Ultimate Rice System
95 Prelude to a changing Era
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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95 Prelude to a changing Era

A man meditated in the open fields outside the city. Around him was the growling of beasts creeping up to him. These beasts were not weak either. Each one was at minimum a grade 4 beast. The wolf was the first to attack and pounced on his arm. The man held out his arm and gripped the wolf on the neck. With a quick grab, the neck of the wolf broke. The man threw the wolf into the crowd of beasts watching as the wolf getting devoured almost instantly. The man stood up and gave a stretch. The man jumped in the crowd of beasts and started to slaughter them one by one. A horned bear roared as it loomed over him with it's jaws wide open. The man took a quick glance and grabbed the bear by the horn. Using it as leverage, the man leaped into the air onto it's back snapping the horn in the process.


The man shoved the pointed the tipped end of the horn and stabbed it into the eye of the bear blinding it. The bear flailed in rage however the man had his legs wrapped around the neck of it. Before the bear could do anything, he gave a quick twist and it was down. Suddenly, he felt a wave of qi coming from somewhere in the distance.

"What is this?"

The man kicked off the back of the bear and stared off to the distance. The beasts started to runaway from the qi back into the forest leaving him alone to face the qi. He sat down in a meditative position as the wave passed. The man's body started to expand as the wave passed with some getting absorbed into his body. Inside his dantian, a chain was coiled around it. The chain kept pulsing trying to restrain it's energy.


The chains snapped upon his breakthrough as scales materialized along his arm. Claws replaced his fingernails and something started to protrude from his back. The man stood up feeling the scales that covered his neck. Somewhere within the city, an orb shattered. The man took out a tablet and tapped on it. After around a minute, he started to speak.

"Principal...I have broken through."

The voice on the other side didn't seemed surprised.

"I can tell...You have no need for another contract. Jun Fan you have done well. The more pressing matter at hand is the cause of that wave."

"Got it..."

Two holes tore open on the back of Jun Fan's robe. Jun Fan stretched out his wings and flapped slightly.


He gave a strong flap and flashed into the sky. With another, he appeared in front of the gates of the city. The gates were shut tight as a large formation was activated. He released his form and returned back to a normal human. He presented his badge to the guard.

"Jun Fan of Dragon Root Academy."

"You may enter."


"Village chief! Big trouble. Mo Liu collapsed onto the ground! He started to choke! The other children are also starting to having difficulty breathing. What do we do?"

An aged man was sitting inside the village hall looking at the village layout. A young man around the age of 18 entered the room panting heavily.

"Get Feng Tian to activate the defensive restraint formation."

The Village Chief calmly stared outside the windows.

"We...We have that?"

"Of course we do...what are you doing hurry!"

The chief berated the man who was now running out of the village hall in search of the man. The man stopped besides the tree looking up. The man was hung upside down on a tree meditating. From his torso down, his body was that of a snake's, wrapped around a branch on a tree.

"U...Uncle Feng! You broke through!"

"Indeed...what is the matter?"

"The children are starting to suffocate. Chief said to activate the defensive restraint formation."

Feng Tian or as he was known better as, Uncle Feng slithered down the tree. He grabbed his bow and arrow and headed to one of the corners of the village. After digging around in the bushes, he unveiled a stone tablet on the ground. He gently placed his palm on the stone and injected his qi. It didn't take much as the qi was only there as activation energy. Immediately after, runes started to rise from beneath the ground an made a spherical barrier around the village. Xin Mu watched from his office, through the windows of the barrier slowly being constructed. He was drinking a cup of tea gently blowing it.

"Ah...Xin Fan...hope you are alright..."


Xin Fan sat and dozed off with his team gently while riding the carriage, at least that was what it seemed. In actuality, they were having a party within Xin Fan's domain.


Xin Fan grilled the snake meat over some hot charcoal. As they had a chance to stop by town, he was had the chance to stock up on ingredients and spices before they left. The aroma of cooking fats was tempting, especially for someone like Tianfei. Xin Fan poured some sauce over his rice and placed a piece of snake meat over it to complement it.

"It's great your family sent you some rice for you to eat!"

"Well...It was my birthday after all."

According to Wang Mei, around the end of the training program, a large parcel addressed to him was sent to the area where they stayed at. Due to the non interference rule, they weren't allowed to give it to him so he only received the bag of rice after they returned. The timing for this could not come any more opportune to celebrate. As he was grilling the meat, Xin Kong was busy setting up the area. He was generating tables and chairs so they didn't have to sit on the ground to eat. After the contracts, the whole domain had become a lot more lively with the addition of 3 more people, 4 if you include the wolf. Xin Fan fed a piece of the snake to the wolf and walked over to the table where Tianfei and the brothers are sitting ready to eat.

"To celebrate not dying! Let's eat!"


Along the edges of the abyss, something started to crawl out. It wasn't a beast of any sort that has been seen before. There was no recordings of it's existence either. The figure slowly ambled in a aimless direction as it body decomposed. If Xin Fan had been there, he would have recognized that it was a walking corpse. Following close behind it was figures with featureless faces slowly escaping and vanishing into the shadows. It wasn't just that abyss either. All over the continent, as if like a chain reaction, thing's that should only be in the abyss are leaving through the cracks. An armored hand extended out from the edge of the abyss. A horned figure slowly emerged looking at the night sky. Then as if it was simply a mirage, it vanished.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》