Ultimate Rice System
89 Dreams
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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89 Dreams

The raging qi slowly receded into his body as his sword returned to it's base form. Xin Fan dropped the scythe. He rubbed his forehead as he slowly stumbled forwards. There was a sense of sluggishness as he wandered over to sit against a pillar. He felt like his motor skills have decreased significantly as he broken out of his unified state.

'You okay?'

'Feeling a bit tired. I don't know why.'

Xin Kong spoke in a restless voice as Xin Fan started to zone out. This was the side effects of synchronizing. Xin Fan felt as if his mind was weighed down by a dark void. His thoughts didn't link up and it ended up in rambles in his mind.

"Xin Fan, are you okay?"


Xin Fan pulled out a gourd of water and uncorked it and moved it to his mouth. Water dribbled down his chin as he slowly adjusted it to his mouth and cleared his throat. The rush of coolness placated his course throat as he started to chug it. After a long while, he dropped the gourd and his eyes slowly started to droop. His hands dropped onto the floor as he collapsed onto his sides.

"Xin Fan!"

Tianfei rushed to his side to lift him up only to sigh in relief. He was only asleep. Tianfei moved her face closer to check up on his hear beat. Xin Fan's soft breathing and steady pulse was all she needed to confirm his state. She pulled out a small cloth and folded it up resting Xin Fan's head on it.

"Is he okay?"

"Of course he is..."


'One sheep...two sheep...three sheep...where am I?'

Xin Fan wasn't sure whether his mind has full cleared up or he was still in a muddled state. There was much that was obscured in his vision as he watched the sheep huddle up against him. He didn't know why but he started to stroke the head of the sheep as if it was his own. Those hands. They didn't look like his at all. They appeared to be much delicate, much thinner as if it never touched anything it's entire life. Xin Fan watched on as a man wearing a white robe slowly fluttered down on a flying swords. He had a long white beard and eyes that had deep wisdom within.

"You...Do you wish to reach the truth?"

Xin Fan felt his head shake side to side as if rejecting the offer. He felt his arms wrap tightly around the neck of a nearby sheep. Besides from that one sheep, all the others had started to wonder off into the white fog at the end of his vision. The old man stoked his beard and stared Xin Fan.

'Who is he?'

"Are you sure? You could reach great heights. You could soar the skies without worry."

Xin Fan felt his head shake once more. The tightening around the sheep neck only grew stronger as he felt his legs slowly retreat away from the old man. The old man sighed.

"Do you not wish to be free? Do you not wish to be chained by nothing? Feel no pain from the world around you?"

Xin Fan felt his body stiffen up. Like all his actions up to this point, it was involuntary. Xin Fan felt his legs slowly edge back towards the old man. The old man stroke his beard in a satisfied manner as he slowly extended out his arm to the boy.

'What is going on?'

Xin Fan looked as his hands started to shake as it move towards the old man. At times, it almost seems as if it was going to retract. However by the end, he had a clear grasp on the old man's wrinkly palm. The old man lifted him to the base of the flying sword. Xin Fan felt his grip over the sheep slowly becoming weaker as he released it. Xin Fan watched as the sheep bleated running off into the white background. The sword slowly levitated off the ground and started to move. Xin Fan felt a sense of stability as it soared through the sky.

'Where am I going?'

Xin Fan felt a lapse in his vision and found himself in a white robe sitting on a rock by a mountain. It was as if days, months or even years had passed in a single moment. He was reading a book while watching a flying sword soar in the distance.

'What is happening?'

He saw a familiar figure riding it with another person on board. The flying sword stopped by in front of him with a small girl hopping off after the old man.

"This would be your junior sister."

Xin Fan felt his mouth open up. He couldn't make out what he said however it was clear that what he said was not good. He felt the old man raise his hands and strike across his face. Then there was black.


Xin Fan slowly opened his eyes to only be slightly blinded by the roaring flames of a campfire next to him. He felt the warmth of the flames as he heard some angry bickering around him. A fragrant, floral scent wafted into his nose as he felt the soft sensation of cloth under his head.

'Am...Am I back?'

There was clarity in his mind unlike before he fell asleep. He felt his motor skills return back to normal as he shifted about.

"What do you mean I complain too much."

"Ha...runt. I mean exactly what I say. Just because he is still asleep, doesn't mean you can run your mouth."

"Huh? I just didn't like the taste of your food that is all."

Xin Fan felt the sound of roasted meat cooking slowly over the open fire. It was by no means a good meat. It was the meat that Chilong kept on him that had been preserved over the course of many days. Xin Fan rubbed his temple as he slowly got up.

"I'm awake."

Xin Fan saw a gourd of water by his side that had been refilled and took a small sip.

"Xin Fan! You are awake!"

Xin Fan took some of the meat out of the inventory and rubbed some spice over it.

"I get it Tianfei. I'll make you something nice."

He took out a few bamboo skewers and pushed the meat over it and left it on the rack over the open fire.

"That's not what I meant!"

Tianfei put her palm over his forehead and then against her own.

"Are you really okay? You were acting weird after the battle."

Xin Fan shook his head to show that he was alright and turned the meat that was on the rack. He took out a few vegetables that he had grown himself and started to grill it along sided the meat.

"Yeah...I just overtaxed myself. Used a powerful technique. I am fine now of course...See! I can still cook!"

Xin Fan sprinkled a bit of seasoning over the vegetables that was on the fire. As It finished cooking, Xin Fan lifted the meat off the grill and passed it over to Tianfei. The meat was chewy to say the least. It was as everyone says. The taste was similar to that of a chickens. The seasoning was just right to not overpower the subtle taste of the meat. Xin Fan took another bite and looked up to the night sky.

"When would this ever end?"
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    《Ultimate Rice System》