Ultimate Rice System
91 Near Death
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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91 Near Death

The being watched as the energy burst out from the altar. After seeing the irreparable damage it had done, it flew through the sky leaving the team alone in the pits of the abyss. As it soared through the skies, he saw similar explosions in the distance where the other pillars of light are at. It stared at one of the pillars of light and vanished in a black shadow shooting forwards towards the light.

Xin Fan started to hyperventilate as blood kept flowing out. He spasmed on the ground feeling his body breaking down from within. In the corner of his vision, he could see his two teammates also struggling just like him. When the qi concentration in the air reaches a high level, cultivators and mortals alike would be inflicted with qi poisoning. This concept is similar to that of oxygen in which a highly concentrated dosage is toxic.


Xin Fan winced at the sound of Tianfei struggling to breath besides him. From both ends, he could hear them starting to cough up blood. His shaking hands grasped at the air and took out a pill from empty space. A jolt of pain stuck his body as he spasmed once again dropping the pill. The pill rolled off the the sides away from his reach. Xin Fan felt his vision slowly turn white as he felt the blood slowly drain from his body. Flashes of the past slowly entered his mind as he did so. As a child, he only had so much memories to have.

'Is this what happens when one dies?'


'Sorry...that just came out'

'Why do you never tell us anything!'

The first few memories were the recent ones, ones that only happened an moments ago. They were as vivid as the actual event and he could still feel the energy from that time.

'The particles displace the death aura.'

Xin Fan's body jolted as he struggled against the pain. In his mind, time seemed to reverse as events of the past played backwards. In his mind, he was fighting against pages upon pages slowly corroding his body. His pain from then started to ache as he gripped his heart. A vein popped around his neck spurting out blood onto the cold stone floor.

"I shall...Resist..."

'Farmer...Dragon and of course Glutton...Be ready for I am not going to go easy.'

Memories of fighting a skeleton surfaced in his mind. He remembered the futility of fighting a undying enemy. One that would recover immediately after being struck down. This futility was something that kept lingering even in the depths of his memories.

"I will not...give...up..."

'Every Debt has a Debtor.'

A figure of a small boy emerged in his mind. He was unlikable, he may have had hatred to him. Yet the only image he had was of him taking a blow for him.

'I am you and you are me...'

A lonesome figure appeared in his mind. He had the expression of a man who had long given up on worldly matters. This man had been with him the entire time despite not showing it. He was after all, Xin Kong, a part of himself. The vision slowly erased and he was left alone on an open field. He recognized this place. It was where he stayed and played around for the majority of his childhood. he was on the ground and saw a chubby child extend his hand out to him. He grasped that hand.

'The 5 year promise...I Like it. Let that rock be there to remind you of your goal.'

His vision shifted to an object. A simple stone that could be found on anywhere. There were markings of blood covered all over the stone. He was gripping this stone extremely tightly. He didn't know how, but his body was also gripping on that stone.

"The 5 year promise....I will not give up!"

The stone started to glow as if there was power hidden deep within. The markings of blood started to shift and rearranged themselves in neat columns forming runic markings. Xin Fan felt a familiar voice shout something in his mind. His mouth opened but no sound came out.

'Qinglong's Revival.'

Xin Fan felt the pressure upon his body start to lessen. Blood that had been lost started to swirl around him. Xin Fan felt a hot sensation burning through his body as his blood started to get sucked in to his body. The wounds also started to close up and his vision slowly started to recover. The qi within the air was dense however has begun to lessen. From what it appears, the energy was being dispersed outwards to the world slowly returning to normal. That is not to say that the qi concentration was low at all, it was still very well within the toxic range. Xin Fan felt his body becoming much stronger adapting to his new environment better. For once, he was thankful he had the body refinement technique. Xin Fan looked at the glowing stone that rested gently on his hands. As the light dimmed, Xin Fan felt a suffocating pressure return to him. This time, however, he could manage to contain it and was able to stay sane. Xin Fan breathed in deep breaths as he looked at his two teammates who were struggling. Chilong was breathing heavily however Tianfei was unmoving.

"Tianfei! Chilong!"

Xin Fan rushed over to Tianfei's side and placed his hands over her mouth and and her neck.

'Thank God there is still a pulse.'

Although faint, Xin Fan felt the faint movement along her neck showing that she still was alive.


A spurt of blood left Chilong's body as he rolled over to the side in pain. There was a faint white aura that shielded him from the highly concentrated qi and he managed to avoid taking an overly high dosage.

"Bro...take care of her first...I can still last a bit longer..."

Chilong's finger shook as he pointed at Tianfei. After a brief moment, his hands dropped and the white aura started to dim. Xin Fan watched it horror as he saw Chilong slowly fall unconscious.


Xin Fan's eyes glowed as he stared at Chilong. He knew that time was not on his side and scanned the area. As he did so, he found the thing he was looking for. Xin Fan picked up the pill gently from the floor and held it tightly in his hands.

"You two...you two have done so much for me...You are not going to end here. Neither of you shall fall."

Xin Fan grit his teeth as he moved the pill to his mouth. He clamped the pill between his teeth and bit down.


The pill separated into two similar pieces that fell to his hands. Xin Fan carefully lifted up the head of Tianfei and gently opened her mouth. He felt the dying pulse in her body as he fed her a fragment of the pill. He carefully rested her head on the ground before taking the other fragment to Chilong. Xin Fan's eyes shook as he felt Chilong's body. He felt a chilling sensation along his fingertips as blood dripped through his hands. Xin Fan quickly lifted up his friend's head and dropped the other fragment in before resting his head. All he could do now is pray. Pray that they would last till the pill's effect takes place and they live through. Xin Fan clasped his hands together and looked to the stars.

"Please...whatever being is out there...please...let them live."
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    《Ultimate Rice System》