Ultimate Rice System
93 Contract: Hei Chilong/Chitian
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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93 Contract: Hei Chilong/Chitian

Xin Fan injected his qi inside his body. Chilong's cold body sent chills along his arm.

[ Attempting to form contract: Yes/No ]

Xin Fan accepted and waited for a while. He could feel Chilong's breathing slowly becoming more steady.

[ Contract has been rejected ]

Xin Fan frowned. There really wasn't any reason to reject and he sent another stream of qi inside his body. After around the same amount of time, the contract was rejected once again.

"What's going on?"


"Almost there...Just a bit more to breakthrough!"

The tree held it's ground against the torrential qi that was flooded throughout his body. Bit by bit, the roots of the tree absorbed it lessening the damage against him. Suddenly a stream of turquoise qi entered his Dantian and coiled around the tree.

"There's more!"

A burst of white qi cycled at quick rates slowly pushing the other out of the way.

'Phew... that was close.'

"What was that?"

The stream of turquoise qi retreated after a short while and Chilong felt a sense of relief. Just as he was getting comfortable, another stream of turquoise qi entered his body.


Once again his white aura acted as a shield to protect the tree from even making contact with it. After all, if the tree was damaged, it also meant that he would be crippled. As Chilong was struggling to protect the tree, another stream of qi entered the body.


"He keeps rejecting it!"

Xin Fan bit his lip in frustration as Chilong started to cough up blood once again. It was clear that the effects of the pill was beginning to wear off and the recovery was starting to lag behind the damage done. Tianfei sat besides him looking closely at Chilong's face. She seemed deep in thought.

"Hmm...he really does look androgynous..."

"Did you say something?"

Xin Fan turned to Tianfei with a sense of helplessness. No matter what he did, Chilong kept rejecting his contract. He didn't even feel as if a link was made to construct a contract. Tianfei poked at Chilong's body prompting responses.

"Not that it matters but...you could try Chitian first."

"Chitian? The brother?"

"I mean...they are technically different people...contract Chitian to tell Chilong to accept? Not that I really care. It's his choice in the end."

Xin Fan thought for a while.

'Two souls....how can I do that?'

Xin Fan randomly placed his other hand on Chilong's stomach and injected a stream of qi. He was unsure that this arbitrary method was even going to work.

[ Attempting to form Contract: Yes/No ]

'Of course Yes.'

This time, he felt some sort of connection with the second stream of energy. He had a familiar sensation when he made the contract with Tianfei.

'Let's just hope he accepts.'


The second stream of energy dived through the sea past the tree and into something much deeper buried underneath. Chitian felt a jolt in his mind as he looked at where the stream of qi was at. A gentle voice rung through his mind.

[ User is requesting a contract: Accept/Decline ]


"Brother is there something wrong?"

Chilong's voice sounded within however Chitian kept quiet. Nobody knew what thoughts was going through his mind at that point. The linking of two souls was something that he was not unfamiliar with.

'Contract....who could it be?'

Chitian stared at the stream of turquoise qi. The color was something that he was quite familiar with but he couldn't put his finger on what.

'Could it be...him?'

After a second of deliberation he accepted.

"I accept"

'Brother what are you talking about?"

[ A provisional contract has been made ]

[ Soul is bound to user ]

[ Releasing contractual benefits ]

The turquoise qi burst out and he saw something he hasn't seen in a long time. Floating on the surface was a sleeping wolf. It had a horn on the middle of it's head and scars all around it's body. But by bit, the scars started to heal up. Chitian's heart tightened as he saw the eyes of the wolf start to shift. Bit by bit, the eyes opened and a howl sounded throughout Chilong's inner world.

"Brother is that!?"

"Yes...My beast spirit."



"And so that is why I need you to get Chilong to accept it."

Xin Fan explained everything to Chitian who now had residence in his domain. Overhead, there are now two moons hovering around the sun in the sky.

"I see...So if he accepts, then he will break though like the girl and then will be able to survive."

Xin Fan nodded his head. This was the second time meeting this person in his proper form. The first time was obviously when they were in the rabbit's dreamworld. Now face to face inside the domain, things seemed much more different. A wolf walked up besides him and licked him on the leg. Xin Fan rubbed the wolf on the head before watching Chitian leave the domain.

[ User has created a provisional contract (3/5) ]

[ A soul has been bound to the user ]

Not long after Chitian left, he saw Chilong slowly stumbling into a new world. Behind him, Chitian hopped back into existence. The wolf appeared as he did and it ran up to Xin Fan with it's tail wagging panting heavily.

"W...What's going on!"

Chilong was extremely confused. All he knew was that his brother told him to accept the turquoise qi and accept the contract. Before he realized, his spirit item mutated, he broke through and then he appeared in this place. To make matters worse, Tianfei was the first thing he saw laughing at him.

"Welcome to my domain."

As Xin Kong explained the contract, Xin Fan looked at the provisional contracts he now held.


Contracts (3/5)

Name: Bai Tianfei

Cultivation State: Condensation Realm 5th Stage

Spirit: Pond Heron

Name: Hei Chilong

Cultivation State: Condensation Realm 5th Stage

Spirit: Aged Blood Pine

Name: Hei Chitian

Cultivation State: Refinement Realm 4th Stage (Restricted)

Spirit: High Wolf


Xin Fan closed the display as Xin Kong finished explaining. As they left the domain, the found out that the qi concentration in the air had stopped dropping. It was still much higher than before. Had they not broken through, things may have been much more complicated. Little did they know, the abyss was not the only place with an increased qi concentration.

"So now that the sky has cleared, how do we get out!"

Just as Xin Fan said so, a voice sounded behind him.

"Hey you kids! Are you alright!"


"W...What is that light."

The soldiers looked in shock as beams of light shot up breaking apart the sky. These men are the cream of the crop, the captains within the military. To be a captain, the minimum requirement was to be a mid tier refinement realm warrior. Their power is not to be scoffed at as individual, experienced captains are able to match up with grade 4 beasts. The man with long black hair stared out to the pillars of light.

"We should separated and each go for one of the pillars of light."

The captains looked at each other and nodded their heads in agreement. The man looked up at the sky and whistled out.

"Xiao Xing!"

A golden eagle descended from the sky approaching the captains. The captain lifted up his arms and grabbed onto the claw as it swept past and hopped onto the back. The captain headed to the light that was the furthest away. From behind, he heard the sounds of the other captains calling forth their own mounts to head to the different areas. A sound could be heard from his pocket.

"The assessment has been canceled. Please retrieve each and every one of the students."

The captain brought the plate to his mouth and said, "On it.".
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    《Ultimate Rice System》