Ultimate Rice System
85 Farmer fights big snake
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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85 Farmer fights big snake

Xin Fan shot out a blade from his fingers as he felt a ripping feeling along the side of his body. The snake ducked down avoiding the blade as it's tail shot forwards to attack. Xin Fan felt the qi circulate throughout his body as he reached the ground. From his inventory, he scattered the rubble all around him to create distractions for the snake. A bolt of lighting shot from behind him intercepting the tail blow. Xin Fan fell down to his knees as he observed the movements of the snake. There was a white aura that even now kept harassing it. Xin Fan bit his lip as he channeled qi into his fingers. His fingers traced out a horizontal line on the tiles as he closed hi eyes to sense the movement of a snake.

'Harvest Slash II'

There was nothing at first. The snake flailed around trying to disperse the white mist around it.


Seemingly out of nowhere, a blade of energy rushed from the ground slicing it's belly. The snake popped like a bubble sending slime everywhere. A green bubble floated to the center of the ring and slowly morphed into the figure of the snake. It's eyes glowed as it stared at the ground below it. *Chk*Pop*

A piece of rubble jumped up into the air only to be disintegrated in the next moment. Following this, multiple pieces also started to move around. Xin Fan shifted his palm along the smooth tiles along the floor and slightly pressed down. A piece of rubble shot up and hit the snake on it's head. His other hand drew a line on the ground. A blade of energy shot from the ground once again slicing the head off the snake.


'I just need to exhaust it before it regenerates.'

A bolt of ice shot from the back and pierced the snake's head as it regenerated. Once again the snake popped and had to recover from one of it's bubbles. Now there was only two bubbles left. One containing the chicken and the other glowing a slight green. The green bubbles popped freeing the chicken. The scales around the snake started to grow longer forming a more streamlined shape. Some even started to protrude with edges sharp as knives. The snake's eyes changed color to black. It's black aura also started to spike as the bubbles floating in the air started to gather around his head. The snake's head turned around to stare at Xin Fan.

'It can't see me...can it?"

The jaws of the beast slowly opened up to reveal it's saber like fangs. Xin Fan felt a sharp tug on his robe as he was flung up by something. Where he was, a hole the size of a bowling ball opened up. Xin Fan's eyes widened as the snake hissed menacingly. Xin Fan took out a scythe from his inventory as he blocked a tail headed to his way.

'Xin Kong, switch it!'


A claw like sensation was felt on his shoulder as a feathered creature shot forwards at the snake. The snake opened up it's jaw shooting out something at a high speed. The chicken shot a feather forwards intercepting it while popping it. Xin Fan gripped the scythe loosely as he rushed forwards. He heard heavy footsteps following him as he swung his scythe like a whip. A skinny figure shot forwards besides him spinning in the air carried by his axe. Xin Fan pulled back on the scythe slicing at it's head. Xin Fan felt a great resistance as he pulled back as his scythe began to get caught between the scales. Chilong's attack was just as ineffective as it only chipped a scale off and nothing more. A bolt of lighting shot at the head of the snake stunning it momentarily before it lunged forwards at Xin Fan.

'Why always me...'

Xin Fan released the scythe back into his inventory as he flipped backwards causing water to spray everywhere.

'Switch again.'

As Xin Fan slid backwards, he dragged his index finger along the ground to stablise himself. From beneath the snake, a blade of energy shot up right into the jaws of the snake.


The snake bit at the blade shattering it into particles in the air. A bubble shot a the speed of a bullet only to be intercepted by a feather dart.

'Of course it wouldn't work.'

Xin Fan felt energy course through his body. Blades of ice started to manifest around his limbs as he dashed forwards once again. A shield of ice blades manifested along his arm as he punched forwards. The Serpent closed it's jaws and tackled the blow head on. The blades of ice shattered sending fragments of sharp icicles everywhere. Xin Fan felt the piercing cuts along his skin as he leaped on the back of the snake.


Xin Fan manifested blades of energy on his arms as he stabbed in. The chicken fluttered down sending a claw to the snake's head that was going for the one on his back. Xin Fan ripped apart a the scales ignoring the cuts that he was suffering. Underneath the scales was another layer of much flatter harder scales. Xin Fan lifted up his arms to stab in however only to find his blades slowly chipping away. Xin Fan shot a small jet of flame into the spot and instantly slammed down with a blade of ice.


The snake flinched and turned around to shoot a bubble right at his way. A feather shot out from the chicken still clawing at the snake's head however this time missed knocking off one of the scales.


Xin Fan spun to the side allowing his left arm to be brutally cut narrowly avoiding a bubble headed his way. Bits of scale slowly regrew upon contact as Xin Fan climbed back on.


Xin Fan grit his teeth as he lifted up his finger along the sharp scales of the scales.

'Got no more Ideas.'

Xin Fan dragged his fingers down through the sharp edge of the scales. Carmine stained the emerald plating as Xin Fan winced in pain dragging his finger through.

"Go to hell."


Black blood dripped out of the snake's mouth as blue particles escaped through.


The chicken seemed revitalised with energy as it took opportunity to grasp at the snake's head with it's claw and crushed hard. With it's legs hooked on, it slammed it's beak down through it's head piercing through completely.

The snake collapsed as the chicken extracted some sort of stone from it's head. Xin Fan rolled off onto the shallow water. The blood along his finger and arm slowly started to disperse into the water slightly staining it.

The chicken stared at him for a moment, tilting it's head. As Tianfei ran over to Xin Fan, it flapped it's wings violently and ran off.

"Xin Fan!"

Chilong took out his herbal balm and slathered it all over Xin Fan's arm. The bottle now was only a tenth full. Any more use and it will be gone.

"Hah...I did it."

Xin Fan took a piece of jerky from his inventory and took a bite. The slight saltiness was all that took to get him filled up with energy again.

"Now...what do we do with this snake..."
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    《Ultimate Rice System》