Ultimate Rice System
84 Bubbles
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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84 Bubbles

Just as water overcomes fire, earth overcomes water. As his fists neared the water, the water slit up allowing a clean hit on the tiled floors. There was a small shock wave that shattered all the tiles in a 2 meter radius. Xin Fan jumped out before the floor collapsed down.


Xin Fan felt a burst of skin around the back of his neck.

[ User has attempted to use 'Earth Crash' ]

[ Technique is of acceptable standards ]

[ New technique created 'Remote Force' ]

[ Technique is able to be merged into harvest slash ]

Information rushed through his head as he watched the water started to bubble up even more. A pair of eyes flashed within the darkness of the pit.

'Hmm... a new harvest slash technique.'

Xin Fan wiped away the blood leaking off the back of his neck. Before the water retreated back, he shot a small flame from his fingers and slightly illuminated the pit. For a second, he could almost make out the figure deep inside. There was a serpentine figure with floating bubbles around it's head. A rush of white ran past Xin Fan as he saw a chicken jump in the pit.

"Huh? It's going in?"

There were flashes of white and black from the violent brawl. Within moment's of notice, a serpentine figure flew out of the pit with a chicken trapped in a green bubble. It had emerald green scales that camouflaged with the water. It's red eyes glowed slightly as a forked tongue flickered out of it's lips.


The chicken had no visible wounds however no matter how much it kicked around, it couldn't burst the bubble.


The chicken pecked at it's cage only for the bubble to slightly bend and not break much like an elastic band. Besides from the bubble with the chicken, there were four other bubbles around it, one for each of them and an extra for good measure.


A bubble that floated around it's head popped. A small pea shaped hole was gouged out of Xin Fan's arm. Xin Fan's eyes widened in pain as he violently gripped at his arm. This was different from the rest. Green foam started to gather around the snakes mouth forming a bubble.


Xin Fan slashed outwards with his fingers. A large blade of energy sliced through the air at the speed of sound. Tianfei pulled the trigger shooting a bolt of lightning at the snake. Chilong sent a jet of primal essence forming a hand grasping at the snake. It was all within a single moment. The snake didn't have a chance to react before it was struck. There was an explosion of steam as the lightning evaporated the splashing water around the snake.


As the mist settled, Xin Fan stared in shock as a he saw the faint flickering of a tongue. There were three bubbles around it's head.

'Where did that bubble go?'

The snake shot forwards with it's gaping jaws wide open. By instinct, Xin Fan jumped to the side to avoid collision. The snake's eyes darted to Xin Fan and burst one of the bubbles around it's neck. Xin Fan felt a sharp pain piercing his leg. As he fell to the ground, he slammed the ground sending a shock wave.

"Remote Force!"

The force traveled through the floor and blasted upwards from the underbelly of the snake. The snake was sent flying a few centimeters as it turned it's head to him. A bubble reformed around it's neck as a bolt of lightning rushed to it's head from the distance. This time, Xin Fan could clearly see what happened. The bolt of lightning hit for sure, that much was true. However, what happened next was the snake simply popped. From it's newly reformed bubble, a new body emerged from it.


The snake popped another one of it'd bubbles and blood spurt from Tianfei's arm. Xin Fan slammed his fist down once again sending a remote shock wave to the snake. However to no avail. Blunt attacks seemed to have no effect on the snake. Due to the sheer size, the force was distributed widely minimizing the damage allowing it to simply shrug it off. The snake lunged forwards at Xin Fan who was still on the ground. Xin Fan slowly rolled off to the side narrowly dodging the lunge.

'Can't dodge.'

The snake lunged once again however was completely off the mark. It whipped it's tail around hitting everything around it. Xin Fan was tossed in the air to the side. However, the snake did not take notice and didn't stop thrashing about. Another 5 seconds have passed and the snake recovered another bubble.

'I see...It only reacts to movement.'

A white mist slowly dragged him along the ground away from the snake. It was at just enough of a slow pace that it didn't notice.

"Don't move."

Chilong whispered in a soft voice as he slowly applied medicine over his wounds. Tianfei had her rifle locked on the head of the snake but didn't dare to pull the trigger.

"The bubbles are both it's offence and defense."

Chilong nodded slowly while sending out another jet of energy to harass the snake. The snake jumped up and popped a bubble attacking the mist. A hole opened up in Chilong's primal essence before reforming once again.

"I can distract it for now. Take this chance to prepare and rest."

"You sure?"

Chilong nodded his head. Tianfei slowly inscribed a tablet on the ground and painstakingly loaded it inside the barrel of the rifle. While this was happening, Xin Fan entered into a recovery position and slowly entered his domain.



A window popped up in front of him. Xin Fan rapidly shifted his fingers over the 'Harvest Slash II'. A new option had appeared under Armament hardening. It was the new technique formed by the system, 'Remote Pulse'. Xin Fan quickly tapped the new option changing the form for 'Harvest Slash II'

"Careful Xin Fan."

"I know...I think I know."

Xin Kong had his usual worried expression. Xin Fan stretched a bit looking over his fields. He took out a pot and poured some water into it.

"Just in case."

He poured a portion of Ice Heart Rice and Fire Soul Rice into the pot and started up the fire on the stove.

"I really should try to make another dish sometime."

Xin Fan washed his hands in the bucket and waved Xin Kong goodbye.

"Exit Domain."


Xin Fan felt new information get downloaded into his brain. Chilong was still distracting the snake however he was starting to show signs of fatigue. Sweat droplets started to form around his palms as he conjured up his essence. Xin Fan scanned the grounds looking for something. He gently lifted his hands and stored a bit of rubble on the ground into his inventory. Xin Fan spun qi into his leg's and dashed forwards. All that was left behind was an after image as he appeared above the snake. With his fingers up in the air.

"Harvest Slash."
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    《Ultimate Rice System》