Ultimate Rice System
87 Abyss Knight Part 1
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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87 Abyss Knight Part 1

"Is that an...abyss knight?"

Xin Fan took a step back to feel something dry brush up against his leg. At the mere sight, Xin Fan's eyes widened and he leaped to the side. He hurried to grasp at his leg only to feel no changes. The abyss knight looked at Xin Fan with his featureless face and shook slightly as if it was chuckling.

"ukuku...That's only a warning shot."

Xin Fan extended out his arms pulling out a scythe from the air. He spun it in one hand while changing his expression to a solemn one. He heard the sound of the door automatically closing once Tianfei went past. The door was gone. There was only one thing to do. Face the enemy in front of them.



"Deal with the pages!"

Xin Fan dashed forwards taking two steps. As he did so, he recalled the time he faced off with the first abyss walker. The abyss knight dashed forwards with his saber up high and slashed down. Tianfei came running at him. Xin Fan moved his scythe to block it and felt the force of the blade weigh down upon him. Tianfei shoved her rifle right directly at the head of the knight and pulled the trigger unleashing a burst of light.

"Looks like he can't disappear."

The knight ducked and aimed it's finger at Tianfei and released 5 bubbles at once and popped all of them immediately. A row of bloody holes were scattered all across her right arm. A few pages appeared around her head only to be blocked by a white mist. Chilong grasped his hands to condense his primal essence essentially crushing the pages. The primal essence once again scattered into the air and worked on crushing the other pages.

Xin Fan took a few steps forwards and slashed up with his scythe with a blade of energy shooting out attacking the armor of the knight. Before contact, the knight vanished into the air.


Xin Fan recalled the words within the explorer's diary 'many strange abilities'.

'Could it control the abilities at will?'

Xin Fan took 5 steps forwards to force the abyss knight to reappear. However, nothing happened. Xin Fan took a small step back. A flash of silver appeared in front of his face forcing him back with him blocking with his scythe. Xin Fan's eyes widened as he coughed up blood as he his back collided with a stone pillar. Blood was speared all over the blade of the scythe. Tianfei blasted a few balls of fire to control the movements of the knight attacking Xin Fan. For some reason, the knight was targeting solely Xin Fan.

'Switch to 3 and back to 2 in 3 seconds.'

Xin Fan kicked back against the pillar drawing a line with his feet and used it to leap forwards as he slashed down. A blade of energy shot from a pillar behind the knight as he slashed down. A thin crack slowly formed along the armor as it blocked the scythe striking down. Xin Fan had coordinated with Xin Kong to change the forms for Harvest Slash II to simple numbers. They were numbered 1 to 3 in the order he attained the new forms.

"Kuu...we have been watching you...you are dangerous."

The voice of the abyss knight was the same as that as the one of the abyss walkers. However, it had an feel much different to that to it's walker counterpart. For one, it was not monotonous. There were variations within it's voice, almost as if it were actually saying it at that time. The knight tilted it's head and pushed forwards with it's saber breaking apart Xin Fan's attack. It gripped it's saber tightly and swung from it's side, pulled back and stabbed forwards. Xin Fan felt a cold piercing sensation along the side of his torso. It did not hit any of his vitals however was the first attack to draw blood. Xin Fan tilted his head to avoid getting hit by a bubble shot by the knight. A large hole was formed along the sides of the stone pillar behind him. Xin Fan stepped forwards to only see the knight vanish. Xin Fan grit his teeth as he took a couple strides forwards.

"Vanished again."

Xin Fan took a step back and took a step to the side. Xin Fan shifted his foot forwards before jumping backwards slashing ahead. A knight appeared blocking with it's saber. The knight knelt down before jumping up and slamming down with it's saber. The earth shifted with large pieces of rocks striking Xin Fan who was still in the air. Pages materialized as a blade and shot forwards at him. Xin Fan spun and swing his scythe countering with a blade of energy. The blades collided with the blade of energy losing out slightly. However white mist gathered around and reinforced the blade of energy overpowering the blade of pages. Xin Fan slid across the floor supported by his hands. Xin Fan breathed heavily as he watched the knight walk to him. Xin Fan felt sweat drip down his face as another knight walked out of the other. 1 split into 2. 2 split into 4. Xin Fan watched in horror as 4 abyss knights looked over him each with their sabers out.


Tianfei blasted out ice in a scattershot striking each one of the abyss knights. Xin Fan watched as particles of ice phase through some of them. Xin Fan leaped backwards splitting the air and once again throwing out another blade of energy. The knight simply lifted up it's saber and cut down breaking apart the blade in a single go.

"Haa...Seriously though. There is that one kid who is crazy and then there is you."

The knight divided once more resulting in 8 knights moving in different directions. Xin Fan generated a shield of ice in the air and shattered it immediately sending blades of ice at each of the knights. Xin Fan felt the cold ripping sensation of icy blades cut through the flesh around his arms.

'Xin Kong how long is the update! Also switch to 3'

Xin Fan was stalling for time. As long as the System had finished the update, he had hope in defeating the enemy in front of him.

'It's almost done!'

Xin Fan slammed his arm on the ground and drew a quick line. A blade of energy shot out from in front of him hitting the abyss knight on his right. He slammed down once again sending the abyss knight up as it hit the ground. Xin Fan drew a line in the air sending a blade of energy forwards. The abyss knight realigned itself in the air and slashed down with it's saber. It flashed to the ground and dashed forwards. 5 bubbles appeared on it's palm and simultaneously popped causing a line of wounds to appear on his chest. A burst of lightning intercepted the knight's movement forcing it to change target. The knight shot a bubble from it's finger tips at the rifle wielding girl and refocused on Xin Fan.

[ System Update has been completed ]

[ Please do not restart system ]
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