Ultimate Rice System
96 Side Story: Defiant Luo Bao
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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96 Side Story: Defiant Luo Bao

"What a nice day!"

Luo Bao sat there in meditation awaiting for something to change. He was looking at his inner self training and tempering his mind. The dragon turtle in his dantian growled as he gently nurtured it with a stream of qi. He was sitting on the highest floor of the building, a place reserved for the strongest talents in the school. Suddenly, he felt a change in the atmosphere as if there was a large disturbance.

"What is this...I must take full advantage of this."

Four figures of beasts started to materialize around him. They came in the form of a Turtle, Dragon, Bird and Tiger. These animals represent the four symbols. They gently revolved around him as he concentrated on his dragon turtle in the center of his body.

"There there...let me strengthen you..."

The four symbols slowly circled closer and closer until they were simply touching his skin. They slowly became imprinted to his skin in the form of a tattoo. The tatoos glowed a mysterious golden hue as it slowly entered inside his body and fed power to the dragon turtle. The dragon began to morph. It began to change. The shell on it's back began to crack as it's body started to elongate. The Snout began to extend inwards forming a larger jaw much fitting of that of a dragon. Even the color of Luo Bao's aura began to change. From it's previous red, the color brightened up to the color of yellow and gold.

"Yes...the Yellow Dragon of the center has been complete...Now to breakthrough."

Luo Bao charged his qi inside his body slowly burning it up. To break through to the refinement realm, one had to risk it all to reach it. Many never manage to cross this threshold for good reason. Luo Bao felt his cultivation drop to the beginning of the ninth stage. He felt something break and now he was at the peak of eighth. Before long he was at the peak of the seventh stage and just as he was about to go further, the door to his room was kicked down. With that simple distraction, the qi within his body became chaotic and he was forced to release all of it. Luo Bao coughed his a mouthful of blood as he looked up at the figure in front of him. It was the hateful figure he so despised: The fifth prince.

"Haha...look here....what...did I ruin something?"

The prince sneered as he walked up to him. There was two people standing behind him. They appeared to be both in the high condensation realm. The prince slowly walked up to him and crouched down to the boy on the floor.

"Heh...there are no more chances...I gave you all the chances you can get...too bad you didn't take them."


A shot of blood smeared across his face. The prince touched his face only to feel the sticky sensation of blood. He raised his hands only to stop before making contact and stood up. The turned around and faced his men. His hands were clenched with his face in a state of controlled fury.

"I...I'm not even going to bother...You two..I wan't him to suffer...I wan't him to pay. He is injured...This bastard cannot live for much longer."

One of the boys walked up to him and kicked him in the stomach. Luo Bao was sent flying, crashing to the wall. However, he did not move. He did not feel a thing. The other boy ran up to him and threw a strong punch. Then before he could hit anything, his hand was stopped with a palm. Luo Bao slowly stood up and popped a pill in his mouth.

"Tch...Could have stayed here for longer."

The boy felt as if his hands was held in a vice. He felt it slowly becoming crushed until even blood started to splurt.

"Zhuque's arrogance."

Before anything could happen, the boy felt his body heat up and blood start to boil. In fact, it actually wasn't just a feeling, it was. His veins started to pop as steaming blood started to spurt out. The other boy rushed up to him with his fists in the air.

"How dare you! Tyrant Smash!"

Luo Bao tilted his head sideways easily dodging his attack. He placed his palm on the other's stomach.

"Baihu's fury"

This time, he didn't hold back. A laser of white light shot through destroying all cells within the range. Both the boy's collapsed on the ground unable to fight anymore. A cold fury could be seen in his eyes as he walked up to the prince. A gentle azure light covered his body as his previous wounds started to heal up. He cracked his neck slightly before looking down at the prince who was now collapsed on the ground.

"I haven't felt like this for years..."

"W...What are you going to do? I am the prince."

Luo Bao extended out his arm wrapping his fingers gently around the prince's neck.

"When fools touch my bottom line...they won't be fools for much longer. Just like how you won't be the prince for much longer."

Luo Bao lifted up the prince into the air and walked to the windows holding him outside. It was around a 100 meter drop down to the bottom. A single drop will spell doom for the prince.

"Stop! T...This is treason! You and your family won't live for another month."

Luo Bao tightened his grip. He spoke in an incredibly cold voice, as if from someone much older than he was. His eyes flashed with a momentary anger.

"Do you honestly believe that the emperor would offend a ex-general just for you?"

A warm fluid started to flow down the legs of the prince. Tears and snot streamed down his face tainting the hand holding him up.

"I..I'll do anything...I'll pay you...I'll grovel beneath you..."

Luo Bao smiled gently. For a moment, the prince's eyes lit up.

'This fool actually believes it?'

However his hope was shattered upon the next words coming out of Luo Bao's mouth.

"Four Symbols Destruction."

The tattoos on his body lit up slowly forming the image of the beasts. Each of the beasts traveled up along his arms and entered the prince's body. Flames burst from inside the prince's body as Luo Bao released his grip letting the body fall freely to the ground. He observed the room. There was two people collapsed and broken furniture everywhere. A small flame lit up in his hands as he shot small jets to the wall. Briefly after, he left. There were screeches of terror from the ground floor to which he ignored. He walked up to a small formation plate and broke it vanishing in the process.


A teacher walked in carefully to the destroyed room. He observed everything. The students on the ground, the damages and of course the wall.

"Luo Bao resigns...could it be...that body was the prince?! I must alert the headmaster!"

The teacher ran off taking the two heavily injured students with him. He first dropped them off at the infirmary and then to the headmaster's office. It could be said that there was unrest in the capital on that day.


A boy emerged in the plains outside the city.

"What to do now...I guess my time to face him has been delayed...Ji Henyi."

His eyes flashed before disappearing into the forest.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》