Ultimate Rice System
92 Contract: Bai Tianfei
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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92 Contract: Bai Tianfei


A bit of blood shot out of Tianfei's mouth. She then slowly started to take heavy breaths as vitality returned to her face. Xin Fan rushed over and lifted her upright. Her eyes were slightly open and it appeared that she had woken up.

"Resist the pain...also breath properly."

Xin Fan turned his focus to Chilong who was still on the ground. From simply Chilong's heavy breathing, Xin Fan had assurance of Chilong's condition.

'Hopefully the pill's effect take place'

It was clear from simply just the results that neither were healed to their top condition. Tianfei was still struggling to breath and was unable to move. Although the qi concentration was at manageable levels for Xin Fan, the same couldn't be said for Tianfei. Chilong had a much stronger body and had the protection of his primal essence which allowed him to survive for much longer.

"Xin Fan...I feel cold."

Xin Fan held Tianfei closer to his body. He could feel the coldness spread to his own body which only showed how bad of a condition she was in right now. He stroked her back to console her. He injected some of his qi in hopes that it could sap some out to lessen the burden.

"There...There...just keep resisting...don't lose to it..."

The voice of a system message appeared in his mind.

[ Attempting to form contract: Yes/No ]


Tianfei grit her teeth as she felt the searing pain of the foreign qi in her body. She circulated her own qi throughout the body in attempt to take control of it and expel it. A flame lit up from her hands and shot out to the empty floor.

'Is this the end?'

From her slightly opened eyes, she saw Chilong struggling. Yes, struggling to stay alive. He was struggling with every fiber of his being to stay awake, stay strong to resist.

'No....I can't die...I must not die...I won't lose..."

Tianfei bit her lips and circulated the qi in her body much harder. She felt the searing pain as qi overflowed her qi pathways. It was like a pipe with too much water. She could tell the pill's effect still taking place as her body kept recovering every time damage was done. She closed her eyes to see the baby hummingbird in her dantian getting consumed by the sea. It was too weak to do anything.

'Is this all I can do?'

She saw the bird slowly becoming weaker until it finally collapsed into the sea of qi consumed by everything.

'Am I a cripple now?'

In her inner world, a turquoise colored stream of qi slowly entered her body. She felt a sense of warmth inside as it slowly dug away at the sea of foreign qi. A gentle voice of a woman entered her mind.

[ User is requesting a contract: Accept/Decline ]

It was slightly mechanical yet it had the same type of warmth a mother would to her child.

'Hah...I really must be dying...I'm even hearing things...Whatever...accept.'

[ A provisional Contract has been made ]

[ Soul has been bound to user ]

[ Releasing contractual benefits ]

A series of messages flooded her mind as she watched as the turquoise colored qi enter into the sea. From there, she saw her hummingbird slowly rise up to the surface. The hummingbird shook for a moment as if life had slowly returned and started to consume the sea. Bit by bit, the sea of qi was absorbed and the shape started to change. It's legs became longer as did it's neck. The wing's expanded outwards until it bore no semblance to the original creature.

[ Spirit has mutated to Pond Heron ]


Tianfei felt as if the gates have opened. Her dantian expanded as her body slowly developed the ability to store more qi. She had broken through to the next stage. Tianfei circulated her qi and slowly purged the excess out of her body. She felt the pressure decrease within and was able to circulate much faster.


[ User has created a provisional contract (1/5) ]

[ A soul has been bound to the user ]

Xin Fan looked in wonder as he felt Tianfei's body slowly warming up again. He rested her body on the ground and once more. For some reason, he felt as if something became stronger within his body. Suddenly he heard a voice inside his head.

'Xin Fan! A moon has appeared within the domain.'


Xin Fan entered his domain and looked up at the sky. And there it was, a small moon floated up at the sky. A small voice of a girl entered his mind. He looked behind him to see the girl wondering around in the fields.

"Whoa? Where is this!"


The girl locked eyes with him and ran up to him and Xin Kong.

"Xin Fan! Did you get a contract too?"

Xin Fan hesitated for a moment and looked at her. Her body did not seem to have any problems, probably due to the domain being in perfection mode.

"Help...Contract Info."

A display popped up in front of Xin Fan.



A contract is a binding agreement between two souls. The benefits of a contract are mutual between both parties. Within the Ultimate Rice System, the contract links another soul to user. The link will provide support for the soul and help mitigate soul damage. In exchange, the System will provide benefits when in need. Benefits include: Telepathy to user, access to domain(with restrictions), improvement of overall abilities, Tracking. As of now, contracts available are 5.

[ Unlock Requirements: Multi Soul Utilization ]


Contracts (1/5)

Name: Bai Tianfei

Cultivation State: Condensation Realm 5th Stage

Spirit: Pond Heron


"Hmm...I see..."

Xin Fan scratched his head as he looked at the description. It seemed quite convenient really. Tianfei tilted her head in confusion.

"Eh? Am I not right?"

"It appears you have made a contract with Xin Fan here..."

Xin Kong rubbed his forehead slightly. The domain right now was quite different. There was water ankle high which interrupted Xin Kong's meditation.

"Xin Fan can explain."

Xin Kong generated an elevated platform and shook off the water from his bare feet as he climbed on. He closed his eyes and continued to meditate. Xin Fan explained the contract to Tianfei as her expression ranged from curious to excited.

"Does this mean I can train as I sleep!?"

'Don't you cultivate fast enough?'Thought Xin Fan as he replied.

"Yea...pretty much."

Xin Fan was about to exit the domain before saying a few words.

"Oh to escape just say 'Leave Domain',"

Xin Fan slowly returned back to reality with Tianfei still in his arms. She looked at him in the eyes and scratched her head. The pressure had decreased significantly in this portion of time and they could almost act as if it wasn't there at all.

"Did that really happen or...?"

Xin Fan nodded before walking over to Chilong who's heavy breathing had died down slightly. He placed his palm on his chest.

"Ah! Can we not?"

Xin Fan turned around to look at Tianfei who was running over.

"I wanted this to be exclusive...I mean...he pretty much survived the hardest bit."

Xin Fan sighed while shaking his head and injected his qi into Chilong's body.

[ Attempting to form contract: Yes/No ]
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    《Ultimate Rice System》