Ha Ha Ha...From you I have nothing to hide! Even if I do, there is no way I am telling you. Otherwise my name would not be Bai Tianfei."

Xin Fan tried to calm Tianfei who seemed to be doing something shifty. He was worried that things were going to go awry.

"Hey now...we don't have to be too heated up."

Tianfei slapped his hands away without looking.

"Don't interfere, Xin Fan! This is between me and that trap! Chilong...let me show you how I gained my reputation as the greatest troublemaker in Black Swallow town. Especially now I have awakened...you shall have a taste of my perfected art."

Chilong too started to get heated up and challenged Tianfei by wagging his finger.

"Oho...the runt wants to fight back."

Tianfei grinned as she held a white belt in her hands.

"Recognize this?"

Chilong frowned for a moment before freezing up. His eyes inched down and he realized that a certain thing was missing around his waist.

"I can do oh so much more."

Xin Fan felt a sense of deja vu. He had an inkling of an idea of what was to come next. After all, he too had experienced it once.

"Ah...I'm sorry Chilong."


Chilong once again froze for a moment before looking at Tianfei holding onto a familiar article of clothing in her hands.

"So that was you back then..."

He thought about their first encounter. Back then, he decided to ignore it but now, he knew the truth.

"Heh...did you know how hard it was to walk without anyone noticing. I was forced to be extra intimidating just to distract people. Now nobody is watching anyway."

Chilong cracked his knuckles and entered a fighting pose. He was filled with fighting spirit as Tianfei glared menacingly back. Her fingers were glowing an ominous light as smoke started to appear.

[ Rice has finished cooking ]

Before anything could escalate further, Xin Fan opened the lid to the pot.

"Okay leave that for later."

"Hmph...you are spared."

"Same could be said for you."

Xin Fan chuckled lightly as he started to heap the rice into the bowl. The grains of rice each had an earth brown tinge to it. It didn't have the flair that the other two had. He first passed a bowl to Tianfei and then another to Chilong. Finally, he scooped the remaining one into his own and sat back down leaning against a bookshelf.

"Hah! He gave it to me first."

"Grr...runt...don't push me."

Xin Fan smiled at the scene. This is how it should be. Just them three sitting around sharing a nice meal. It had been so long since they were this much at peace. A month in this place had caused much change. He thought that this group would fall apart but all those worries were just as it was, a thought.

"Let's eat."

Xin Fan picked up a single earthy grain from his bowl and gently placed it in his mouth. This action was like a sort of ritual for him when taking the first bite. There was a fullness within that single grain. Xin Fan felt the bounty of nature enter into his stomach within that single grain. It wasn't refreshing like the Ice Heart rice nor was it warming like the Fire Soul Rice. If a word was to describe it, it would be fulfilling. Xin Fan began to take in more larger bites as he ate. A similar reaction could be said for the other two with each consuming it in a different way. Chilong ate in a surprisingly refined manner whereas Tianfei was stuffing herself eager to get it down as soon as possible. As their stomach were filled, so were their spirits.

[ User has gained Earth Affinity lvl1 ]

With the message ringing through Xin Fan's mind, it brought the end of the feast. Xin Fan started to throw everything else in the inventory.

"So...how was it."

"Don't know how to put it....good? Yeah it was good."


Xin Fan stretched his arms and his legs as he looked around the now deserted library.

"So...we should get going now."
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    《Ultimate Rice System》