Ultimate Rice System
100 Peaceful Days: Side Bai Tianfei
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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100 Peaceful Days: Side Bai Tianfei

"So...how was the trip?"


Tianfei sat by the bookshelf reading a book. A cute girl around the age of 14 was looking at the sorry state of her cloths and was interrogating her. Tianfei buried her head inside the book avoiding eye contact. She felt a tug on her face as her tattered robes was shoved into her face.

"So explain this...!"

"I...I'm sorry sis..."

The girl shook her head while sighing. She tried to sew together the ripped portions in hopes of saving even a bit of it.

"Mother is going to be pissed..."

The girl took out a meatbun from the table and took a bite out of it. As she did so, a beautiful woman entered the room. The first thing she saw was the tattered clothing that was lying around on the table. Her eyes widened as she grabbed hold of it to see the tattered state it was in. She looked to the girl who was buried in her books.

"How did this happen..."

"I...I'm sorry mother..."

"I didn't ask for your apology. I just asked how?"

"You know...a few tussles with a beast or two."

The woman glared at her child, walking up to the girl taking away her book. She had quite the annoyed expression on her face.

"A tussle or two does not result in this. I would know. I made it."

Tianfei's eyes started to shake. If there was one person she knew not to piss off, it was her mother. Once her pranks went overboard, her mother gave her the harshest scolding ever. Ever since then, defiance against her was not in her dictionary. Her mother stared silently at her waiting for an answer.

"I...fought grade 2 beasts during the training program...not just one either...multiple."

Tianfei talked about the different things she had encountered. The bat, the snake and even the abyss walkers were things she had mentioned. However there was one thing she left out. She left out her encounter with old bones. She didn't know why but she simply felt like it was the right thing to do. Her mother listened on never interrupting. As Tianfei finished her story, Tianfei felt her mother's arms wrapped around her neck.

"Y...You're not angry?"

"Why would I be...As long as you are fine...that is all I can ask for."

Her mother rubbed the spot under her eye. Even now, there was a faint red line that went from her left cheek past her left eye. It seems that even the herbal balm could not heal this wound. To others, this was something life changing as if is a permanent disfigurement however to Tianfei, she saw it as a badge of honor, A proof that she had fought with her team. Why cry over a small wound when she could be happy to be of use to her teammates, her friends. As her mother released her, her eyes scanned across the rifle that was resting next to Tianfei. Her expression changed to that of curiosity.

"Tianfei...did you go into our clan's storeroom?"

Tianfei shook her head in confusion.

"No why? I found it on a corpse in the abyss."

"Oh it's nothing. It's just that, that rifle resembles a lot like our clan's weapons, the memento."

"Is that so? How strong is it?"

Tianfei stared at her mother in intrigue and then at her own weapon.

"The memento is a weapon meant to replicate our clan's founding father's weapon: The Time Taker."

"Time Taker?"

Tianfei's ears perked hearing the familiar name.

"Yes...Time Taker. Our ancestor, Bai Fumeng was a genius crafter who made it himself by scratch. He took it with him to many battles slowly building the foundations of our clan."

Tianfei nodded silently taking a quick glance at her weapon. Although it was different now, when Old Bones was using it, she felt like it was extremely powerful.

"Timeless emperor..."

Tianfei muttered out his title accidentally. This was something she remembered quite vividly in her fight. Armies of undead soldiers singing praises to him.

"Oh! So you know...Yes...he was indeed known as the timeless emperor..."

With a simple confirmation, Tianfei sighed. She had seen and brought the end of a great character. Thinking retrospectively, it only seemed more right for his decedent to be the one to send him of to the next world.

"Anyways...It looks like I need to improve on your clothing...made meatbuns...It's on the table."

Tianfei's mother stood up taking Tianfei's tattered robe. Her eyes glistened as she started to conjure up some runes on her fingertips. Tianfei watched her mother taking the needle and sewing a new formation onto the clothing whilst simultaneously repairing it. She took out a silver thread this time, clearly of higher quality and decorated the robe in silver. On the back of her robe, there was even the image of a small bird.

"Oh! Just so you know...My spirit had a mutation...It's a pond heron now."

Tianfei's mother stopped the embroidery for just a moment before editing her work and changing the shape of the creature on the back. Tianfei slowly walked up to the table and grabbed a meatbun with her hands. She shoved them in her mouth before taking another one. Her mother knew her best due to the simple fact that the plates were stacked high with meatbuns. While she did so, her sister walked up to her and rubbed her head quite violently.

"Slow down...don't rush..you will never find a man if you keep acting like that..."

Tianfei looked at her sister with pity in her eyes. She was around the age where she started to think of romances. Tianfei on the other hand based her life around three things: Food, Books and play. Other than that, there wasn't much that she worried about. She has a good family, too young to think of the future and all her problems would be taken care of. After eating she ran off to the family's shooting range. She had never came to this area in the past as she didn't have a rifle before she met Old Bones. However now she could.



Tianfei shot a bolt of lightning at a target around 100 meters away. She hit it dead in the center without any problem. The target upon contact split into 5 equal pieces and collapsed onto the ground. After around half a minute, the target reformed and Tianfei shot again, once again hitting it dead on.

"Wow...as expected of the lord's daughter..."

A man on the side looked in amazement at the feat the young child pulled off. Tianfei grumbled for a bit and walked off.

'what do you mean 'as expected'.'

Tianfei pulled out a small wallet and threw it behind her as she turned around the corner at the building. She looked at the clear sky unsure of the future to come.

"I wonder what fun the others are having without me?"
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    《Ultimate Rice System》