Ultimate Rice System
94 End of Training program
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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94 End of Training program

Xin Fan turned around to see a familiar figure walking up to him. He descended down from an golden eagle in a flamboyant manner. Xin Fan recognized this man for he was the very same man who had brought him to school in the first place. Without this man, he would never have even thought of getting where he was now.

"C...Captain Wang?!"

"Xin Fan! What are you doing here?"

Xin Fan ran up to the captain who was now calming his eagle and letting it rest for a moment. Xin Fan paused for a moment unsure of what was happening.

"What do you mean?"

Captain Wang looked at Xin Fan with an equal amount of confusion.

"Didn't you get he message. The training program has ended. You are to make your way back."

Xin Fan stared at the captain who was speaking with full confidence. He grabbed his tablet that was still hanging around his neck and showed it to Captain Wang.

"What do you mean. We haven't gotten any messages for almost a month!"

The captain stared at the tablet. He swiped around the display to and looked around.

"Hold on...You're part of team Conviction?"


Captain Wang took out his own tablet from his pocket and brought it to his face. Xin Fan felt a drop in his stomach hearing what he had to say next.

"Ahem...Captain Wang Lang reporting in. I found the missing children. Repeating....I found the missing children..."

There was a static noise coming from the tablet and was followed by the faint voice of a female.

"Good then bring them back to base."

Xin Fan stared at the Captain who was now taking notes on a note pad. He was taking down the different observations and plotting it on the map.

"Wait...What do you mean...missing."

The Captain who was still busy gave a quick glance at Xin Fan and gave a reply.

"Oh...You guys were off the map for like a solid week. Apparently they lost you guys when you met the abyss merchant."

"So you mean to say...for the entire of last week...we could have died...and there was nothing backing us up..."

The captain gave a quick nod before taking out a large fish to feed the bird.

"Yes that's exactly what I mean. That's why the city lord paid us Captains a lot...and I mean a lot..."

As the bird finished feeding, Xin Fan found himself lifted up in the air and placed on the back of the bird. Behind him was Chilong and in front was Tianfei. The captain sat at the back and had a tight hold over the reins.

"Xiao Xing! Lift off!"

Xin Fan felt the familiar unease as he slowly got elevated into the sky. It wasn't as bad as before, however he still had the fear of falling to his death. Just from looking down, he could see the unending forest of trees on higher levels. In the sky, the abyss could be seen in it's entirety. The abyss had a wide range of biomes from snowy mountains to harsh deserts. If Xin Fan had used his spiritual perception, he would see a dark black aura covering the entire area. As the bird ascended higher and higher, Xin Fan was met with a large formation of runes floating in the sky and a floating platform. Xiao Xing the eagle landed softly on the platform.

"Get off now...We are there."

The platform was simple. A large rectangle constructed of wooden planks with a circular formation in the center. Captain Wang lead the children to the center of the circle and injected his qi into it. Before they knew it, they were at the lobby where it all began.


Xin Fan felt a vibration on his chest as he arrived back at the lobby. He looked down to see the tablet vibrating and messages popping up.

[ Team Conviction, We need your location ]

[ Team Conviction, Are you alright ]

[ All teams break tablet and stand where you are. An instructor will evacuate you from the premises. ]

"Xin Fan! Tianfei!"

A girl slightly older than him ran up to him and held him in her arms. For a second, Xin Fan couldn't recognize her. In the span of a month, they all changed.

"It's okay Man Qiu. I'm alright."

Xin Fan scanned the room to see many familiar faces getting ready. Although most are people from different classes, he recognized the few he had battled before. Tong Hu, Xiao Yu, Hu Li and his lackeys. Each one of them had one thing in common. Their eyes were no longer immature. They have had the taste of battle and were amongst the ones who survived till the bitter end. Captain Wang walked up to the front desk to hand in his report.

"Oh! Little Mei!"

Wang Mei who was still filling out forms looked up and frowned. She had an annoyed face while staring at the over enthusiastic captain.

"What do you want Wang Lang..."

Captain Wang had a slightly depressed look on his face but instantly cheered up.

"Is this anyway to call your father."

"Can't really call a person who doesn't even write back after a year, 'father'."

"Ouch...that hurt."

After the paper work was done, Wang Mei neatly stacked the papers on her desk and addressed the students who were in the lobby.

"As unfortunate as it may be, the training program has come to an abrupt hold. There was some issues that arose and therefore we had to stop it. Anyways...the important thing is that you are all safe. On the board behind you, I have ranked the teams from highest to lowest. And that is pretty much it for now. Feel free to go to your rooms to have a good rest."

Wang Mei left with some of the staff leaving the children along. Almost immediately, people started to huddle around, pushing to look at the back wall. Xin Fan being quite strong now, managed to shove his way through to the front and had a great view.


Rank 1 Elite Barbarian

Rank 2 LuRenBang

Rank 3 Conviction

Rank 4 Team Xiao Yu

Rank 5 Pushovers eat less





[ Quest Completion at 100% ]

[ 100g coupon has been added to to shop ]

Xin Fan sighed in relief as the sound of quest completion rung throughout his head. Despite being out of action for a week it appeared that team conviction maintained their ranking of 3 throughout the entire time. Xin Fan slipped his way out of the crowd to share the good news in their room.

"Yes! Rank 3!"

Tianfei cheered as she looked at Xin Fan with a sense of gratification.

"Now my mother wouldn't scold me...phew..."

Chilong didn't have much interest with the scores as he was much more preoccupied with the snake organs. He was slowly formulating the different medicine he could make with the ingredients. Although it was obvious, Xin Fan never noticed that even outside, the qi concentration of the air was the same as within the abyss. As for the implications of this, only time will tell until he finally finds out.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》