Ultimate Rice System
88 Abyss Knight part 2
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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88 Abyss Knight part 2

[ System is configuring your new settings ]

[ Please do not shut down(Die) ]

[ System Configuration has completed ]

[ User has unlocked technique 'Unity of Soul 10%'(System technique) ]

[ Prerequisites for 'Harvest Slash II S' have been met ]

[ Auxiliary Soul is able to switch with host soul under restrictions ]

Xin Fan ducked down slightly distracted by the lengthy system messages in his head. The saber brushed over his head as he spun around and cut the K=knight with his scythe. He slashed out with a simple Harvest Slash forcing the knight to vanish into the air.

"Don't move at all!"

Through his observation, the knight also followed the 5 step rule. However, he could use it at will after the prerequisites have been made. After 5 steps, he could appear whenever he wished resulting in effective ambushes. However that simply meant one thing. He could do nothing before the 5 step rule has been met. Xin Fan clasped his hands together and slowly entered his domain.



A window popped up with a new skill in the selection. It sat right under 'Harvest Slash II' with the name 'Harvest Slash II S'. Xin Fan tapped the skill to see 3 slots to fuse techniques. Obviously, the first slot was filled in with the base technique,'Harvest Slash'. Then next 2 slots were much different. The second slot allowed the 3 techniques that were able to fuse with 'Harvest Slash II':Frost Blade Body, Armament Hardening and Remote Force. Xin Fan tapped on armament hardening to fill out the second slot. However, what came in the last slot was different. There was a gold border around the selection and had one skill only; Unity of Soul 10%. Xin Fan selected the technique only to be prompted with another selection screen.

[ Select Auxiliary Soul ]

There was only one selection; Xin Kong. Xin Fan tapped it and allowed the flow of information to naturally enter his mind.

"Keep calm and all will be fine."

Xin Kong looked at Xin Fan who had his eyes closed absorbing information. Naturally as a being part of Xin Fan, he too had started to gain information from the system.

"I'm off."


Xin Fan opened his eyes to be relieved at the sight of no Abyss Knight. Honestly speaking, he never had a 100% certainty that the knight wouldn't suddenly appear and attack him. He felt quite fortunate that his hypothesis was right. Xin Fan slowly processed the newly gained information in his head.

'So there is a cool down.'

On top of the cooldown, there was another prerequisite to unleashing this new technique. Activating Unity of Soul. Xin Fan slowly started to chant the mantra that Xin Kong had taught him long ago as he started to walk forwards. In a couple of steps, he stopped moving. He had long passed the 5 step mark and he closed his eyes.

'True Emptiness is but a void'

[ 4% Synchronization ]

The sound of metal colliding sounded throughout the area as Xin Fan extended outwards with his scythe. He gently opened his eyes as he took a step back and struck down. The edge of the blade slowly cut through the illusions of the many knights and struck the original on the chest. Of course, it was only a nick of the armor and there was no real damage. Once again 5 bubbles appeared on the palms of the knight instantly popping. Xin Fan felt the ripping sensation as 5 holes opened up along his right leg.

'Powerful yet meaningless'

[ 8% Synchronization ]

Xin Fan felt extreme calmness at this moment. Normally, he would feel the rush of adrenaline flowing throughout his entire body but now, there was nothing. If this was only 8%, he could only imagine what 100% would be like.

"Karma is controlled by will, not fate."

[ 10% Synchronization ]

[ User has reached the limit ]

Xin Fan felt his breathing become slower and slower as he assessed the current situation. He watched as a bubble headed his way. He shifted slightly to the side and shifted his scythe ever so slightly. The scythe popped the bubble and a small void was created. A saber swung across his body and he took a step back staring at the Knight who reappeared behind him stabbing forwards. A burst of lightning broke the attack and Xin Fan had the chance to flash away to get a better position. While his mind had certainly improved, the same could not be said for his body condition. He may be able to avoid attacks better, but there was no change in physical abilities what so ever. His speed did not change. His stamina nor power did not change at all. He landed along the side of a pillar with his back pressed up against the cold marble.

'Xin Kong experiences this every day....'

Although he didn't explicitly request it, Xin Fan felt the form of his 'Harvest Slash II' change. He gently drew a line along the sides of the pillar and then dashed forwards drawing a line along the floor. Balls of flames and blades of lightning surrounded the knight as he shot a bubble from the tips of his finger to the boy headed his way.

"Looks like you're improving."

The knight swung his saber down onto the ground creating a small shock wave offsetting the trajectory of the projectiles headed his way. He swung his saber to block a blade of energy headed to his right shoulder only to be stuck by a ball of lightning on his other. Yet he still survived the onslaught. If a comparison were to be made, if the Abyss Walker was an early grade 2 being, the Abyss Knight would be a late Grade 2 being. Xin Fan swung his scythe and hooked the blade around the neck of the knight and pulled backwards. The Knight shifted it's saber to protect his nape as it's other hand reached out forwards to get a grip of Xin Fan's clothes. Xin Fan felt a tight tug on his robe as he instantly manifested a blade on his wrist and cut the section off revealing his wounded chest.

'The time is coming soon...'

Xin Fan waited as the knight flicked some pages that was along the ground and obscured some of the vision. Xin Fan drew a quick line along the floor with his feet sending a blade of energy behind him. Before contact, he vanished. A white mist devoured the page that was about to touch his skin and dissipated once more.

"Tianfei, Stall his movements as he reappears. Chilong,you too."

He calmly instructed his teammate on the next movement. Xin Fan dragged his scythe along the ground as he calmly waited for the reappearance of the knight. Now that the most troublesome part was out of the way, it was time for the finale to come. Xin Fan lifted up his scythe off the ground and rested it on his back. A burst of energy entered his scythe as it slowly deformed. The scythe slowly morphed into a completely different weapon. It was a sword. The blade extended a meter outwards and shined with an emerald green tinge. As he stepped forwards while muttering some words under his breath.

"A Sword without a will is just a sword....I am Xin Kong. Xin Kong is I"

The shadow of a saber loomed over his head and struck down. Xin Fan took a step to the side to avoid the blow to see a bubble headed his way. Xin Fan tilted his head allowing the bubble to pass through destroying the structures behind. A white mist congealed around the knights's arms as black chains started to emerge from the ground wrapping around the knight's legs. Xin Fan lifted up his sword and cut down. The blade phased through the Abyss Knight not even breaking anything.

"Harvest Slash II- Xin Kong's Void"

The Abyss Knight collapsed without even responding.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》